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Top 7 Tools to Merge Videos Online Gree without a Watermark in 2021!

by | May 15, 2021 | Merge Video and Audio, Video Creation Solution

Suppose you have several video clips regarding your business’s mission, vision, objectives, goals, personnel, and plans. Do you think it is good to play them individually to your team or colleagues or present your business concept in the training session? What about combining these clips into one video clip with all the information about your business? Sounds great, right? Well, what you need is an excellent tool to integrate videos online. Thus, this article will share the best seven tools to help you merge videos for free without a watermark.

Part 1: Online free video merger without watermark

1. Fastreel

Fastreel from Movavi is an online video editor with an easy interface and easy-to-use features with a clear layout. Some of its tools are automated so that you can easily upload files and get the final output. It has tools such as video compression, muting, converting, and reversing. Add filters, effects or resize your videos with many more actions you can apply while merging your videos. This handy video joiner has an unlimited premium version to merge videos online without watermark and give you high-quality videos. You no longer need to download any desktop software as Fastreel provides you plenty of tools to choose from its in-built collection.

fastreel video merger


  • Join multiple clips into one long video, crop, cut, and resize.
  • Control over sounds and remove the sound from your clips.
  • Reverse, non-stop motion, add texts, subtitles, filters, and music to a video.
  • Rotate, flip, and loop videos.
  • Control over video speed.

2. Pixiko

Pixiko works amazingly to help people who are eager to make new works of art, especially music. The video editor allows you to merge videos by using only a few steps online. Without downloading any additional software, you can now create a new video file online. It has a premium version that you can choose and use as an online video merger with no watermark. It supports any captured video from your smartphone, camcorder or drones, etc. No matter how many videos you want to merge, Pixiko will combine all of them fast and efficiently, besides allowing you to share your final merged video with friends on social networks.

pixiko video merger


  • Merge multiple videos into one and can convert them.
  • Add subtitles, music, and voice, resizing, cutting, and looping.
  • Text with animation and sequential animation chains.
  • Add videos, images, GIF above video.
  • Change video speed nonlinearly.

3. Typito

Typito allows you to merge, combine, or stitch and cut clips, add text overlay, social media cards, motion graphics, and lower thirds. It will enable rookie editors to create videos magically. It offers over 200 motion graphic templates and themes such as food vlogging, events, sports, news, travel, and over 50 categories. It is a web-based video merging tool to enhance adding videos by using beautiful images, typography, GIFs, animations, and brand layouts. While customizing video, you can use your fonts, styles, background colors, and logo templates. If you are a paid subscriber, you will be able to enjoy Typito as a video merger online without a watermark to remove the watermark for free.

typito video merger


  • Enhance videos by adding text, images, audios, and brand layouts.
  • Support full HD and 1080p videos.
  • Merge videos without losing video quality.
  • Preview video options.
  • Free graphic templates built-in motion.

4. Apowersoft

Apowersoft online video editor is simple to operate and a powerful tool that comes with all the advanced and rich features required to make a stunning video. Without downloading any unnecessary software and asking for any complex installation, merge your clips online. Combine and edit video content in the utility supporting several used-to formats. It has multiple easy tools to cut, trim, slip, convert, and edit your visual content along with several filters for background color, contrast, tone, brightness, saturation, and correction by adding effects. Though it is a video merger with no watermark, it offers you to use a watermark by including your images/videos with photos and text.

apowersoft video merger


  • Merge, combine, trim, split, and crop to get desired output.
  • Drag to edit any format and resolution videos, music, and images.
  • Add background sounds, effects, filters, and transitions.
  • Accelerate and control video speed or slow down.
  • Share videos on social media and other devices like YouTube, Facebook, Android phones, iPhone, TV, DVDs, etc.

5. Wofox

WoFox is a powerful medium that provides advanced tools to create videos of professional quality. By tweaking the visual content or images and adding some eye-catchy titles and photos, you will find it helpful in merging your shorter videos into one long. You will discover inbuilt templates, graphics, and themes available with Wofox to select prudently to your requirements. It can create all types of videos, including video stories, promotional parts, intros, and outros. Its free version is not available as a free video merger without a watermark, but you can add a brand logo, text, or any image on it.

wofox video merger


  • Responsive email template set.
  • Merge videos with advanced but easy features.
  • Variations, drag and drop modular/hide modules.
  • Save your created template to your desktop.
  • Change colors, instant edit text.

6. CreatorKit

CreatorKit is the best video creator tool to enhance engagement with social media content. Merge videos from your computer easily with CreatorKit. This platform has designed to merge video online without watermark and downloading any software in minutes. You can also add transitions between several videos for various social media because it offers hundreds of transitions and effects to choose from. With CreatorKit, merge two videos with engaging transitions for boosting your content. It has made it easy to blend and edit audio and export as a post or story. You need no video editing experience as well.

creatorkit video merger


  • Merge multiple videos into one for free and in minutes.
  • Combine videos without downloading any software.
  • Join videos and audio by dragging your video and audio clips.
  • Secure processing.
  • Without extra watermarks.

7. Clideo

Clideo is an all in one video creating platform that includes tools to create, edit, merge, convert, compress, and package your videos. It has been designed and developed by Softo. Clideo is a free video Merger that provides you the option to join multiple videos quickly and simultaneously. This video merger supports almost all popular video formats for input and output facilities. One of its advantages is that it helps to add borders to the merged video. It will join any number of videos without any restrictions. Try its pro version to merge video online without a watermark.

clideo video merger

  • Merge video clips into a single file.
  • Easily trim any part of a video.
  • Create new videos using existing videos, audio, and images.
  • Compress, reduce file size, crop, and rotate videos easily.
  • Create animated GIFs, a stop motion movie.


Finally, we will close our discussion regarding the seven tools to merge videos online free without a watermark. All the software mentioned above for video merger without a watermark has impressive features that will provide you an easy interface to merge or combine your multiple videos and get excellent quality output in a few minutes. Thus, choose your perfect merger based on your requirements and begin your video-making journey.