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Top 7 Ways to Recover Android Mobile Camera Deleted

Aug 10, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data

Smartphones came with the ability to help us quickly create memories with the cameras behind the phones. However, each time these phones get bad or the files get mistakenly deleted, it is a painful experience to think.

Have you given up hope on your lost photos and videos on your Android device? Have you sorted a way to retrieve the files and memories you saved in your now damaged phone? Take a chill pill, as we have good news for you. Those memories can come back if you can follow these inbuilt recovery hacks for mobile camera deleted video recovery and mobile camera photo recovery.

Part 1: Inbuilt Recovery Ways- Camera Deleted Photos and Videos

Within your Android phone, there are in-built methods of restoring your lost/deleted photos and videos. However, this can only work within 30-60 days after the item was lost. See the following alternatives and their recovery steps.

1. Recently Deleted Folder

When videos and photos are missing from the phone Gallery app, it is common knowledge that it moves into the phones’ Recently Deleted folder and remains there for a maximum of 30 days. Within that period, the recovery of those deleted videos and photos back into your Android phone is possible.

Follow these steps to recover deleted camera videos and photos from Android recently deleted folder;

Step 1: Open your Gallery app and click on “Albums.”

Step 2: Scroll and click on the “Recently deleted” icon.

Step 3: Long-press one of the photos or videos you wish to retrieve. Then select the other things you want to restore and click on “Restore” to recover the selected files.

recently deleted folder

2. Google Photos

Backed-up photos and videos on the Google Photos app can be quickly restored to the phone when needed. If any of such gets deleted, it goes to the trash bin folder. Firstly, you will need to confirm if it still exists in your Google App or not. If found, then restoring can be easy with the following steps;

  • Open the “Google Photos App” from your Android device.
  • Tap on “Menu” at the top left-hand side, and you will find “Trash.” Tap on it.
  • Long-press the video or photo you wish to restore and press the “Restore” to get the selected items back into your Phone’s Gallery App. Google Photo Library or Album as the case may be.

Note: This only works within 60 days the item was lost. After 60 days, you cannot find it in the trash again, as it gets automatically deleted.

google photos

3. Google Drive Backup

When you have previously created a backup of your photos or video files into Google Drive, you can restore it quickly from there too. This recovery method works even after a factory reset on your Android phone. Just follow these steps;

Step 1: Log in to either your “Google Drive Webpage” or the “Google Drive App” on your phone with the very same Google account you had used for the backing up process.

Step 2: Once logged in, you’ll see all your previously backed-up items. Go ahead to select the ones you wish to restore and click on

Step 3: Click “Done” to download them to your device. Remember, this only works when you have created a backup earlier.

google drive backup

Part 2: Recovery Tools for Deleted Camera Photos/Videos in Android

Beyond the internal recovery ways, third-party tools can also help you recover your lost photos, videos, and more. These tools work even when the items are missing beyond 30 – 60 days. Below are some of the most powerful data recovery tools.

1. Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (Android)

Dr. Fone-Data Recovery (Android) is the first Android recovery software with the highest success rate. It can recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, and more. It is one unique software compatible with 6000+ Android devices and recovers deleted photos from internal storage or SD cards. It also supports extracting data from broken Samsung phones. You can enjoy the free trial or get extra value at $39.95/Year.

drfone android data recovery


  • 3 Recovery modes for effective data recovery.
  • Free Scanning and Preview options.
  • Selective recovery of only wanted items.
  • Easy download of recovered files to your system
  • Recovers your data from Android devices, whether rooted or unrooted.

2. Stellar Data Recovery for Android

Stellar is such a powerful data recovery app for Android that allows you to preview files before recovery. You no longer need to cry over the lost WhatsApp media files or mistakenly deleted photos, videos, text messages, documents, or contacts. Stellar could help you recover files from lost partitions, internal memory, and repair distorted or corrupted images.  You can get the free version or pay between $49 – $99 to enjoy the features of this 21st century Android Data recovery tool.

stellar datarecovery for android


  • Recovers data from Malware or Virus Infected Android Device
  • Supports Several Languages
  • Quick Searching and Sorting of the Results of device Scan for Quick Recovery
  • It exports your recovered data in multiple alternative formats.
  • Recover lost data from the Internal Phone Storage.

3. PhoneRescue for Android

PhoneRescue has a reputation of being a data savior. It manages every type of data disaster and is customized to work with every class of Android and tablets. It restores your data directly back to your phone in such a way that you will feel they were never missing. One of the unique beauties of PhoneRescue is its simplicity. So simple that even non-techy parents can utilize it. As an Android user, with just $39, you can bring back those memories you mistakenly lost.

phonerescuefor android


  • Compatible with all Android devices.
  • Quick recovery of lost items directly into your device.
  • Deep scan reveals hidden files with or without rooting the device.
  • Secured access to your locked device to avoid loss of data.
  • Quick response and efficient customer support team

4. EaseUS MobiSaver For Android

Beyond data recovery, we all need data protection. EaseUSMobiSaver does both for your Android device. Just in the three steps of Connect-Scan-Recover, you will have those files you lost restored for your use regardless of how they were lost. It does not matter if it was in the internal memory or an SD Card; neither is it limited to a specific phone type. This tool protects your data in a 100% clean and safe way, with an easy-to-use User interface design. While there is a free trial version, you can get the full premium version of this application for just $39.35.

easeus mobisaver for android


  • Data Recovery with High-speed
  • One-off free upgrade with free technical support.
  • Recovers data regardless of varying loss scenarios
  • Real-time notification of recovery results.
  • Exports the recovered file in your selected format

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Hence, we saw, gone are the days to cry over lost photos and videos. The question is, how badly do you want to recover deleted camera videos from Android? So, if they mean so much to you, follow the above guide to utilize the in-built recovery method and third-party Recovery Tools.