2022 Full Review On Openshot Video Editor

Feb 13, 2022 | Best Video Editor

OpenShot is free and open-source software that includes many basic and advanced video editing features for editors. And although OpenShot advertises itself as suitable for beginners and non-professionals — it lacks some functions that could be useful to beginners in their video editing career.

Still, should you consider OpenShot Video Editor? Or should you choose other alternatives? Read on to find everything about OpenShot. You will also find the five best alternatives to OpenShot in this guide.

Part 1: Openshot Video Editor Full Review

OpenShot is a powerful video editor that is easy to use and quick to learn. That is to say — it allows beginners and non-experts — to edit videos like a professional. You will find every function within OpenShot like multi-track editing, numerous video effects, animation and keyframes, audio waveforms, slow motion, and time effects, and much more.

Openshot Video Editor

But the most magnificent thing about OpenShot is the user interface. It is so sleek and intuitive that even the least-video-editing-educated could employ it to create whatever and however they want. Available in over 70+ languages, OpenShot is employed by users from across the world.

Key Features:

  • A cross-platform video editing tool available on all major platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Various video effects like removing background, inverting colors, adjusting brightness, and more.
  • Visualize the audio in the video as waveforms — to make them part of your video
  • Render impressive 3D animations, texts, styles, and effects, OpenShot Fade out, and more
  • The powerful animation framework allows you can fade, slide, bounce, and animate anything in your video project.
  • You can add as many layers as you need for watermarks, background videos, audio tracks, and more.

Pros of OpenShot:

  • User interface — simple and easy
  • Free and open-source
  • Cross-platform support — you will find OpenShot macOS, OpenShot Linux, and OpenShot Windows
  • OpenShot Chroma Key
  • Multilingual software — available in more than 70 languages

Cons of OpenShot:

  • It is difficult to minimize the functions
  • Flash screen — while starting question whether you want to open the video

Stepwise guide to editing video using Openshot Video editor

Here’s how to use OpenShot Video Editor:

Step 1:  Import Video files

Go to Project Files and import files on OpenShot — all you have to do is drag and drop from the file explorer. Click Open.

Stepwise step 1

Step 2: Edit video files

The added video will appear on the middle screen — that is the Timeline. Above the timeline is the slider. Moving it to the right compresses the video and moving it to the left expands the video. Also,

Stepwise step 2

Step 3: Add music to timeline

To add music or audio — Go to the Audio section of your project files

Stepwise step 3

Step 4:  Preview and save edited video

Once you’ve completed the editing process, you can easily preview the video. Then, click the Export video icon at the top of the software interface to save the project to your computer.

Stepwise step 4

Part 2: Top 5 Alternatives To Openshot Video Editor

Here are the five best alternatives to OpenShot Video Editor — you could any of these as an alternative to OpenShot: 

1. Wondershare Filmora

Of course, the first recommendation is industry-leading Filmora. Filmora incorporates both basic and advanced features within its application and provides you with a way to utilize the platform easily.  The user interface is intuitively built to allow both experts and novices to customize videos to their liking. Coming to the features — you will find everything within Filmora — be it the advanced functions like color correction, layer-based editing, or anything else — it has them all.

Wondershare Filmora

All things considered, Filmora is the ultimate video editing platform to tune up usual-looking videos into Hollywood-style clips or one that tells your story.

Key Features:

  • More than 100 Video Tracks allow you to utilize up to 100 layers of media to create epic stories with ease.
  • Creative Effects to apply transitions, motion elements, filters, and more to any video track.
  • Compositing Tools that allow Layer video clips and other media and apply effects like green screen, blending modes, and more.
  • Filmstock Effects Library Integration helps you to search and browse more than 20,000 effects on Filmstock without leaving Filmora.
  • Auto Reframe to recreate the same video in different aspect ratios in an instant
  • New Auto Highlight Feature that can capture the bests moments from your videos.
  • Audio effects to apply special audio effects to your clips; includes effects like echo, reverb, and phone

Pros of Filmora:

  • Intuitive interface — allows both experts and beginners to reduce their workload by a great length and have fun while editing the videos
  • A lot of cool features like creating GIFs, PiPs, and more
  • AI Chatbot — to aid you when you’re stuck

Cons of Filmora:

  • None — compared to OpenShot

2. Flixier

Known for its promise of 1-minute rendering, Flixier advertises itself as the fastest video editing software on the internet. The software is used by over 300K individuals and has all the features one could ever need to create excellently. The Motion Graphics and Stock Footage help you bring your imagination into the videos.


Key Features:

  • Enjoy our browser-based video editor on a Chromebook, Mac, or Windows PC
  • Perfect to create videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or even for a custom resolution.
  • Add to that the built-in motion titles, transitions, and calls to action that are easy to personalize


  • Simple interface
  • A lot of styles, effects, and transitions


  • Expensive

3. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio provides a lot of features to edit like a pro with its powerful and creative video editing software. It can do all things like convert the VHS to DVD or digital and preserve your memories with Dazzle DVD Recorder or help you create engaging, multi-camera tutorials, unboxing videos, and more with MultiCam Capture.

Pinnacle Studio

Key Features:

  • Supports all resolutions including 4K
  • 100+ templates to easily
  • Full-features color correction tools
  • Smart object tracking

4. VideoProc

VideoProc is a GPU accelerated video processing software that can process HD/4K HDR Videos from iPhone, GoPro, DJI, Cameras. The interface can test your patience at the start but once you realize the software capacity — you will appreciate the time you took to learn it. The software provides three recording modes and also has the tool Green Screen recording.


Key Features:

  1. Cut, Crop, Merge, Effects – Simple Edit Polishes Up Your Footage
  2. Easy & Advanced Editings All Covered in Toolbox
  3. Stabilize shaky video footage from GoPro, iPhone, etc.
  4. Force a/v sync, adjust playback speed and audio volume.
  5. Quality-oriented High-Speed Media Converter

5. Magisto

An end-to-end video editor powered by AI Magisto is one of the most popular video editors on the internet. The tool is used by 60K users as of now. The interface of the software is simple and anyone could utilize the platform easily. The application comes with millions of high-quality video and image options to create videos for every need.


Key Features:

  • Video storytelling as fast as writing a blog post
  • Video content made as easy as PowerPoint
  • Millions of new high-quality video and image options are perfect for all your social media and marketing needs.

Part 3: Real Users Review On Openshot Video Editor

Sibongakonke N —

“I have been using OpenShot for over three years now. I love the software tool because it’s filled with all features that I require to create ads for my brand. I like the easy to use interface, as it was easy to figure things out.

Piyush L —

“Being a non-professional and complete newbie I did not know which software was right for me. Thank God that I landed with OpenShot, the application has the simplest control that allows me to complete my editing within a short time.

Dinithi N —

“I have to create regular tutorials for my class. And being a novice — I like everything about OpenShot. The software is available in my native language and that is what I like most about it.”


OpenShot Video Editor is a suitable application for beginners and non-professionals who are not serious about video editing as a career or part-time work. On the other hand, tools like Filmora help you learn while editing the videos. Contrary to OpenShot, Filmora has all the tools in its library to better express your story in the way you want.

All in all, this guide provides the facts as it is — so you can make an informed decision and choose the right video editing tool for you. All that matters — is you have fun while doing a daunting task like Video Editing.