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A Complete Guide to Recover Data from Water-Damaged iPhones!

by | Aug 21, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions

Although the iPhone could resist water and dust since the iPhone 7, some Apple users still report data loss, camera damage, and dead home buttons when their device comes in contact with water. Thus, you must know how to ” recover data from a water-damaged iPhone. ” It will be big trouble if you drop your iPhone into the water, as you could lose years of files, photos, contacts, call histories, chats, and other essential files. Now, you can read our today’s discussion to find the solution to this problem.

Part 1: Best ways to recover data from water damaged iPhone

Let’s know about the best practices so that you can easily use the reliable one and retrieve data from water damaged iPhone.

1. Dr Fone Data Recovery (iPhone Data Recovery)

Dr Fone: Data Recovery (iPhone Data Recovery) is considered the world’s first iPhone data recovery software with the highest iPhone data recovery rate of recovering photos, videos, call logs, contacts, messages, notes, and more. In addition, it helps to retrieve data from iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud. So no matter what you have lost and how you have lost it, you can even recover photos from a water-damaged iPhone, locked device, or in other cases.

dr. fone data recovery


  • Connect your iOS device to the computer and recover the deleted/lost data directly from the device without backup.
  • Allow scanning and extracting of the content of the iTunes backup, and then easily restore them selectively.
  • Download and extract data from iCloud backup to restore selected iCloud content to the iDevice.

2. MobiKin Doctor for iOS

MobiKin Doctor for iOS will let you recover lost data from iOS and iTunes backup files. You can use it to recover any data flexibly. It provided users with different iPhone recovery modes to get back the deleted and lost data from the iOS devices. Recover deleted data from your iPhone directly by scanning the device. Its auto-scanning features help to restore iTunes backup files.



  • Provide several modes to recover iOS data directly from iOS devices or the backup files of iTunes.
  • Restore all types of files, including photos, contacts, messages, Camera Roll, Safari History, calendars, reminders, etc., with the highest speed and rate.
  • Auto-scan both deleting and existing data on the iOS device to export them to your computer.

3. iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery offers all the available ways to recover deleted or lost data from iOS devices. If you want to recover photos from water damaged iPhone without backup, it can be one of the best choices. It recovers deleted data from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch by scanning the device itself. With 100% data recovery from iOS devices, extract data from iTunes and iCloud backups.



  • Recover deleted or lost photos, contacts, call history, messages, videos, WhatsApp, etc., from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Extract and recover data from the iTunes backup files even if your device is physically damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Extract iOS data from iCloud Backup to retrieve selectively lost files.

4. Enigma recovery

Enigma recovery offers three methods to recover and protect your iOS data directly from your iOS device or iTunes/Finder-created backups. It has an Incremental Backup feature to prevent data loss by securely storing your content on your desktop computer. It helps to ” retrieve data from a water-damaged iPhone ” and other data-loss scenarios.



  • Extract deleted videos, photos, messages, and more from your iTunes/Finder backup.
  • Offer an incremental backup to save the updated backup change and back up your iPhone data quickly and safely.
  • Export the recovered data to your computer in readable formats like XML, CSV, PDF, VCF, and XLS.

5. FoneDog iOS Data Recovery

FoneDog iOS Data Recovery helps you to recover deleted data from iOS devices. It covers many data loss scenarios. So, if you want to ” recover data from a water-damaged iPhone, use its 3 modes of data recovery. You can enjoy a free trial before consuming the paid version. It supports recovering WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Line, Kik, and QQ data from iOS, iTunes, and iCloud.



  • Allow deeply scanning your iOS Device to recover deleted data directly from it.
  • Scan and restore data from your iTunes backup and download and recover data from iCloud backup.
  • Take a preview of the data selectively before starting the recovery of data.

