Fastest Ways to Recover Data from Wiped iPhone Within 2 minutes

Nov 4, 2021 | Recover iPhone Data

We all have been in a situation where you have accidentally deleted photos, messages, videos, and other files on your iPhone, iPad, or your iPhone is lost, broken, or maybe you just can’t access it. In the event that you had your iPhone wiped and you want to access your data, there are various ways to recover data from erased iPhone both for backed up data and without backup. There are many tools that can be used for erased iPhone recovery. This article explores how to use Dr.Fone, an advanced data recovery tool to do the job, or alternatively use the iCloud backup to recover data if you had them backed up already to your iCloud account within 2 minutes or even less.

Part 1: Recover Data from Wiped iPhone Within 2 Minutes – Dr.Fone iPhone data recovery

Utilizing the leading data recovery technology, Wondershare’s Dr.Fone is, by far, the best way to recover data from an iPhone. Be it the multimedia files, contacts, voice memos, timestamps, iMessages (& attachments) — Dr.Fone has the highest success rate in all of the industry. Plus, the interface is simple enough to allow even the least tech-literates to utilize the application to their benefit. Yes, it might take more than 2 minutes to recoup the data from the iPhone but be sure that Dr.Fone will recover it.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to recover data utilizing Dr.Fone iPhone data recovery software:

Step 1. Download the Dr.Fone program on your Mac or Windows computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Choose Data Recovery from the main interface of the software.

wondershare dr.fone

Ensure to download and install iTunes on the computer that you are utilizing for the recovery process. If already installed, be sure to update it to the latest version. Additionally, tap on Trust — if you see a pop-up showing on the iPhone screen.

Step 2. Once the program identifies the iDevice, click on Start Scan to initiate the recovery process.

If you want to scan the device for only a specific file type — like image, video, audio, or something else — you can simply check the boxes assigned to the formats and then click on Start Scan. You can check all the boxes to scan the device for recouping all the recoverable files.

wondershare dr.fone step 2

Step 3. After the scanning process gets completed, you can review all the files before recovering them. Of course, the application organizes the files based on format — meaning it will be easy for you to access the data from your computer.

wondershare dr.fone step 3

Part 2: Recover Data from Wiped iPhone Without Backup – TenorShare UltData

Another prominent data recovery tool that can recover data from iPhone is UltData from Tenorshare. With the ability to recoup more than 35 file types, UltData supports more formats than any other recovery tool in the industry. Be it native photos, videos, contacts, SMS, call logs or third-party data like WhatsApp, Kik, Viber chats and multimedia files — Tenorshare UltData is the tool you need. Moreover, not only the iOS device, Tenorshare UltData can recover data from iTunes & iCloud backup. And while that may not seem like a big deal — UltData can help you to retrieve individual files, which otherwise is unachievable via the usual iTunes and iCloud backup.

Follow these simple steps and backup your lost data conveniently:

Step 1: To begin, launch iPhone Data Recovery on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac once the installation is finished.

Step 2: Choose the option to restore data from your iOS device and check the images to see if you simply want to undelete these. Then select Start Scan from the drop-down menu.

TenorShare UltData step 2

Step 3: After the scanning process has begun, simply preview all of the displayed images and select the ones you require. After you’ve completed all of this, click the Recover option and assign a save path.

TenorShare UltData step 2

Part 3: How To Recover iPhone Erased Data Through Backup

Method 1: Recover iPhone erased data Via iCloud backup

If you have an iCloud account and had previously backed up your data before wiping your iPhone you can use the iCloud backup to retrieve it by following the steps below

Step 1: Launch Settings on your iOS device then select General > Reset > Erase all content and settings > Erase now. Then on the App and data screen, select the Restore from iCloud backup.

icloud backup step 1

Step 2: Visit and sign in into your iCloud account using your Apple ID and passcode.

icloud backup step 2

Step 3: Select the preferred backup from the archives in the iCloud. After that, your iOS device will start restoring all files backed up in the iCloud. This will take some minutes to get finalized.

icloud backup step 3

Methods 2: Recover iPhone erased data using iTunes Backup

iTunes backup allows you to recover data from erased iPhone at any given time.

  1. Use a USB cable to connect the iPhone to the PC.
  2. Select your iPhone in iTunes (or Finder on a Mac).
  3. iTunes will prompt you to restore from backup if you have a new or wiped iPhone.
  4. Otherwise, select Restore Backup from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the backup you want to restore and press the Restore button.

using iTunes Backup

Part 3: FAQs

Can I recover data from wiped iPhone if there was no backup?

Yes, you can recover data from wiped iPhone if there was no backup using advanced tools like TenorShare. You can scan your iPhone for wiped data using free iOS data recovery software.

Does Factory Reset Erase Data From iPhone?

A factory reset, also known as a hard reset, erases all of your iPhone’s data and settings. The iOS device deletes all of your videos, photos contacts, chat history, messages, and so on. It restores your iPhone to its original state, removing any personal data.

Can I recover all data from wiped iPhone without a data recovery tool?

There are numerous tools that claim to be able to recover lost or deleted data from the iPhone. The truth is if you had backed up data already to either iCloud or iTunes then you can easily retrieve the data without necessarily having to use any tool. The vast majority of iOS data recovery tools rely solely on the iOS/iTunes backup mechanism and independent media synchronization protocol. An iOS data recovery tool that can pull an iCloud backup from a 2FA-protected account has yet to be developed.


To sum up, there is no need to worry if you had your iPhone wiped and lost that important photo you had saved on your iPhone. Using advanced-Data Recovery Tool like Dr.Fone you can recover data from wiped iPhone in 2 minutes or less. It is also advisable that you always backup your data with iCloud or iTunes as this will make the erased iPhone recovery process simple and easy. Although there are various tools that claim to be able to recover data from erased iPhone without backup chances are normally slim and that is why you should always have a backup.