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Top 5 Tips and Tools to Merge Video Files Easily!

by | May 11, 2021 | Merge Video and Audio, Video Creation Solution

As visual content is becoming more popular, people are in hurry to record and showcase their first videos on social media platforms. Now, as a video maker, you may have multiple video files that you may need to merge into a single one. Whether you need to merge two videos or more, you can complete the process if you have a video merger to download. Finding convenient tools for joining videos to work is a great starting point for a perfect merged video. Thus, we have provided video merger software, online facilities, and apps in the article. Please use our tips sections recommended below and the tools with guidelines to make your videos perfect without being afraid of trying new tools and features.

Part 1: 5 tips to know before merging video

Tip 1: Quality and Formats/codecs
The quality you get by processing your video is the source files output.

When you merge video clips with different qualities, each file holds its quality. However, the reduction of the size of the final video reduces its quality. Though video merger offers various output formats, a good video merger tool will get you the best quality.

formats for quality
Tip 2: Dimensions
Your video could be vertical, horizontal, or square, depending on which platform you are creating. For example, horizontal videos are best on Facebook and YouTube, and vertical videos are perfect for Insta-Stories. Check the specs of your intended platform and start merging your multiple videos to turn them into one.

Tip 3: Add transitions, music, and sound effects
To make your videos more cohesive in storytelling, effective transitions are a must. However, do note that adding too many also can be distracting. Background music enhances video meaning by amplifying emotions and helps to send strong messages.  Don t forget to check your volume; that needs to be clear to bring perfection.

Tip 4: Add text and video filters if needed
Adding text, subtitle, or caption to video make your videos more understandable. Thus, it is vital while creating videos for social media. It helps the viewers enjoy the videos more openly. Besides, if you want to look at your videos differently in terms of color, you can create the final video by adding a filter.

Tip 5: Editing tools and color correction
The distinction between a good and an excellent final video depends on the editing tool you use to merge videos. There are many video editing tools. Try to find out one that is straightforward, easy to use, and offers the essential features. Adjust the color of your clips and images to make them more consistent.

adjust color

Part 2: Top 5 tools to merge multiple videos

1. Video merger software for Windows-VLC

VLC is an open-source, cross-platform multimedia player and is valuable as a free video merger and editor. With its merging tools, you can merge two videos together or more. Also, VLC plays most multimedia files and DVDs, VCDs, Audio CDs, and several streaming protocols.

Steps on how to merge videos in VLC

Step 1: Go to Media Tab

Download the VLC Media player app on your system, install and then open it. On the main interface, you will find the Media tab; click on it. From the drop-down menu, select Open Multiple Files option.

open multiple files

Step 2: Add Files & Merge

From the pop-up window, click the File tab and select the +Add button to browse and load files to merge videos. You can add multiple files at once.

At the Play menu, open the drop-down menu to select the Convert option.

merge the files

Step 3: Save the Output
A new Convert window will open. Select the desktop location to save your merged file. Finally, tap the Start button to proceed with the VLC merge video process.

saving merged file

2. Video merger for Mac- iMovie

iMovie is a nonlinear editor. You can use iMovie to cut, trim, merge, and edit videos, music, and graphics without changing the original files’ quality and view.

Let us learn how to merge videos into one for Mac with iMovie, a powerful tool for you.

Steps on how to merge videos for Mac: iMovie

Step 1: Import Files

Head to File > Import Media to add files to your project.

import files

Step 2: Select & Import

Select a video and hit Import Selected. Repeat the process for the second video file. After importing both files, they will appear in the Media section of the window.

import your video files

Step 3: Drag your Files
Click and drag both video files to the timeline to merge videos together.

drag files

Step 4: Save the Merged File

Go to File > Share > File to save your merged videos.

3. Merge videos on iPhone- iMovie

With iMovie, besides creating professional-looking videos, you can excellently merge multiple videos into one without any experience. One of the best apps for video joining on iPhone is with iMovie by Apple. You can add photos and videos, trim clips, add transitions, and fade audio quickly.

Steps on how to merge videos on iPhone: iMovie

Step 1: Create New Project

Create a new project and select clip on the New Project Screen.

create a new project on iphone

Step 2: Tap Media

At the top left, click Media to select your files in the correct sequence.

select your file

Step 3: Edit Merged Video

Tap Create Movie and edit your merged video.

combine clips

Step 4: Save Output

Lastly, tap Done when your video merge is complete.

4. Merge videos on Android- Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush will let you merge photo and video on Android and iOS. You can use it to combine, import, and edit clips easily. You can connect and tweak any clips you would like, and with its Transform tools, you can also rotate video clips or change their opacity.

Steps on how to merge videos on Android: iMovie

Step 1: Create a Project

Tap on the Create New Project button to start a new project. Or you can tap the plus button at the bottom.

Step 2: Select Videos to Merge

Select Videos by opening the Videos folder. Hit Create on the bottom of the screen. You can add additional video clips by tapping on the plus button.

select videos for combining

Step 3: Merge & Customize

After completing the process of creating, the app will automatically merge multiple videos. You can add audio and customize the transition effects and filters. Tap, hold a clip and drag it to where you want to rearrange them.

Step 4: Share & Export

After having the clips in order, tap the Share button at the top of the screen. You can customize your video quality settings. Then select Export to render and save your merged video clip.

export the video

5. Merge videos online- Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark takes requires less effort to merge two videos together. Spark merge video editor offers a lot more features than you need to do some editing. With its additional tools, you can create, edit, compress and help you to get perfect output.

Steps on how to merge videos online: Adobe Spark

Step 1: Sign in

To merge to video, first sign in to Then click the Create New at the top of the screen.

create new project with spark

Step 2: Select & Edit
Select Video and enter a title and from Scratch, click Start. Click Video to upload a video file.

select and edit video

Step 3: Select Video Slider

After selecting video files, click Open. If you want to use the entire Video, note that you choose the whole timeline with the slider. It helps to find out how much of it you want to import.

video slider

Step 4: Merge and Export

Click Save to go back to its primary editor. In the bottom-left corner, click the New Slide. To create a new slide, you need to repeat the previous process and add another video. Then click Download to get finalized new File at the top of the screen.

merge file


Hence, we have reached the end of our discussion. Now you have learned how to put and merge photo and video, and it won’t be a difficult task at all with the mentioned tips regarding the merging process of videos. Happy merging and creating new videos!