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4 Efficient Solutions to Recover Data from Broken Phone

Aug 29, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data

“A week ago I was riding my bicycle and had my smart phone in my back pocket. My phone slipped out of my pocket and its screen broke. I have very important data in my phone including my projects and assignments. I am really worried. Can anyone guide me how to recover data from broken phone?”

Suppose you accidentally dropped your smartphone to the ground, and the display screen is broken, or it is dead for other reasons, such as a malware attack. How would you fully recover your saved contacts, messages, and additional information from your damaged phone? How can you get all of your cherished memories back on your phone, including photographs, videos, and more? Are you worried about broken phone data recovery?

broken screen

If you are in a similar situation, please don’t worry because, in this article, we will discuss the 4 efficient solutions to recover data from phone with broken screen.

Types of Smartphone Damage

1. Software Damage

If you drop your phone in water (unless it’s water-resistant), if it hasn’t had an update in a while, or if your OS has been damaged, software harm might happen.

2. Hardware Damage

When you drop, break, smash, throw, toss, or stomp, your phone it might cause hardware damage. It can also cause a variety of issues, including cracked screens and harsh scratches, as well as damaged home buttons.

Is it possible to recover data from a broken phone?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from broken phone, but it depends on the situation. In most cases, you can retrieve data stored on an SD card. However, if the data is saved in the Android internal storage, the issue may get more complicated. If the touch screen isn’t working, but the display is still visible, you still have a chance and can try broken phone data extraction, but if your Android device’s screen goes black and it becomes unresponsive, there’s a tiny chance you’ll be able to recover data.

Method 1: Data recovery from broken screen phone by using a professional data recovery tool

If you are looking for the best broken phone data recovery software, you can use Tenorshare UltData for Android. You can use Tenorshare UltData to retrieve contacts, call history, photographs, messages, movies, audios, and other documents, etc. This amazing tool is the ultimate answer to all of your data loss concerns, and it works well on both a regular and a damaged phone. You can retrieve deleted photos from an Android smartphone without requiring root access. You can also retrieve WhatsApp messages from 6000+ Android phones without the need for a backup.

Follow these steps for broken phone data recovery:

1. Click the button below , download and install the Tenorshare UltData for Android.

tenorshare ultdata

2. Click on Recover Lost Data. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable, then follow the onscreen instructions to enable USB debugging if it isn’t already enabled.

recover lost data

3. Click OK after selecting Always allow from this computer.

allow this computer

4. Now, you’ll see the screen below, where you can select the file type and begin scanning your Android data.

select data you want to recover

5. Click the Recover button after selecting the files you wish to recover.

Method 2: Broken phone screen data recovery through USB Cable

Everyone has had a broken screen at some point in their lives. If you’re lucky, the screen touch may still be recognized correctly, allowing you to make a backup. But don’t worry if that isn’t possible; you can recover data from screen broken phone using a USB cable and a PC. To access internal storage from a computer, some devices may need unlocking. This method will not work for you in that situation.

Follow these steps to recover phone data with broken screen:

    • Use a USB cord to connect your smartphone device to your PC.
    • If you’re connecting for the first time, wait until the drivers are installed.
    • Launch My Computer and look for your Device name. Click on it to open it.
    • You will find all of your documents, multimedia, and other stuff there.
    • Select the files you wish to recover from the device by searching for them.

use usb cable

  • Transfer the files from your storage to your computer.
  • You can either move the files to your new device or create an archive file once you’ve copied all the data you wish to restore.

This method can only retrieve document and multimedia files; if you want to recover everything, including contacts, notes, texts, and call logs, use a professional data recovery tool as mentioned in method 1.

Method 3: Recover data from broken phone with OTG USB Cable & Mouse

Do you want to recover data from a phone with broken screen? If your Android phone’s screen is damaged and you can’t touch it, but you can still switch it on and view the display, you can extract files from it wirelessly using an OTG USB cable and a mouse. Make sure your Android phone has OTG capability enabled before you begin.

otg cable and mouse

Follow these steps for mi data recovery from broken phone:

  • Connect your Android phone to an OTG adapter.
  • Connect the OTG adapter to a mouse.
  • Switch on your Android device.
  • To unlock your Android smartphone, use the mouse.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth feature or connect your Android device to a Wi-Fi network.
  • As needed, you can transfer files from your Android phone to cloud services or a PC (through Bluetooth).

You’ll need to buy both an OTG USB and a specific mouse, so this option is significantly more expensive than others. Moreover, please note that not all Android smartphones are compatible with OTG USB and mouse.

Method 4: Data recovery from phone with broken screen via Autoplay

Suppose you want to recover data from a broken Motorola phone, recover data from a broken Mi phone, or recover data from a broken ZTE phone. In that case, you can use the AutoPlay solution. This method will only allow you to recover document and multimedia files. If you want to recover call logs, messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, etc., you can use Method 1 mentioned above.

Follow these steps to recover data from the display of broken phone:

    • Connect your damaged Android phone to your PC.
    • When files are discovered, an AutoPlay box will appear; click Open folder to see files.

use autoplay

  • Simply copy or drag the files you wish to recover to your computer and transfer your data.

This solution only works if USB debugging is already enabled; otherwise, the AutoPlay feature won’t work.

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Most of the methods mentioned above won’t allow you to recover call logs, messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, etc. If you want an all-in-one solution, we recommend you use Tenorshare UltData for Android because it is the best broken phone data recovery software.