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Movavi Video Editor for PC/Mobile/Online

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Popular Video Editor Software, Video Creation Solution

“Is Movavi Video Editor any good?”

You can quickly determine the answer to this question after going through the following sections. Thus, the parts below will discuss everything related to Movavi Video Editor as we talk about the software in terms Windows, Mac, Online, and App versions. Movavi’s latest update, i.e., Movavi Video Editor Plus, comes with quite interesting features. All in all, Movavi offers a simple yet advanced video editor with the capacity to create an entire movie with special effects.

Movavi video editor

Let’s get started with Movavi Video Editor Plus’s remarkable features for Windows/Mac without further ado!

Part 1: Movavi Video for Windows/Mac

The Movavi Video Editor Plus truly stands out among all its versions due to its advanced functions. It is an ideal version for professional and comprehensive spectrum users. The features are also quite advanced than the previous version, including user interface, media library, special effects, and other editing tools. It further consists of an extensive list of color correction profiles to do stunning projects.

movavi video editor plus

Given below are vital specifications or features of Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Professional User Interface
One of its key features is the professional yet straightforward user interface. The timeline is present in the bottom section as usual, along with the accessible assortment of tools on the panel’s left-hand side. You can also split the view of software in case of availability of more than one screen.

Direct audio recording on the timeline
With the Movavi Video Editor Plus, you can directly record audio on the timeline. Thus, it saves the time spent in pre-recording and dragging into the timeline. Besides, it also readily avails you of all the audio recording adjustments along.

Transitions, Effects, and Special Effects
This version is primarily a feature to contain a set of various transitions and effects. Also, they are easily visible on the panel’s left bar. It further includes interesting stuff of stickers, intro videos, and changes. The package of additional special effects is quite remarkable. You can quickly locate their buttons in collections likewise titles, transitions, and stickers.

There is an availability of a free trial version for up to 7 days. Besides, the 1-year subscription to Movavi Editor is $39.95. On the other hand, it is $59.95 for a lifetime purchase.

Part 2: Online Movavi Video Creator & Editor

The Movavi Editor is also available in its online version named Fastreel. It consists of various inbuilt templates for ready use. With Fastreel, you can easily compress a video, make a slideshow, cut a video, and crop a video online along with using other online editing tools and video templates. It also allows direct upload of video projects to YouTube or Facebook without even leaving the official site.

online Movavi video editor

Let’s explore more critical features of Fastreel by Online Movavi Editor!

Online Video Templates
It contains a list of ready-made online video templates, including outros, intros, birthdays, adverts, wedding videos, graduation memory, and so on. Overall, you have 28 templates to select among them. Fastreel also includes premium inbuilt templates for workout videos, Valentine’s Day, movie trailers, holiday videos, etc.

Online Tools
As mentioned above, Fastreel is equipped with plenty of online tools that allow you to create a video project, compress a video, make a slideshow, merge videos, mute videos, crop videos, adjust music, and resize video, etc. It further accepts media in various formats, including JPEG, PNG, MP4, or GIF format. And, the file upload size is 500MB in total.

It is available for free as others, provided you can bear with the low-quality video output and watermark on videos. On the other hand, its annual payments are 25% lower than its monthly fees. Its Single Premium plan costs around $5.95 per video, whereas the Unlimited Premium plan is about $14.95 per month.

Fastreel’s Customer-Friendly Support
For customer-friendly support, the Fastreel comes with a simple FAQ section. So, there are questions related to cancellation, video editing, payment problems, payment options, etc. And, you can also leave feedback for further improvement.

So, this was all about online Movavi Video Editor Fastreel.

Part 3: Movavi App for Android/iPhone

1. Movavi Clips for Android

Movavi Editor’s app version Movavi Clips is quite attractive, offering you every tool to create stunning videos of epic stories. First of all, it is freely available with an intuitive user interface. It also includes all the essential editing features, including cropping, rotating, color filters, stickers, etc.

movavi editor for android

Key Features of Movavi Clips

  • You can combine and split videos.
  • It allows you to adjust saturation and brightness.
  • Also, cut and remove unwanted video sections.
  • Use overlay unique and cool stickers.
  • Unique fade-in and Fade-out effects.
  • Now add text to the clip or photo.
  • Great slow-motion video effect.
  • It allows smooth transitions.
  • Also, perform duplicate segments and record the voiceover.
  • It provides exquisite color filters.

2. Movavi Clips for iOS

The Movavi Clips Great Movie Maker for iOS is also freely available. Moreover, it is compatible with both iPad and iPhone devices. It supports the creation of stunning movies easily over these mobile devices. You can shoot from within the app and apply a range of themes and filters.

movavi editor for iOS

Key Features of Movavi Clips Great Movie Maker

  • Movavi Clips for iOS supports 4K.
  • You can play with a broad range of filters and themes.
  • It includes stickers, transitions, and effects.
  • It has an intuitive and simple user interface.
  • You can quickly crop, cut, and merge.
  • Now add background music with Movavi editor for iOS.
  • Zero display ads, and hence it is hassle-free.


Thus, this was Movavi Video Editor in all three styles, including the software, online, and app. Overall, its features are entirely worth noting when it comes to easiness and advancements. You can consider Movavi Video Editor Plus to get all the professional video editing functions in one place. On the other hand, you can also use its online and app version that is almost free for basic video editing projects.