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The Ultimate Guide for Phone Storage Recovery Android Phones

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Android Photos Recovery, Recover Android Data

All Android phones have varied inbuilt internal and external SD card slots based on the Android device’s company. Data like images taken by phone, texts, WhatsApp conversations, apps data, call history, etc., are all saved by default.
But users are encountering data loss conditions from the internal Android storage memory. If you have mistakenly removed or lost data due to any reason and lost your valuable data like SMS, music, images, videos, and if you have no clue regarding phone storage recovery, then you are at the right place.

Part 1: Is the data recovery from a phone internal storage possible?

While a phone’s internal storage recovery sounds difficult than an SD card recovery, it can be a success using the proper recovery tools. It is because data doesn’t get permanently removed from the device’s storage even when deleted. A pointer index table keeps the location of memory where the data is in your Android device. The pointer index gets either wiped off or relocated. Thus, the processor can’t keep your data, and it becomes irrecoverable. It doesn’t mean losing the actual data, but that the data is ready to be overwritten. If you wish to get back your data from a phone internal storage recovery, then make sure you follow these:

  • Don’t restart your Phone too many times in the hope of getting back your data. If it hasn’t shown after restarting your Phone once, use a recovery tool.
  • Avoid using your device as soon as your data gets lost. Don’t browse the web or even connect to the internet.
  • Try to act quickly to get the best results for phone internal storage recovery. The longer you wait, the difficult it becomes to restore data.
  • Only use a dependable recovery tool to perform data recovery from the Phone’s internal memory.
  • Backup your Android phone or sync it with a cloud service to avoid data loss situations.

Part 2: How to recover data from phone’s internal storage (Free yet Lengthy Process)?

It explained how to make phone storage recovery with a rooted device. Also, the procedure is pretty complex, and the possibilities are that you might not get it right in the first few attempts.
Primarily, we have to create a copy of your device’s internal storage as a RAW file that would later transform into a VHD format. Once the VHD gets mounted to your Windows disk management, we can analyse it using any best data recovery software. To make it simpler for you to perform phone internal storage recovery using this method, we’ve defined the process into multiple steps as follows.

Step 1: Make an image of your Android’s internal memory

    1. To do this, we will take the help of FileZilla. You can download the FileZilla server on your system and run it. Make sure to operate it as an administrator.
    2. Once you install FileZilla, go to its general settings. In the “Listen to these ports” tab, mention the value of 40. Also, in the timeout settings here, enter 0 for the connection timeout.

general settings

    1. Now, click the Users settings and select to add a new user. We have designed a new user here with the name “qwer.” You can mention any other name as well. Also, create a user password. To make it simpler, we have named it as “pass.
    2. Enable the read and enter operations for it and save it at C:\cygwin64\000.

drive users

  1. Then, you need to launch the Android SDK on your computer. You can install it from Android’s official site right here.
  2. After installation, copy the adb.exe, adb-windows.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll, and fastboot.exe files to C:\cygwin64\bin.
  3. Connect your Android device to the PC. Make sure that the USB Debugging feature is activated beforehand.
  4. Run the Command Prompt and enter the following commands. In this way, you can copy a chosen drive instead of the entire storage or phone. ADB shell [PRESS ENTER] su [PRESS ENTER] find /dev/block/platform/ -name ‘mmc*’ -exec fdisk -l {} \; > /sdcard/list_of_partitions.txt
  5. Provide the next command to copy it to a secure place. [PRESS ENTER] adb pull /sdcard/list_of_partitions.txt C:/cygwin64/000
  6. Now, you can open this file and look for any information regarding your missing files.
  7. To craft an image of your Phone’s internal memory data, you need to offer some commands. Enter into a new console window and write as follows.
    ADB shell [PRESS ENTER] su [PRESS ENTER] mkfifo /cache/myfifo
    [PRESS ENTER] ftpput -v -u qwer -p pass -P 40 mmcblk0p27.raw /cache/myfifo [PRESS ENTER]
  8. Here, “qwer” and “pass” is our username and passcode, respectively, that you can replace with yours. In the end, we have mentioned the specific location that was related to the file’s original location.
  9. Type the following commands after running another console: ADB shell [PRESS ENTER] su [PRESS ENTER] dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p27 of=/cache/myfifo
  10. As mentioned before, “mmcblk0p27” is the location on our Android device from where the lost data was present.
  11. FileZilla will copy the data from your Android device to the folder “000” (as provided earlier).

