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All You Need to Know about Adobe Premiere Transitions

by | May 12, 2021 | Video Creation Solution, Video Transition Tips

Are transitions any worth it?

A transition defines the effect that you get from one shot to another. These are pretty valuable elements of video editing that every editor looks in to add professionalism. They further add the required twist to change the audience’s mood and have different emotions while viewing the content. We’ve structured an entire post on adding Premiere Pro transitions after keeping in mind the significance of injecting these beautiful elements in any videos, images, or audio content.

So, let’s dive into the subject by knowing the top 5 cool Premiere Pro transitions, tips, and the process on how to add Adobe Premiere transitions as follows.

Part 1: Top 5 Cool Premiere Pro Transitions

The Adobe Premiere Pro is an entirely professional video editing software known for its high-end editing tools. One of the best features is Premiere Pro transitions, whose five cool Adobe Premiere transitions are specified below.

1. Motion Array

The Motion Array offers one of the interactive transitions to edit videos and photos quickly. It further consists of a wide range that allows users to inject customization into the videos or pictures with ease. It’s pretty easy to use this transition with drag and drop editor available within the plugin itself.

motion array premiere pro transitions


2. FilmImpact

This pack contains four downloadable free versions of Adobe Premiere Pro transitions with the availability of 6 demos in the paid version. It is the perfect fit if you’re bored with the usual dissolve transitions. The FilmImpact offers more eye-catching and intricate video effects. Each version available serves different purposes while taking care of location, position, and scale, etc.

filmimpact premiere pro transitions


3. Nitrozme Transitions

The Nitrozme transitions offer the most extensive transition package if you want to select only one of them. It contains transitions, namely the Glitch, Zoom, Stretch, Roll, Twist, Glass, Leaks, Panoramic, Optics, etc. There are various sound effects as well, including the Split Scribble, Zoom Swooshes, Glitch Data, Stretch Woop, and many more. These transitions are further available with detailed video tutorials, future updates, custom service, and complete online support.

nitrozme premiere pro transitions


4. Videolancers Premiere Pro Transitions

Another massive bundle of polished Premiere Pro transitions is an ideal fit for both corporate and commercial projects. Each transition contains a sound effect and is pretty easy to use with a drag and drop editor. Moreover, you can resize them to any aspect ratio and resolution as you desire. A sound FX also is in each of these transitions, along with the availability of guided tutorials

videolancers premiere pro transitions


5. Smooth Spin Blur Rotation Premiere Pro Transitions

Justin Odisho offers this Premiere Pro transition preset. He is specifically a YouTube creator with a huge number of followers. So, you can call these transitions a perfect fit for creating vlogs or editing other YouTube videos. All in all, it’s quite fun to use these preset transitions

smooth spin premiere pro transitions

Part 2: Tips about Transitions in Premiere Pro

Here are some expert and quick tips for adding transitions in Premiere Pro!

  • You can modify the transition effects directly in the EffectsControl panel or Timeline panel.
  • Set the default duration of transition if you don’t like the overall length. Go to Premiere Pro Preferences Timeline, tab the Mac device and Edit Preferences Timeline in the Windows device.
  • Try using seamless Premiere Pro transitions if you want to make the cuts between scenes as unnoticeable and invisible as possible
  • Please do not overuse transitions in every scene. They are primarily for the shift in significant stages
  • Customization of transitions is almost applicable in the same way as in the case of customization of effects.

Part 3: How to Add Video Transitions in Premiere Pro?

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll offer you the most straightforward steps on how to add Adobe Premiere Pro transitions

Step 1: Choose your transition

Click Effects Panel to select an effect in Adobe Premiere Pro. Given below is a screenshot of how you can search for a particular transition in the search bar.

choose premiere pro transitions

Youre no ready for the application of transitions once youre over with the selection.

Step 2: Apply transitions in Premiere Pro

You are required to apply transitions at the start and the end of two clips. For application, drag and drop the transitions onto the timeline panel from the Effects Panel.

Alternatively, you can select Apply Default Transitions by right-clicking at the end of the video clip.

apply premiere pro transitions

Part 4: FAQs

1 What is a transition effect?

A transition effect is a process of changing shots from one part to another part. These effects are useful when one scene changes to another set in a particular movie or video clip.
2 How to apply default transitions in Premiere Pro?
The first step is to select the video clips to which you want to apply the default transition. Also, remember to press the Shift key while selecting multiple clips. To assign default transition, you need to go to Sequence Apply Default Transition tab.

Then, you can also modify the length of transition if needed.
3 What are the keyboard shortcuts to apply video and audio transitions?
Use the keyboard shortcut to apply transitions in both audio and video. Thereafter, choose one of the clips and select the following.

  • Press Command + D keys to apply default transition on Mac device.
  • Press Control + D tabs to apply default transition on Windows device.
  • Select Shift + Command + D tabs on Mac and press Shift + Control + D keys on Windows device.
  • Select the Shift + D key on both Windows and Mac devices to apply both audio and video transitions.

4 How to delete or remove transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro?
Removing transitions can be done with the click of a button. Open your project panel, and go to Effects & Transitions Remove Transitions tab. Right-click the clips in the timeline editor and select Speed/Duration to speed up to 100%. It will automatically delete all the transitions.


Finally, after our discussion on everything about Premiere Pro transitions, it’s time to mention our concluding statement at the end of the post to throw a bit of positivity. You have to consider adding changes even though it looks a bit high in the learning curve by this high-end video editor called Adobe Premiere. So, make a difference now and let your video content become competitive and a bit strategic, among others! Also, don’t forget to consider the respective steps on adding Premiere Pro transitions as we’ve tried our best to make them simplistic as much as possible for you, guys