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7 Potential Ways to Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Android to iPhone, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Lately, people switch phones more frequently because of frequent changes in many new features and versions available in the market. Subsequently, the users need to get old content and chat history to their new devices. For incredible and advanced features need, most techy people switch their Android device to iPhone device. We are mainly talking about the potential solution of the Android to iPhone messages transferring process so that you will even be able to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone 11 to the latest iPhone 12 max pro. Let’s know about them in detail.

Part 1: 7 potential ways to move text messages from Android to iPhone

1. Move to iOS app

While you wish to transfer messages from Android to iPhone, the Move to iOS app’s design allows you to perfectly and quickly complete your task. After completing only a few steps, you can soon move text messages from Android to iPhone automatically and securely with the Move to iOS app. The Move to iOS securely transfers all kinds of content for you. Apart from moving text message history, you can move contacts, photos, videos, mail accounts, web bookmarks, and calendars. With a private Wi-Fi network, find your nearby Android device that is running Move to iOS and then make a connection with that iPhone device and transfer your text messages from Android.

move to ios

2. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is an easy, fast platform that helps you to share unlimited files. It transfers any file type without altering the original one. For an easy file transfer, all you need is a one-time generated 6-digit code. You can share any content without using data or an Internet connection. You can also quickly move photos, videos, music, and any large file to your computer, even if you want to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone after set up your new device. You can share files with multi-people via a single link to a specific device with the same Wi-Fi connection.

send anywhere

3. Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer is an Android to iPhone messages sharing app, a powerful cross-platform solution. It supports all the major smartphones and tablet models. It provides secure sharing of any content or data transfer from phone to phone or from one or more of your devices into a device. It supports a specific HotSpot or Wi-Fi network free securely and efficiently data transfer and large file transfer. It has an intuitive design for a quick and easy way to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone free. Transferring files includes contacts transfer, music transfer, videos transfer, photo transfer, WhatsApp transfer, calendar, files transfer, SMS transfer, text messages, and other large files transfer to your new device.

smart transfer

4. Syncios

Syncios is a file transferring tool that allows you to copy messages from Android to iPhone with a faster transfer speed. You can now manage your iOS and Android device easily with great ease with Syncios. With this tool, you won’t find it challenging while transferring your music, photos, text messages, and apps from one phone device to another or from your PC to your mobile device. Without any data loss, this easy-to-use phone to phone transfer platform will help you copy or move messages from Android to iPhone quickly. It will synchronize your iPhone and Android device easily and smoothly with your PC.


5. MobileTrans Phone transfer

MobileTrans claims to transfer data from a phone to another phone in one step. It transfers over 17 data sources such as photos, contacts, messages, music, notes, apps, books, etc. It supports over 8000 phone devices by running Android, iOS, and Windows. You can move messages from Android to iPhone safely without resetting devices. It is for non-tech savvy users. You can choose what to transfer 3x faster speed according to your requirements. MobileTrans offers far faster data transmission to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone with all operations on a computer. MobileTrans 5.0. 0 is available for Windows. You can purchase MobileTrans from the Wondershare web store for single-use at $19.95 and five uses at $39.95.

mobiletrans phone transfer

6. Jihosoft Phone Transfer

Jihosoft Phone Transfer is a professional tool that will help you transfer text messages from Android to iPhone and provide you with a better result. Apart from transferring text messages, you can transfer contacts, call logs, videos, music, photos, and calendar, and so on from a phone device to another phone device. It supports to back up your mobile device to your computer and restore backup your content to your mobile device effortlessly. It even helps you to transfer messages from Android to iPhone after setup. You can restore data to your device from backups created by iTunes, Android Recovery, Phone Transfer, iPhone Recovery, etc.


7. PhoneTrans

From phone to phone, transfer any content with PhoneTrans. You can switch easily across iPhone, iPad, and up to 20,000 Android devices for free. You can quickly transfer Viber messages from Android to iPhone. It can move up to 32 iOS and over 12 Android data types, including WhatsApp chat history. You can keep SMS backup and restore Android to iPhone devices besides migrating any content with few simple clicks.

It offers a 3-month plan for two devices or one computer for $29.99, a one-year plan for five devices, or one computer for $35.99. if you wish to get a lifetime plan (5 devices or 1 computer), you can get it for $45.99.


Part 2: FAQs

1. Can I transfer text messages from Android to iPhone after setup with the Move to iOS app?

You can’t transfer SMS from Android to iPhone with the Move to iOS app if you are an old version user. Move to iOS was released by Apple to make it easier for those users who switch their Android to an iPhone. However, as long as your Android OS is 4.3 or a later, you can quickly transfer text messages from Android to iPhone. Make sure your phone version is acceptable while sharing text messages.

2. Will SMS backup and restore apply to iPhone devices?

Whenever you wish to keep SMS backup and restore Android to iPhone to iTunes, your text messages must sync to iTunes. After then you will be able to restore them from backup. You can choose iTunes or iCloud to back up your texts and restore the backup data with it.


At the last stage of our discussion regarding some best potential ways to transfer messages from Android to iPhone, we believe that you have become known about each platform to help you choose your suitable one. It’s time to choose the perfect one per your requirement and move SMS from Android to iPhone for an incredible result.