How to merge/combine multiple videos and add music background quickly

Mar 18, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

It is pretty common to watch some series on Netflix, YouTube, or other video broadcasting platforms whenever the weekend comes. And, if after each episode you have to start a new episode manually, then it becomes cumbersome, especially when you are in a relaxing mood.

Similarly, as an audio/video editor, you might often need to merge videos together or mp4 joiner for your audio songs so that a continuous flow of soundtracks will not get a break in between. Through this article, you shall get a detailed explanation of how to merge video files and the steps to merge videos on Windows 10 via the video merger app. As well as also covers how mp4 joiner works in an effective way to create your series, adding background music, etc.

Let’s start the audio and video editing journey, merging and combining with this article.

Part 1: How to merge or combine videos with multiple videos into one?

To bring continuity to the video playback, merging videos together or combining videos reflects a powerful effect on the viewers. This purpose can get handled effectively with Visdee Aidubber video merger software. And let you continue the video editing process with the impactful combination.

Visdee AiDubber is a perfect solution to all the video editing and dubbing-related concern. Its key features include:

  • More than 25 Video dubbing mode
  • Batch video processing
  • Intro/outro addition processing
  • Change video background easily with another image or video
  • Add or change background music etc.

Now, moving ahead to learn how you can use Visdee Aidubber to merge video files and creates a continuous video series in one go using the following steps:

Step 1: Download Software

Visiting the Visdee AiDubber website will give you a link to download the software, and installation will be complete in a few seconds. Now launch the main interface.

launch aidubber

Step 2: Multiple Video Folder

Ensure all the videos you want to merge are in a single folder, the name of each of the video files in this folder should not contain any space.

multiple videos in a folder

Then, upload your videos into the Visdee AiDubber software.

Step 3: Merge Menu

Once the videos get uploaded, visit the Merge Menu and merge multiple videos into one video (multiple video option). Then, under video strategy, you can choose video transition and total video duration (in seconds) for which you want to extract from videos.

Click on dub> dub mode> check mp3.

merge into one

Step 4: Start and Save

After all the settings, click the start button and continue combining videos together. Wait for a while. Then from the output folder, check how merged videos look together.

Part 2: How to batch create many videos with multiple videos?

Here comes another part, which talks about batch creating many videos with multiple videos. The Visdee Aidubber gives you that ultimate solution. Whenever you would like to batch create videos with various videos. Check out the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch Software

First of all, launch Visdee AiDubber and keep all the videos within a single folder. Please make sure the names of each file do not contain any space in between them.

launch Visdee

Step 2: Upload Videos

Now, click ‘Open’ to upload all the videos, if want to merge audio then add audio file from the same folder. That is if there is one video then along with that upload one audio file, and if there is 2 or more videos then 2 or more audio file need to gets uploaded. (make sure name of video and audio file should be the same)

upload all videos

Step 3: Settings under Merge

After that, click on Merge to select the multiple videos option. Set Video strategy such as the video transition and duration (total video duration). Then, click on Dub menu, set dub-mode as mp3.

merge editing

Step 4: Start Process

Now, click on the Start button to batch create many videos with multiple videos.

start and save

Part 3: How to batch merge different storyboards into one?

The storyboard represents a series of drawings that reflect connecting stories. Or in other words, the show-planned video series are defined in connected scenes, stories like we used to read old comic books. If you are in the field of video production, education field, comic industry, or want to create your storyboard, then also VisdeeAiDubber will assist you appropriately.

Follow the steps guidelines to understand how to merge different storyboards into one with these steps:

Step 1:Arrange Story scenes

First, put all the stories within a single folder arranged in series.

upload story scenes

Step 2: Open Visdee AiDubber

Launch Visdee AiDubber software and upload all the scenes into the software.

Step 3:Setting under Merge

After uploading all the scenes, visit the Merge menu and select multiple scenes. Then, set the video strategy, adjust duration between each story, set video transition and its duration.

merge and strategy

Step 4:Complete Creating Storyboard

Now, click on the start button to complete merging and creating the storyboard at the end.

Part 4: How to change video speed easily?

Next important thing that is very important while editing videos is optimizing their speed. You get the option to either increase or decrease the video speed as per your requirement. The technicality is not that you need to be a concern, as Visdee AiDubber will customize video speed with its speed control options. Here we go with details about changing video speed easily using the following points:

Step 1: Upload video to Edit

Launch VisdeeAiDubber, and using the Open menu, upload your video to process edit.

Step 2: Video Speed Setting

Open the Edit menu, go for the video speed option, checkmark to it. Speed is adjustable under 0.5 to 2, where 0.5 means half of the original speed, whereas two means double speed. Here, the default value is set as 1.

edit video speed

Step 3: Preview and Save

You can check the speed adjustment by clicking on the Preview button. Once satisfied, click start to complete the speed adjustment.

preview and save


When any process progresses with the flow, it soon reaches its final output stage effectively. We are sure you are confident enough to merge videos together with the Visdee AiDubber video merger app. That also acts as an MP4 joiner to impressively enhance video background with mesmerizing music.

So start batch converting multiple videos or merge different storyboards to create a continuous series and see the impact it will make in the single output track containing various sections into one.