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Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer: A complete review

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions, Phone Transfer Software

Are you in need of transferring your device data to another and wishing for a better solution? No doubt, MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer will provide you the best result. Are you thinking how? To clarify the blur picture on your head regarding every point of MobileTrans – WhatsApp transferring solution, we have arranged today’s discussion. So, pause any other work, and stay with us to get to know about the effectiveness of this tool and how it can help you get a fantastic result.

Part 1: What is Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer?

Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer offers three simple methods to its users: transfer, backup, and restore. It allows transferring WhatsApp between two devices. Back up your old WhatsApp chats, videos, photos, voice recorders, attachments, and more to your computer. All your old backup files will store on your computer without the risks of data leaking, and backup files will not get overwritten.

You can restore your existing WhatsApp backups to devices. It supports WhatsApp Business, LINE, Kik, Viber, and WeChat. With its new feature, you can export WhatsApp messages from the computer to PDF/HTML without any data loss. It is easy to operate that will allow transferring WhatsApp between devices now as simple as a swipe of a finger. You now easily copy and merge the entire WhatsApp chat history on your new device. MobileTrans supports as many devices running Android or iOS.

For Windows, you can enjoy MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer free for a short period, one-year access at $29.99. For Mac, the one-year WhatsApp Transfer costs $39.99.

wondershare mobiletrans – whatsapp transfer

Features of MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer

  • Transfer: Transfer WhatsApp chats, messages, videos, and photos, audio files, between two devices running Android or iOS.
  • Backup: Back up WhatsApp chats with its attachments such as photos, videos, and more to the computer.
  • Restore: Restore your existing WhatsApp backups to the devices within a short period.
  • Additional supportive social apps: Support WhatsApp Business LINE, Kik, Viber, and WeChat.
  • Export in formats: Export WhatsApp conversation histories from a computer to PDF or HTML.

3 ways to transfer WhatsApp with MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer

To move, backup, and restore WhatsApp with Wondershare WhatsApp Transfer, follow the three ways sharing process steps.

1. Transfer WhatsApp between devices

Step 1: Select WhatsApp Transfer

Firstly, do the MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer download from its official website, launch it on your computer and choose the “WhatsApp Transfer” module.

choose transfer module

Select WhatsApp, transfer the WhatsApp messages option, and connect both smartphones to your computer. MobileTrans will load the messages and media attachments automatically before moving.

tap transfer whatsapp messages

Step 2: Start transferring WhatsApp messages

Click on Start and wait for the transfer to be over. Flip the source and destination device as per your requirement.

start transferring

Step 3: Complete transferring

Don’t move or touch the device during the transfer. After transferring, you can disconnect the phones and check the transferred WhatsApp data.

completing the transfer

2. Backup WhatsApp to PC

Step 1: Connect your phone to a computer

Download MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer, and launch it to select the “WhatsApp Transfer” button, WhatsApp tab, and Backup WhatsApp messages. Connect your phones to the computer, and choose Backup WhatsApp messages.

Before backing up, the platform will load the WhatsApp messages and attachments.

backup messages

Step 2: Select files and start backing up WhatsApp messages

Click on the “Start” option. For iPhone, no need to do anything during backup. On the Android device, after clicking on “Start,” it will prompt how to back up in detail. A window will pop up. On your Android device, go to operate and back up WhatsApp to the local storage.

select files and backup

On the Android device, log in to WhatsApp and restore WhatsApp data from its internal storage.

sign up and restore

Step 3: Complete backing up

Connect your both till the entire backup process isn’t complete. You’ll see this after completing the backup.

completing backup

3. Restore WhatsApp from Backup

Step 1: Download MobileTrans and connect your iPhone/Android phone to a computer

Choose the “Backup WhatsApp messages” option from the primary interface after downloading MobileTrans. Connect your device to the computer. After connecting, select the option “Backup WhatsApp messages.”

Step 2: Select files and back up WhatsApp messages

Connect your phone to your computer and go to the WhatsApp tab to select Restore to Device. Choose a backup file from the computer and choose the files to be restored.

restore from backup

Step 3: Restore WhatsApp messages

Now, the selected data will restore to the device at the desired destination. Until converting data to your destination phone, wait for a while.

complete restoring

Part 2: Alternatives to Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

Check out the alternatives of Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer that will make you understand why MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer is different and more effective than others.

1. Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer

Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer can instantly transfer your WhatsApp chats, including images, videos, attachments, etc., to and from Android and iPhone devices. You can back up, restore, move all chat history anytime to your local PC without iCloud and Google Drive restrictions with total privacy as your data stays untouched. Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer provides a higher security level for individuals and WhatsApp Businesses. It supports the devices with the latest iOS 14 and Android 12 systems and helps transfer data solely based on a USB cable without the risk of leaking your privacy.


2. iTransor for WhatsApp

As an alternative to Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer, iTransor for WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp and WhatsAppBusiness Transfer Tool. You can transfer WhatsApp, including attachments between Android and iPhone devices, back up WhatsApp to a computer, and then restore it to the previous backup to any iPhone and Android devices. It also allows exporting WhatsApp backup to formats like PDF, HTML, and CSV or XLS. It successfully transfers WhatsApp with a guaranty because of its offered professional team and advanced technology. With one click, it allows transferring WhatsApp chat history and attachments directly without requiring tools or apps from your old phone to a new one.

iTransor for WhatsApp includes a 1-Month Plan at $29.95, 1-Year Plan at $39.95.

itransor for whatsapp

Part 3: FAQs

1. With MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer, can I restore WhatsApp messages without a phone backup?

If you haven’t made a backup for your phone, you need to worry about it. MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer will provide you a powerful solution that helps you transfer your WhatsApp chats between phones directly.

2. What can Wondershare Wutsapper do?

Wondershare Wutsapper helps to transfer WhatsApp data like chat history, videos, images, voice recorders, emoji, and attachments from Android to your iPhone device. It is compatible with most Android phones OS 7.0 or higher, and iPhones carried iOS systems higher than iOS 9.


Finally, we are going to close our today’s discussion regarding everything about Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. You have gathered an entire review on MobileTrans. No doubt, the alternatives of MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer are superb but for an incredible result and the best result, try the best-recommended software MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer.