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[Top-Rated] 5 Free and Easy Ways to Restore Contacts On Android and iPhone

Aug 23, 2021 | Android Contacts Recovery, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, iPhone Contact Recovery

Contacts are the most valuable data in a mobile phone. If you have mistakenly lost them and are looking for ways to restore contacts on phone, you are at the right place. The thought of losing contacts is a scary nightmare. That is because a contact number is the only source of communication with your friends and family. And you cannot imagine a scenario where your contact list is empty.

Unfortunately, it happens. However, there is no need to panic because, in this article, we will discuss five free and easy ways to restore deleted phone contacts quickly. So without any further delay, let’s get straight into it. The following steps are applicable for both android and iPhone users. Please check them out.

Part 1: Causes for Lost Contacts

Searching “how to restore my contacts” without finding the cause of its disappearance could once again cost you in the future. So the first step in restoring contacts is to see how did it happen? Sometimes due to the user’s own mistake, cases like that happen. Maybe you mistakenly marked all your contact and tapped the “Delete All” icon.

Similarly, it is quite possible to have a malware problem. A virus can destroy your contacts and other vital data like media files, messages, applications, etc. Above all, it is possible your contacts are not lost at all but just hidden. There are numerous instances where users wanted to restore deleted phone contacts, whereas the contacts are just hidden.

Hence, it is imperative to look for the cause before you initiate the recovery process. Usually, users do not find the cause of the incident and commence the recovery procedure straight away—so this is our first and easiest way to search for the reason for lost contacts.

Part 2: Check If Your Contacts Are Hidden Somewhere

As said above, isn’t it possible your contacts are not lost but hidden? What if they are mistakenly sent to “vanish mode,” and you keep trying to restore contacts on my phone? So first and foremost, you should check if your connection is really lost or not. You may find it hidden, which would be a blessing.

If you think something is fishy, then you must check that out without any further delay. Follow the following steps to search for hidden contacts.

  • Open your smartphone
  • Open the Hangout application
  • Click on Menu and open your account
  • Click on Hidden Contacts and unhide them

You would probably find your hidden contacts there. However, you might have to go the extra mile and follow the next step if not.

Part 3: Restore Contacts On Phone from iCloud Backup

If you are an iPhone user and wanted to “restore my phone numbers,” this section is for you. The majority of the world’s population uses the iPhone as their mobile, making it the most using mobile phone globally.

One thing that makes Apple products superior to others is its “Advanced Backup Facility,” i-e iCloud. iCloud is a backup storage platform where iPhone users keep Backup of their essential data. If you have accidentally lost your contacts list, don’t worry and follow the following steps to restore contacts on the phone.

iCloud keeps synchronizing the contacts from time to time. So follow the given steps.

    1. Go to Settings, open your name and then click on iCloud


    1. Turn Off your contact and click on Keep on my iPhone

keep on my iphone

  1. Turn on your contacts and click on Merge

Following these three easy steps will surely restore contacts on the phone.

Part 4: Restore Contacts On Phone from Gmail Account

Gmail Account is one of the best backup sources for android users. If you have mistakenly deleted your significant contact numbers, there is no need to worry about it because your Gmail account has backup up to 30 days. It means you can still restore my phone numbers by following a simple procedure.

restore contacts from gmail account

However, to avail of this opportunity, you must have a Gmail account. Well, I am pretty sure you would probably have the account. So let’s find out how to restore deleted phone contacts.

    1. Open Gmail and log in to your account via email ID and password

log in to gmail account

    1. Once you logged in to your account, click on Settings on the right upper corner of the screen

go to account settings

    1. Now select the timeframe up to 30 days and then click on Undo

undo changes

  1. Once you are done, Google will notify you of the date of the contacts restoration

Part 5: Restore Contacts On Phone with A Third-Party App

If you want to restore lost contacts on phone with a third party app then Tenorshare is the most reliable option. Tenorshare UltData for Android is the most effective and easy way for device content management and Android data recovery. This tool has a simple user interface and remarkable data recovery speed. You can also selectively download and preview data with this app.

Key Features:

  • Password recovery
  • Contacts recovery
  • System repairing
  • Data recovery

Reasons to Use Tenorshare:

  • Enables the corrupted and deleted data recovery effectively
  • Quick scanning and identification of the real problem
  • Eliminates the risk of losing the existing data while operating
  • Works equally well for both Android and iPhone

Let’s find out how to use this application.

    1. Install Tenorshare Application on your system and connect your smartphone via USB cable.

install tenorshare

    1. Once you connected it, you’ll see a list on the menu. Click on Contacts to proceed further.

select files tenorshare

    1. Upon clicking, you will see a list of lost phones. Carefully select your desired contact and tap on Recover.

recover android data tenorshare

Part 6: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Restore My Contacts On My Phone?

One of the easiest ways to restore contacts on the phone is to activate the backup. Smartphones usually have a backup up to 30 days, so hopefully, you will have them back.

Is It Necessary to Have a Gmail Account?

Yes, to retrieve contacts from Gmail Account, you must have an account first. If you have one, then sign in with your email ID and password to proceed.

Is Tenorshare Free?

Yes, Tenorshare is a free backup application. You can download it from Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.

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Final Words:

Losing contacts could cause great trouble at both the workplace and personal front. That is because contact numbers are an integral part of everyone’s lives. Hence, nobody can afford to lose them. Unfortunately, if you have lost them, there is no need to worry about them. You can follow any of these five easy ways to restore deleted phone contacts.