Step 2: Transforming the RAW to a VHD file

1. Once you have copied the files, you need to transform the RAW file into a VHD format to mount it in your computer system.
2. Afterwards, copy the VHDTool.exe file in the operating folder. In our case, it’s 000 folder. Run the console once again, click the folder, and write as follows:
[PRESS ENTER] cd C:/cygwin64/000/ VhdTool.exe /convert mmcblk0p27.raw
3. The transformed data will have the RAW extension, which you can use as a VHD.

Step 3: Mounting it as VHD in Windows

1. Mount the virtual hard disk in Windows. Open Disk Management settings on Windows.
2. Now, click the Settings > Action and click on “Attach VHD.”

computer management

3. When it will ask for a folder, offer “C:\cygwin\nexus\mmcblk0p12.raw”. The name of your file would be different here.
4. Right-click it and select to Initialize Disk > GPT. Also, right-click the empty space and choose the “New Simple Volume” feature.
new simple volume

5. Finish the wizard by assigning a new letter to the drive.
6. Also, right-tap the RAW part.

Step 4: Run Data Recovery

Lastly, you can use any freely available data recovery tool and scan the virtual hard disk you have just mounted on your computer. When the application will ask you to perform data recovery, offer the letter of the VHD that you have dedicated in the last step.

Undoubtedly, this method has numerous complications. First of all, you can only perform data recovery from the phone’s internal storage on a Windows PC as it won’t run on a Mac. Most importantly, your device should be rooted. If not, then it can’t make a RAW file of its phone internal storage recovery. Due to these complex issues, this way seldom brings the desired results.

Part 3: How to recover data from phone internal storage (Easiest Way)?

One of the simplest ways of data recovery from phone internal storage is using Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery. It is one of the parts of Dr. Fone toolkit and is known to produce the most remarkable success rate in the industry. The software by Wondershare is one of the first phone storage recovery tools for smartphones.

The best thing about this recovery program is that it is a highly user-friendly interface. Thus, even if you have no prior technical knowledge, you would be able to do phone internal storage recovery with zero data loss. Here are some other functions of this fantastic phone storage recovery software.


  • Recover Android files by scanning directly Android tablets and phones.
  • Support different kinds of files, including Contacts, WhatsApp texts, Images, Audios, and Documents.
  • Selectively recover and preview from your Android tablet and phone.
  • Compatible with 6000 plus Android device versions and models.
  • Also, recover lost/deleted files from the Internal memory of Android phones only if they are rooted or earlier versions than Android 8.0.

Before you begin, click Phone’s Settings > About Phone, and hit the “Build Number” 7 consecutive times to unlock the Developer Options. Later, you can activate the USB Debugging option by visiting Settings > Developer Options.

developer options android

Step 1: Now, download Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery on your Mac or Windows OS and sync your Phone to it. To start the phone storage recovery, choose the “Data Recovery” mode.

launch drfone

The application will automatically analyze your Android phone. You can select to perform data recovery from your Android phone’s internal storage recovery.

Step 2: Following, choose the data that you wish to restore. Then, tap the “Next” button to continue.

click next drfone

Additionally, you have to select whether you scan for all data or look for only lost files.

scan files drfone

Step 3: Don’t disconnect your Android device during the phone internal storage recovery. You can check the recovery progress from an on-screen indicator.

Choose the files that you wish to recover and select the “Recover” tab to get them back.

recover android files drfone

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Thus, there are multiple solutions to learn phone storage recovery. If you don’t want to face an undesired difficulty and get positive results, try Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery toolkit. It is available with a free trial version as well so that you can first test how the phone storage recovery app works. So, go ahead and download this recovery software to recover data from phone internal storage right away.