6. Stellar iPhone data recovery

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone recovers all types of lost data from iOS, iCloud, and iTunes backups. You can restore deleted videos, photos, contacts, texts, calendars, notes, WhatsApp, and other data and recover Photo Stream, Camera Roll, Voice Memos, etc. Easily recover specific data from iTunes and iCloud backup files. It allows retrieving data from encrypted iTunes backup files. It supports the model of iPhone 12 to 7s and below.



  • Deep scan ensures 100% data recovery process from iOS device, iTunes, and iCloud backup.
  • Allow accessing data stored in the encrypted iTunes backup files without any technical expertise.
  • Restores desired data from backup without deleting the previous iPhone data.

Part 2: How to recover data from water-damaged iPhone with iTunes/iCloud?

Do you want to recover data from water damaged iPhone with your previous backup on iTunes or iCloud? If yes, you need to follow the steps below. Let’s start!

1. iTunes

If you have a backup on iTunes, you can easily perform iPhone data recovery after water damage.

Let’s know the steps to recover data via iTunes backup.

Step 1: Connect the device and trust your computer

Run iTunes on your computer. With a USB cable, link the functioning iPhone to your computer. If requested, trust this computer on the iPhone. Select your device’s icon that will appear in iTunes.

Step 2: Restore backup

Go to the “Summary” from the left panel. Click the “Restore backup” under the Backup tab.


Step 3: Restore the data

Choose the most current backup file. Select the “Restore” to recover data from water-damaged iPhone.

2. iCloud

Do you know how to recover data from a water-damaged iPhone via iCloud backup? If you have synced your iPhone with iCloud, you can make water damage recovery for iPhone with this service.

Note some crucial factors; ”

  • First of all, you can restore the iCloud backup to another iPhone device for the damaged iPhone that won’t turn on. “
  • Second, you can even use the Apple ID linked to the water-damaged iPhone but on another device. “
  • Last, the iCloud backup will cover all your current data on iPhone after the restore.

Now check out the way to recover your data from water damaged iPhone.

Step 1: Reset

On another iPhone, go to ” Settings, select ” General, ” Reset, and the “Erase AllContent and Settings” button.


Step 2: Restore from iCloud backup

Go through the setup screen, ” Apps & Data, ” andclick on the “Restore from iCloud Backup” button.

Step 3: Choose backup and select

Sign in to your iCloud account that you have used on the water-damaged iPhone. Then proceed to the “Choose backup” to select the backup from the incoming list.

Part 3: FAQs

1. What should you and should not do on a water-damaged iPhone?

Check the list below you should and should not do on water-damaged iPhone devices:

DOs for your water damaged iPhone:

  • Try to make it dry: Use a towel and rub it to remove excess water off the iPhone to dry it. Remove the water in the sockets and ports of the iPhone by shaking gently.
  • Do not plug it in or turn the iPhone on: Don’t plug or turn on a wet iPhone because it can cause a short circuit or will stop working after some time. If the iPhone is Powered on or in Sleep Mode, completely switch it off and leave it to dry for at least over two days.
  • Dry with silica gel sachets: Get silica gel packets to dry your wet iPhone, and don’t touch it for 48 hours.
  • Remove the SIM card: Remove the SIM card from the iPhone to avoid damage to critical components. Rub the device dry on a clean cotton cloth.

DON’Ts for your water damaged iPhone:

  • Do not try to power on your iPhone.
  • Do not use the hairdryer or other drying tools for drying your phone.
  • Do not press any buttons on your wet iPhone.
  • Do not place your iPhone in raw rice as foreign particles can enter.

2. What are the symptoms of a water-damaged iPhone?

If your device has dropped in the water but still turns on, check the following symptoms:

  • Overheating when being charged
  • Force close errors on various apps
  • White Screen of Death (WSoD)
  • Freezing or crashing apps
  • Rebooting or stuck on Apple Logo

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After seeing the above simple introduction, you would know how to ” recover data from a water-damagediPhone. All the tools are easily capable of helping you to restore iPhone data after water damage, iOS update, factory resetting, jailbreaks, and more. Thus, select your preferred one and ” recover photos from water damaged iPhone.