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[4 ways] Recover Data From Dead iPhone Hassle-free!

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover iPhone Data

If your iPhone is dead, we know you are feeling pretty anxious. The data loss in this situation will give you jitters. You would never fathom losing your most precious data. So what do you do when your new iPhone lets you down? Don’t worry! You have options to recover files from a dead iPhone. iPhone data recovery ways will allow you to bring back your lost data from any situation. Follow our handpicked list of top iPhone recovery tools to restore data from the dead iPhone.

Part 1: Why does my iPhone go to the dead mode?

iPhone, too, like other devices, can be damaged in one way or many ways. Common causes of damage include various unexpected scenarios such as dropping iPhones, getting wet, or smashing the screen. iOS devices have vulnerable data, and mistakenly, if they become damaged, it can harm your work or personal activities. So, a dead iPhone user needs data recovery. However, you can get back data by iPhone data recovery from a dead iPhone logic board crisis containing a manufacturing defect. Now, let’s see some common causes of a dead iPhone.

  • Several programs running

Your iPhone can be dead if you run too many programs at the same time on your device. Running applications on iPhone will occupy some resources on the device. If you use too many programs simultaneously, your iPhone will stop working because it cannot respond to all of them.

  • Jailbreak

iPhone users usually download and install applications from the official Apple App Store. But many sometimes download applications from other places in addition to the official Apple App Store that attempts to jailbreak their iPhone.

  • iOS update

You can run into issues like iPhone crashing due to failure of iOS update.

Along with these above reasons, the reason for a dead phone can be hardware problems, smashed screen, dropped iPhone, water damaged, lost your iPhone, or stolen device.

Part 2: What are the possible ways to recover data from a dead iPhone?

Has your iPhone 6 been dead? We have shortlisted some specific and practical ways if you wish to recover data from a dead iPhone 7 or older or the latest iPhone 12/12 Pro Max.

1. Restore from iCloud backup

One of the good options to get back your data is to restore your files from iCloud backup with an iCloud account, or you can also transfer files to your new iPhone device.

2. Retrieve from the backup drive Suppose you have stored the copies of your available or previous files on backup drives, pen drives, external hard drives, etc. In that case, you can easily connect them to your iDevice of any version. For example, join them for iPhone 6 data recovery on a dead phone and retrieve all your files.

3. Fixed/Repair iPhone

If your dead iPhone is under the time of warranty, you can approach your nearest Apple service center to fix/repair dead iPhone issues. The repairing cost may be different for repairing different types of iPhone models.

4. iPhone data recovery service You can try any professional iPhone data recovery service provider if you do not have external backup drives or iCloud backup, or your iPhone has been damaged, etc. If you think fixing the damage will cost a considerable sum, you should seek professional help to recover a dead iPhone.

Part 3: Best 2 ways to recover data from dead iPhone

Now, let’s find out the top 2 ways so that you can use any of them to get data from dead iPhone back.

1. Dr. Fone Data recoveryDr. Fone Data recovery ensures the highest iPhone data recovery rate and helps recover iPhone data from dead phones. It also allows restoring lost videos, photos, contacts, call logs, messages, notes, and more from iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud. It provides the best technical ability to support the latest iOS program and iCloud backup.


How to recover data from a dead iPhone with Dr. Fone Data recovery

To use Dr. Fone Data Recovery to recover data from dead iPhone 6 or the latest 12, you need to have an iTunes backup file. You can recover data if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes before. Let’s know the steps.

Step 1: Run Dr. Fone Data Recovery and check your iTunes backup

Download Dr. Fone Data Recovery, install it on your computer, and tap the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” option from the side menu. You can now see all the iTunes backup files.

list of backup files

Step 2: Start scanningSelect any backup files available, and then hit the “Start Scan” button to start.

select backup files

Step 3: Preview and recover data from iTunes backupAfter scanning, preview all extracted data from the iTunes backup, and select the categories found. Finally, click the “Recover” option to save them all to your computer.

select item to recover

2. Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery covers an almost 94% recovery rate with over 1 billion items. We can help you get back lost data directly from your iOS device iTunes/Finder backups or even recover data from your dead iPhone device. To prevent loss of data in the future, it offers an Incremental Backup feature to store your files securely on your computer.

enigma recovery

How to recover data from a dead iPhone with Enigma Recovery

You can also transfer your database to your computer to recover photos from a dead iPhone without backup, including any types of files in iTunes or iCloud.

Follow the steps to recover iPhone data from your dead iPhone using the Enigma Recovery tool.

Step 1: Open Enigma Recovery and connect the dead iPhone to your computer

Download the Enigma Recovery data recovery tool and open it. With the help of a USB cable, establish the connection between the dead iPhone and your PC. Click on the ‘recovery from device.’

connect device on pc

Step 2: Choose data to recoverThe recovery software will immediately recognize your iPhone. Now select what type of files you want to recover. If you’re going to recover the entire set of data, click on “Select All.” Enigma Recovery program will start to scan your dead iPhone for your selected data.

choose data to recover

After completing the process of scanning your iOS device, you will see the deleted and existing data that has been recovered.

Step 3: Export data Selecting the data to transfer to your computer and choose ‘Export.’ After completing the exporting process, your existing and deleted files will get recovered safely.

export to desktop

Part 4: 2 In-built ways for retrieving data from dead iPhone

In-built methods for retrieving data from a dead iPhone are practical recovery tools because they allow the recovery process smoothly and efficiently. Let’s know about two top-in-built ways.

Way 1: iTunes

If you ever synced your iPhone to your computer, you can recover almost all data and settings from iTunes. Remember that the process will overwrite your existing iPhone data.

Step 1: Connect iPhone and open iTunes Connect a new iPhone or newly erased iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

Step 2: Go to the Summary optionClick the device icon found at the top left of the main screen. Tap the “Summary.”

Step 3: Restore backup From the right side of the iTunes window, select “Restore Backup…”

restore backup

Way 2:

If you have no stored data before damaging your iPhone, you can specifically recover pictures from a dead iPhone of all types using You will find two prerequisites for using this method. You have turned on the backup option of photos and contacts previously in iCloud. Or you have another trusted iOS device to receive your verification code.

Remember, you can recover permanently deleted files on iPhone within 30 days only.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Go to from your computer. Click the “Settings.”

Step 2: Tap on Restore Files Check below the Advanced section, tap on “Restore Files.”

Step 3: Select data and start restoring Tick the box that appears beside the data you want to recover. Click the “Restore Files” button.

start restoring


Finally, we have reached the endpoint of our discussion regarding the methods of retrieving data from a dead iPhone. So which software are you going to choose? Compare your expected requirements with any of the mentioned ones and select the best one to recover data from the dead iPhone from Reddit.