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Recommended Ways to Add Picture in Picture Chrome

by | May 13, 2021 | Picture in Picture, Video Creation Solution

While working on your computer, if you want to watch movies or videos in a floating window, Picture in Picture feature is the best choice. After all, you can work with enjoyment while watching movies and videos. YouTube also has a convenient Picture in Picture mode, but do you know how to enable and use it? Also, what are the ways to add Picture in Picture on Chrome? Put an end to your search and start reading as we have the guidelines for you.

Part 1: How to add Picture in Picture effect in Chrome?

Adding Picture in Picture with Google Chrome extension is one of the recommended choices. Google Chrome 70 added a built-in PiP feature that you can access with just a right-click. However, you will find it a bit annoying to access if you don’t install the extension while using it. For example, on some sites such as YouTube, first you have to right-click the video. After that, you need to right-click the video again to see the option.

pip extension

Picture-in-Picture for Chrome

Picture-in-Picture for Chrome allows you to watch videos on top of other windows. To showcase the video player on YouTube or other websites, click on the extension icon. You will find playing the video in this window and all browser pages on which there is a video resource. Play video in floating popup window, besides resizing floating video popups. The keyboard shortcut for the same is Alt + P and it supports all video formats.

Enjoy watching your videos in picture-in-picture mode on popular websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, VK, Instagram, Vevo. Picture-in-Picture Chrome extension is completely free, fast, safe, and easy to add to your Chrome browser. 

picture in picture extension

Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)

To watch videos using Picture in Picture extension, the Keyboard shortcut is Alt + P (on macOS⌥ + P)

Use the source code After installing the item, you need to agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the site

picture in picture extension by google

NETFLIX picture-in-picture control button

Add picture-in-picture control to Netflix controls while watching a movie, and a click on it opens the video in a floating window (visible on top of other windows). Note: Netflix is a registered trademark, and there is no affiliation of this extension with Netflix.

picture in picture control button

Part 2: How to enable Picture in Picture Chrome?


1. Google Chrome Picture in Picture

Step 1: Click “Add to Chrome”

To enable a Picture in Picture in Chrome, fire upon your browser and head to the Chrome web store for the extension. Click “Add to Chrome.”

add to chrome

Step 2: Click “Add Extension”
Review the permissions required by the Chrome extension and click “Add Extension.”

add extension

Step 3: Get the Confirmation
After installing the Chrome extension, you will see a confirmation. It is a notification that you successfully installed and added the extension to Chrome.

notification of installation

Step 4: Click the Picture-in-Picture extension icon
The PiP extension works virtually on any website that includes videos, from YouTube to Facebook. Pop a video out, drag and drop it on top of other windows. Then click the PiP extension icon or press Alt+P (on Mac Option+P).

Step 5: The floating Picture-in-Picture video screen
After activating, the video would play, will go black, and display “Playing in picture-in-picture mode.” A small video player will then float on the top side of the window.

playing in picture-in-picture mode

Step 6: Click-and-drag the top left corner to resize
To resize the player, click the top-left side icon. You can resize it roughly to a quarter of your PiP window screen.

resize the pip window

Step 7: Drag and Exit to Return the Tab
Move the player by dragging it on the Window screen. If you try to move the player anywhere in the middle, it automatically will dock itself to the edge of the screen.

After finishing the video, click either the “X” to close it or tap the icon at the bottom right side to return to the tab.

drag and close

2. Picture in Picture Chromebook

To make the picture-in-picture video on Chromebook work, you need to open a Chrome browser tab from your Chromebook. Then, go to and follow the steps:

Step 1: Click Add to Chrome

After going to the website, search for the Picture-in-Picture Extension. Click Add to Chrome.

click add to chrome

Step 2: Click on the Picture-in-Picture Extension
Go to your video site of choice. These are supported, including Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. Click to play a video. Click on the Picture-in-Picture extension on the toolbar of Chrome.

click on the pip extension

You may navigate to any other window, and the PIP video will follow you. Move the video around the screen and place it anywhere you want aside from the middle of the tab for Chromebook picture-in-picture. For the full-size video, tap again on the extension in the toolbar or on the little box with a diagonal arrow.

3. Picture in Picture Netflix Chrome

Unlike Windows, Mac users won’t get a dedicated app from Netflix. You can watch movies, shows, picture-in-picture Netflix using your browser, Safari, or Chrome. You can play Netflix shows in Picture in Picture on Mac with the Google Chrome browser.

Open browser and Go to Netflix
Open the Google Chrome browser on Mac and go to to play a movie. At the top right corner of the Chrome window, click on the media control icon. At the bottom right corner of the popup window, tap the;Picture in Picture.

play netflix in picture in picture mode on mac using chrome

In the floating window, Netflix movies will appear. It will stay afloat even when you switch to other windows. You can even watch movies while working.
With the Picture in Picture on Netflix for Mac, you can drag, drop and move the floating window to play Netflix movies.


In the above article regarding adding Picture in Picture on Chrome, we provided the required steps and tips to guide you properly. Every point related to Chromebook, Netflix, and Google Chrome Picture in Picture has been represented to you in detail here. So, put your best foot to practice and deliver an effective result while simultaneously watching Netflix and interacting with other sites.