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3 Effective Ways to Restore Google Contacts On iPhone

Jul 27, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, iPhone Contact Recovery

It is common for everyone to frequently buys gadgets as technology develops. Manually adding the contacts is a dynamic process, and it takes enough time to complete the process. If you have a backup of your Google Contacts, it’s easy to restore your contacts into your new gadget. There are two effective ways to restore contacts from Google to iPhone. You can choose a convenient method and successfully import contacts to your iPhone. Either use the built-in settings or use the complex intermediary iCloud platform. With these methods, can restore Google contacts in a precise and effortless manner. Now is the time to quickly import contacts and prepare your new iPhone for optimal use.

Now let’s dive into the details on Google contacts recovery on iPhone.

Part 1: In-built ways to restore Google contacts on iPhone

Here are the methods and steps to effectively restore contacts from Google on iPhone.

Way 1: Gmail

Step 1: Log in to Google account

Go to Google Contacts, sign in to your Google Account, put in your Gmail address and password and click “login” to reach the contacts profile of your account.

Or access this page by signing into Gmail and selecting “Contacts” from the “Gmail” menu in the top left corner.

login to your Google account

Step 2: Restore contacts

Click “Restore Contacts.” You can find this option listed in the left sidebar and open a popup window to select a restoration period.

Click “More” in the left sidebar and expand the menu if the “Restore Contacts” option doesn’t appear. The menu expands by default.

restore contacts

Step 3: Choose a time to restore

Choose a restoration period from the list (e.g., you should choose a restoration period of at least 2 days in the past for changes made yesterday).

You can restore from a custom period if you do not want to use the default periods, limited to the 30 days in the past.

choose a time to restore

Step 4: Click Restore

Click “Restore” at the bottom of the restoration period window.

click restore

Way 2: Settings App

Step 1: Go to Settings’

On your iPhone device, navigate to the “Settings” application.

go to settings

Step 2: Add Account

From the Settings’ platform traverse to Contacts’- Accounts’- Add Accounts’.

Step 3: Choose Google’

Select Google’ from the displayed list and then enter the credentials for authorized login.

choose google

Step 4: Signup Google and enable contact

As soon as you signup for your Google account, it will enable the toggle button of ‘Contacts’ and import contacts from Gmail to iPhone.

signup google and enable contact

Part 2: One-click way to restore contacts from Google account to iPhone

A straightforward way to restore contacts from Google to iPhone is by using a Droidkit.

iMobile DroidKit is one data recovery app that understands how frustrating losing data can be, whether it’s precious memories or information used as evidence in court. With innovative fast recovery technology, it can quickly scan your phone storage and rescue photos, WhatsApp chats and files, messages, contacts, and up to 13 types of more basic data, covering almost everything you need every day. It supports all Android phones and tablets, even if your device is not rooted, and you need not be technically sound. With just a few clicks, retrieve your lost things in a snap.


In addition, DroidKit also has a deep recovery mode, which can scan every corner of the phone’s storage more deeply to find all the deleted data that has not been overwritten. It is built on the standard of a NO-DATA-LOSS technology, and it guarantees the industry’s highest success rate of recovering lost data.

Whether you need Android data recovery, restore contacts on iPhone from Google backups, unlock the screen, or fix system problems, iMobie’s DroidKit is your one-stop solution which makes it convenient and immensely useful. Of course, you can save time because you don’t have to deal with multiple programs.


  • Quickly Scan and preview your data in Google backups.
  • Remove screen locks of any kind.
  • Bypass FRP locks easily and instantly.
  • Delete unnecessary files to create space and speed up your phone with a click
  • Quickly recover your lost photos, videos, and other important files without a hassle.

Droidkit can effectively assist iPhone to restore contacts from Google following the steps below:

Step 1: Launch and choose data types

Launch DroidKit, click Contacts under the Google Account box.

launch and choose data type

Step 2: Authorize

Click the Authorize button to grant DroidKit access to your Google data.


Step 3: Preview and select

Finally, preview and select Google Contacts that you need to restore.

preview and select google contacts to restore


1. What can be done if my contacts aren’t syncing?

To resolve this issue, make sure your Google Account is connected to your iPhone.

  • Open your iPhone Settings app.
  • Contacts Accountsand tap your Google account
  • Enable contact and done
  • Try adding your account again.

2. How to restore your Google Contacts with Contacts Sync

Google automatically backs up your contacts. So if you need to restore contacts from Google account to iPhone, it’s elementary if your contacts were previously stored in Google. Here are three steps to restore your contacts:

  • Go to
  • Look out for “Settings” at the top right, select it, and go to “Undo Changes.” Proceed to restore your Google contacts to an earlier state.
  • Then, open the Contacts Sync app and sync once again to restore the duplicate contacts on your iPhone.


Therefore, we had a simple step-by-step illustration of practical ways to restore contacts from Google account to iPhone. The above methods are simple and effective to restore Google Contacts to iPhone without loss. Besides, we strongly recommend using this type of import instead of manual transfer, which is time-consuming. Likewise, many professionals recommend syncing your device contacts with Gmail because you won’t lose your phone number even if your device is stolen. Later, you can use the techniques described above to restore the available Google Contacts into your new gadget.