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2021 Top Rated Online Video Editor You Should Know

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Best Video Editor, Online Free Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

“What is the top-rated online video editor in 2021?”

You are at the right place to know the descriptive analysis of the above question. The demand for online video editors is continuously increasing due to the rise in video marketing. Also, the avoidance of installation of software is one of the best advantages of such editors. You only have to have an account, after which it’s a breeze to create awesome projects with an online video editor.

Thus, we have descriptive information of our top 5 highly rated online video editors in 2021 as follows.

Part 1: Top 5 Online Video Editor in 2021

Here is a list of our top-rated and favorite online video editors this year. So, let’s begin on an exciting journey without further ado!

1. WeVideo

WeVideo is an online cloud-based platform with as remarkable as 30 million registered users. It serves various customers, including Solopreneurs, Companies, Students, Hobbyists, Media Companies, Agencies, and Educators. Moreover, it has one million-plus stock images and footage available for selection. It consists of exclusive color correction tools to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue.

wevideo online video editorPros

  • Tons of inbuilt stock media.
  • Various categories of creators.
  • A bit advanced editing tools.


  • Slow uploading speed.
  • The free version comes watermarked.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is another attractive online video editor and video hosting platform, just like YouTube. Yet, the platform is straightforward to use with beginner-friendly video editing tools. It is compatible with any computer system without any requirement of a high-specification machine.

It consists of inbuilt video templates and AI-based guided templates with room for little or no editing experience. So, that’s an exclusive feature to create a video online after answering the questionnaire regarding product or service information to be promoted.

vimeo online video editorPros

  • Custom video templates with AI-based technology.
  • Various categories for creators.
  • Inbuilt stock library.


  • It does not support HD or 4K videos for uploading.

3. Biteable

Biteable is an online video editor free to create irresistible video projects within minutes. You can make every kind of video content, including Instagram Ads, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, etc. It has ready-made custom templates for different categories such as Advertisement, E-Commerce, Software, Presentation, Training, Event, Announcements, etc. All in all, there are lots of uses from Biteable online video editor.

biteable online video editorPros

  • Large stock library.
  • Inbuilt video templates with different categories.
  • It can be helpful for commercial purposes.


  • Paid version to upload own videos except for images.

4. Clideo

The Clideo Video Maker is also one of the best online video editors for beginners. It is technically efficient to put together images and videos to create a longer video. Yet, it doesn’t have any animation and text tools present for video editing purposes. But, there is excellent integration with Dropbox and Google Drive’s two storage services worth considering. You have different categories, including the YouTube Video Maker, Facebook Video Maker, TikTok Video Maker, and so on.

clideo online video editorPros

  • Simple to use.
  • Specific essential editing tools.
  • Individual templates for different social channels.


  • Lack of advanced editing tools.
  • No animation and text tools.

5. VidAir

VidAir by Wondershare is our least favorite yet highly effective online video editor with advanced editing tools. Despite being refined, it is one of the accessible online editing platforms. You have a list of inbuilt and fully customized video templates to choose from. The best thing about Wondershare’s VidAir is the effective marketing content to create incredible videos. The editing room of VidAir comes available with every basic as well as a bit advanced editing tool to let the creators go on top.

vidair online video editorPros

  • Fully custom inbuilt templates.
  • Simple to use.
  • Various social media channels.


  • Watermarked videos in the free version.

Part 2: FAQs

1. What is the difference between a free and paid version of an online video editor?

It may be the case you primarily find in online video editors or even the installable software. There are two versions, namely the free and paid version, with no such difference. The free version offers you with same editing features except for some advanced functions and removal of the watermark. On the other hand, the paid version is available with premium features and removes the watermark.

2. What factors you should consider before choosing an online video editor?

Yes, you need to consider a list of factors before selecting the online video editor mentioned as follows.

  • Faster Uploads: Slow uploading speed is one of the demerits in online video editors.
  • No watermark: Even though the removal of the watermark is only in paid versions, it is also an essential factor to use a video editor for commercial purposes.
  • Integration: The integration with different storage services plays an important role, yet it isn’t highly critical as an online video editor is accessible anywhere.
  • Simplicity: Simplicity matters a lot, especially when you are a beginner and want to create shareable projects on social media quickly.

3. What are the limitations of using an online video editor?

Just like merits, there are certain demerits of using online video editors as described below.

  • Slow uploading speed: These are web-based platforms, and thus, you will find the speed issue mostly with such editors. They are generally not compatible with uploading 4Kor HD videos quickly.
  • Watermark: Sometimes, the primary online video editors that aren’t worth enough to pay are available with watermarks.
  • File Size: There is another problem of storage with the online video editors being over cloud-based platforms. Yet, the feature of integration is helpful here.


So, these were our highly-rated and best five online video editors to be worth considering in 2021. Study each of them with their brief description and critical features to make the final decision. Also, check out our three informative FAQs to know more about the best online video editor’s significance and usage decision.