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Top 6 Open-source Video Editors in 2021

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Online Free Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

There are multiple benefits of using a free, open-source video editor. This article will look at some of these benefits and list several open-source video editors. Now, an open-source video editor is a tool that gives the user more efficiency to edit their videos. Such software offers the user access to edit the source code and personalize their experience with the software. It is the main difference with other software as an open-source video editor allows for coding changes.

Part 1: Why is video editor software required?

From color correction, transitions, animation, and video effect to many more attributes, with an excellent open-source video editor, there are endless possibilities to what you can do. For professional videographers, the significance of having good video editing software is limitless.

Different software will have various features. Thus, there posses many benefits of using video editing software. When choosing the best open-source video editor, go for one that can easily convert videos into digital form to understand your computer. It gives the videographer the ability to edit videos at an excellent speed and more flexibility than conventional video editing software. Other benefits of having an excellent open-source video editor include:

  1. You won’t need any plugins.
  2. Save money.
  3. Enhance the video quality.
  4. Easily create videos in the comfort of your home.
  5. Perform extensive video editing functions.

Part 2: Top 6 best open-source video editors

1. OpenShot

OpenShot is an excellent program for both beginners and experts, highly suggested for those starting on video editing as the right tool as you continue growing as an editor. It is an open-source video editor that is very popular. One of the benefits of OpenShot is that it offers a DMG to Mac users, so they don’t have to compile and install it manually.

Supported OS: Linux, Mac Os, and Windows
Official URL

openshot video editor

Key Features
-Keyframe animation framework.
-Multi-track support.
-Real-time previews and video animations.
-3D effects and titles.
-Advanced timeline with desk integration.

-Cross-platform video editing software.
-Easy to use and operate.

-Limited effects.
-Tendency to lag or freeze on huge tasks.

2. LiVES

LiVES is another free, open-source video editor. For those looking to use it, the code is available on GitHub. Designed to be simple yet powerful, LiVES, although in a small size, has many advanced features. When using LiVES, you won’t have to worry about formats, frame sizes, or frame rates. It is a very flexible tool that is frame and sample accurate. It can be controlled remotely or scripted for a video server. The software also supports all the latest free standards.

Supported OS: Linux and Mac OS
Official URL

lives video editor

Key Features
-Accurate frame and sample editing.
-Edit videos in real-time.
-Easily control using MIDI, Keyboard, or Joystick.
-Multi-track support.
-Compatible with a variety of frameworks such as projectM and LADSPA Audio.

-Powerful and easy-to-use program.
-Many useful editing features.
-Doesn’t crash easily.

-Difficult to find software package information from search engines.
-Certain complex functions may need more knowledge on how they function.

3. Pitivi

Containing handsome features, Pitivi is a complex and advanced open-source video editor. It is a sophisticated and high-performance video editor for the GNU/Linux platform.

Utilizing the G Streamer multimedia framework, the software provides advanced video transcoding and encoding that works with several formats. Bundled with many features, it allows users to add true dynamism to their videos.

Supported OS: Linux
Official URL

pitivi video editor

Key Features
-Enhanced Audio Waveforms.
-True precision and frame-rate independent timeline.
-Automatic backup.
-Background processing.
-Effects, filters, and transitions.

-Offer project backup.
-Background processing of thumbnails and waveforms.
-Easy to use and learn.

-It is only compatible with Linux.
-Limited features compared to professional software.

4. Natron

A powerful compositor to handle all your 2D and 2.5D needs. What makes Natron one of the most flexible and best open-source video editors is its sturdy OIIO file formats and the OpenFX architecture. It also has robust roto or rotopaint, keying, and 2D tracking tools similar for all film production projects requiring visual effects.

Supported OS: Linux, Mac OS, and Windows
Official URL

natron video editor

Key Features
-Flexible rotoscoping.
-Keying tool.
-Curve and Dope-Sheet editor.
-OFX Compatible.
-GPU and Network Rendering.

-Available for different operating systems.
-It is a free open-source software.
-Plenty of advanced video editing tools.

-A bit unstable.
-Complex tool for beginners.

5. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is a non-linear video editor that processes all video operations using the MLT Framework. Offering many compelling video editing functions without paying a dime, Kdenlive thus stands out as one of the best open-source video editors while giving you many video editing features.

Supported OS: Cross-Platform
Official URL

kdenlive video editor

Key Features
-Multiple audio and video tracks.
-Multicam editing.
-Animated keyframe.
-Versatile audio mixer.
-Theme-able interface.

-Efficient to make photo slideshow and video montage.
-Advanced effects and transitions.
-User-friendly software.

-Slow response.
-Unstable on Windows only.

6. Shotcut

Shotcut is the software for those who would instead go for the continual upgrades of a dedicated and enthusiastic community than the giant corporation. That shouldn’t sound intimidating to the beginner. It is a great open-source video editor that is highly customizable and with plenty of features.

Supported OS: Cross-Platform
Official URL

shotcut video editor

Key Features
-Video stabilization.
-Chroma key and green screen.
-Overlays and filter.
-Correct fish-eye effects.

-Powerful program.
-Numerous output programs.
-Highly customizable.

-No built-in sharing function to popular sites.
-Few transition options.

Thus, these are the best open-source video editor windows-based with the exclusion of Pitivi. As stated, there are various things you must consider when selecting a video editor. For instance, OpenShot would be a good and recommended suggestion for the beginner as specific software such as Natron is for the seasoned user. All in all, the listed above are the best open-source video editors to go for as of today.