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All You Need to Know to Recover Deleted Files on Samsung Tablet?

Aug 30, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data

Did you accidentally delete all office files from your Samsung tablet? Do you want to recover deleted files on a Samsung tablet?

“Recently I bought a new Samsung tablet and was enjoying its ease of work. I was pleased because of its lightweight portability. But unfortunately, last night I lost all my important office files. I mistakenly selected the all-folders option and clicked on the delete option. Now I could not find any recovery option as there is also no recycle bin on a tablet. Can someone please help to guide me about how to get back these files?” Yes! These are the general queries we frequently receive from different tablet users. We know we all save our pictures, movies, songs, contacts, text messages, and data files on smartphones or tablets. However, it does not mean that they are always saved there. They can be erased accidentally at any time, and you will also not find any backup to recover them.

The intent of this article is also to help you all get rid of such panic issues. But before going through those valuable solutions, we would first like to see the possible reasons that may cause you to lose your data so that you can try to avoid them.

recover deleted files on samsung tablet

Part 1. Possible Reasons for data loss on Samsung tablet

causes of data loss

The possible reasons to loss data on a Samsung tablet can be:

  • Accidental data removal: As mentioned above, you may mistakenly select files or complete folders and click on the delete option.
  • Factory Reset: You can perform a factory reset procedure, and you may have lost your data.
  • Careful removal: You may carefully delete some files while considering them useless for you. But later, you realize that they are essential to you, and you mistakenly erased them. But what now, you have permanently lost them?
  • Someone else erased your files: When someone else, either your friend or children, were using your tablet, they accidentally deleted your important data.

No matter what the cause of losing all your data is, don’t be disappointed. It is not impossible to recover lost files. Here we have given the three best methods of simple steps to recover deleted files on Samsung tablets. But before that, you should know the things to consider before performing your recovery process.

Part 2. Things to remember before making Samsung Tablet Data Recovery

You should keep in mind the following points before recovering deleted files from Samsung tablet free;

  • Firstly, you should stop using your tablet once you have lost your data.
  • If possible, try to backup all important files with it as soon as possible.
  • Do not perform any uninvited processes such as reinstalling the OS, formatting or other operations.
  • Try to access the best data recovery software.

things to remember before data recovery

Part 3. How to recover deleted files on a Samsung tablet?

Everyone’s worst fear is losing essential information such as contacts, photographs, movies, and text messages from their Samsung tablets. If you want to recover your deleted files on a Samsung tablet, then you can use any of the methods mentioned below:

Method 1. How to recover deleted files on Samsung tablet with Google Drive

You can quickly restore all of our lost data that had been transferred to trash using Google Drive. This is a method for recovering deleted files on a Samsung tablet without the need for a computer. If you haven’t deleted your necessary files from Google Drive in the previous 30 days, you can recover them. However, after 30 days, the files will be permanently erased, and you will lose all of your data.

Follow these simple steps to recover Samsung tablet deleted files with Google drive;

  • Step 1: If you don’t have google drive on your tablet, download and install it.
  • Step 2: Now, sign in to your Google account that was login at the deleting time.
  • Step 3: Click on the three horizontal lines on the upper left. Open the trash option, choose your deleted files and hit the restore button.

recover data with google drive

Method 2. How to recover deleted files on Samsung tablet with USB Cable

One of the most accessible and most frequent methods for recovering deleted files is to use a USB connection. However, it does not restore previous chat messages or contacts. Using a USB cable can easily backup erased files on a Samsung tablet in reality. Here is how you can use it:

Step 1: Connect your tablet to a computer with a USB cable.

Step 2: Double click to include the “This PC” option. Your Samsung device will be shown under the “Devices and drives.”

devices and drives

Step 3: Choose your required file and right-click on it. Click on the Copy option, go to your tablet folder and paste it where required.

copy files

Method 3. How to recover deleted files on Samsung tablet with a professional data recovery software Tenorshare

To recover your deleted files on Samsung tablet, you can use a professional data recovery tool like Tenorshare. Tenorshare is the best Samsung tablet data recovery software to back up your files, images, voice notes, text messages, call logs, etc. It is also best to recover deleted files from android tablets. Without rooting your phone, you can recover deleted photographs, lost WhatsApp messages, and data from WhatsApp Business, such as videos, photos, and documents. Tenorshare has the fastest data recovery rate and is 100% safe to use.

See here how you can do this;

Step 1: First, download and install Tenorshare. Click on the “Connect Samsung tablet to a computer” option and connect your tablet using a USB cable.

connect your device

Step 2: Tab on “enable USB debugging” and back to your USB storage.

enable usb debugging

Step 3: Now click on “Start scanning” and choose the desired files to be recovered. However, you can also pause or stop the scanning process in case of an emergency.

select file type

Step 4: On the left side of the tablet, you will see all content categories. You can preview their content in detail.

recover data

Step 5: Finally, click on the “Recover” button and save your data at the selected location. Moreover, you can also change the content format according to your needs.

save recovered data

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Data loss is a common problem that we may have to face at any time, either using a smartphone or tablet of any company. But there would be more panic when one of us lost essential office files. That’s why it is crucial to keep your data secure to recover it in case of any mishap. Hence, you don’t need to worry about it, as you have the 3 best methods to recover deleted files on a Samsung tablet from this article. All these methods are 100% proved and unique in their results. But our best recommendations go-to for “Tenorshare”. It is an excellent Samsung tablet data recovery program free to download and install. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed in future if you face any mishap or data loss.