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Top 8 Professional Music Video Maker 2021

by | May 9, 2021 | Popular Video Editor Software, Video Creation Solution, Video Editor for Business and Life

Especially in the music industry or movie-making platform, the importance of music video editors is manifold. To create compelling visual content, professionally and creatively, music video makers are essential. Artists can boost their image and talents with a fantastic music video. Thus, if you are one such person working on a music platform, it is a necessary fact for you to know about music video makers that suit you and can fulfill your demand. Whether you are a starter, intermediate or experienced, we would like to offer you some top professional music video makers online.

Part 1: Top 8 Window Online Movie Maker

1. Wax

Wax uses the computer video card graphical acceleration to create superb effects. While using Wax as a music video maker, you will get limitless video and audio tracks with top-down composite and multi-composite modes. The extensive 3D equipment in Wax will help you make 3D objects, shadows, and illumination.


  • Plugins including RotoMate, Shatter, ModelLoader, Text 3D and Particle Generator
  • Generate texture, and stretch pixels
  • Apply quick 3D (3D models, 3D objects, 3D text) and RotoMate
  • Cylinders and balls, crossing, cubes, liquid, bars, circles
  • Fold, panes, replace, rolling balls, slide, spin, split, shatter
  • Add plugin presets such as colors, flashing windows, noise, colored screen, shapes, video wall
  • Plugin Adapter (VirtualDub filters, DirectX plugins, Freeframe plugins)


2. Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is an open operating system and free video maker with music and pictures for creative people. Widely used by professionals for video production, photography, graphics design, and desktop publishing, it is a beautiful platform you should try. While using Ubuntu Studio as a free video maker with music and picture, the customized facilities may seem complex but can provide you excellent finalized work.


  • Audio recording, mastering, mixing, coding, live processing
  • Rasters, Vectors, 3D Models
  • Simple and clean UI
  • Achieve professional results for publishing books
  • Edit, process, and organize your photos
  • Graphic design and modeling (GIMP, Inkscape, and Blender)
  • 3D model, animation, composite, special effects, post-production effects, and edit.

Ubuntu Studio

3. iLife2013

iLife 2013 contains the Garage Band app that allows you to make podcasts and music. This free video maker with music is very much known for its streamlined digital audio workstation. iLife2013’s amazing music sequencer helps users record and playback multiple music tracks where users can increase the audio track engagement with various effects using the built-in audio filters.


  • USB MIDI, an on-screen virtual or QWERTY keyboard
  • Edit video and photos with music and transition effects
  • Connect guitars to Macs using the built-in input/a USB interface.
  • Wide ranges of MIDI editing
  • A massive collection of music lessons at the Garage Band’s lesson Store.
  • Add effects using World Music and Voices, Remix Tools, Symphony Orchestra, Rhythm Section, 40 built-in instruments (vintage keyboards, drum machine)


4. Lightworks

Like its name, Lightworks is one of the best light-weight software developed by Editshare LLC that provides incredible support and flexibility. The features of Lightworks made it a leader, and its pro version has been useful in movies like Mission Impossible, Batman, The King’s Speech, and more. It uses the power of the computer’s graphics card to accelerate video processing!


  • Format of custom definable sequence output
  • Social Media templates for sequence output
  • Asset grouping associations
  • Lo-Res Proxy workflows for 4K
  • Royalty-free audio and video content
  • Grade sequence utilizing up to 32bit GPU precision and histogram tool


5. Blender

Widely preferred by professionals, Blender is known for its 3D creation pipeline. It can make compelling audio and videos that help artists and musicians create incredible music videos with advanced features like Sound Sequence Editor (SSE). It offers a multi-track audio sequencer that provides a great experience using it.


  • Chroma vectorscope, luma waveform, and histogram displays
  • Audio mixing, waveform visualization, scrubbing, and syncing
  • 3D editors and creation
  • Video cuts and splicing
  • Up to 32 slots for images, video, scenes, audio, masks, and effects
  • Speed control and adjustment layers,
  • Transitions, keyframes, and filters


6. Virtual DJ

This free video maker with music software is a perfect choice for music mixing activities and for those who are home DJs. All the Virtual DJ features are easily accessible and understandable so that users find it comfortable and hassle-free. The features like keys detection will allow you to enjoy harmonic effects with fantastic music.


  • Video editor to overlay video files
  • Add text over existing audio or video
  • Waveform, scroll bar, and video timeline
  • Play/stop, play-hold, playhead
  • Overlay buttons
  • Delete, save, overlay editor

virtual dj

7. ACID Xpress

ACID Xpress, a free online video maker with music and pictures, is the free version of the ACID family. For solving all sorts of users requirement related to music creation, including music recording, editing, and mixing, ACID Xpress has been the best choice. This software has simplicity with multiple facilities but possesses a smaller set of features.


  • Multi-track sound editing
  • Looping, recording, editing
  • Free library media for mixing music
  • Remixing capabilities and interactivity with the ACID Xpress
  • Free and basic features including cutting, trimming, rotating, filtering
  • Runs on windows
  • Free trial version

acid xpress

8. Avid Free DV

Avid Free DV offers many incredible non-linear video creating and editing features developed in a very professional way that made it popular among professional video editors. Avid Free DV, without a doubt, is the best free video maker with music with the below keyset from fundamental to audio editing functionalities.


  • Capture, edit, clip, process
  • Output both audio and video
  • Streamlined, standalone software
  • Introductory video and audio editing capabilities
  • Two streams of real-time effects
  • Free movie tutorials on the website
  • Drag and drop, crop and trim

avid free dv


By now, we hope you would have got an overview of a few free video makers with music and pictures. All you have to start with is, download your choice of tool from the above today and make videos on your own professionally!