Retrieving Deleted Text Messages iPhone – Easy Methods To Recover Lost Messages Within A Few Clicks

Aug 20, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, iPhone Text Message Recovery, Recover iPhone Data

Deleted the text messages by accident and looking for a way to recover them? Well, guess what. In fact, there are several ways that can help you in retrieving the deleted text messages on your iPhone.

Retrieving Deleted Text Messages iPhone

This guide includes three ways to retrieve deleted text messages from the iPhone. Some are easy, some are tough; moreover, some require a prerequisite from you to work. Nevertheless, if you have opted for backup, they all will work. Of course, you will also find a way to restore the deleted text message without a backup. Scroll down to find simple step-by-step instructions.

Part 1: Best Way To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From iPhone

Wondershare Dr.fone Advanced Data Recovery Tool

Wondershare’s iOS data recovery tool works like a charm and helps you retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone conveniently. There are no prerequisites whatsoever as its intuitive build allows it to interact with the storage device. Thus, you can recoup the deleted texts that are otherwise inaccessible in case they have erased it.

Why should I use Wondershare Dr. Fone Advanced Data recovery tool to retrieve my messages?

  1. It allows you to recover the deleted text from the iDevice itself, no backups required. Further, if you have a iCloud backup — it will allow you to retrieve the deleted messages for free.
  2. You can also restore other file formats like photos, videos, and more.
  3. Features like Sort by File Type and Scan by File type allows quick recovery of the data.

Follow these simple steps to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone using Dr. Fone advanced data recovery tool:

Step 1. Visit the Dr. Fone official page, and install and launch the software on your computer.

  1. Choose Data Recovery from the main interface.
  2. On the next screen, select the Recover from iOS device option.

The interface of Dr. Fone

Step 2. Connect the iDevice to the computer (on which you have installed the software). The software will automatically identify the iDevice. In case, if you see a pop-up on your iDevice, click ‘Trust’ to proceed.

Step 3. On the next interface, choose ‘Messages and Attachments’. Click Scan.

Dr. Fone Data supported file types

Step 4. Once the scan completes, you can preview all the recovered data and choose the ones you want to recover. You can also choose all if needed. Choose Restore to Computer or Restore to device.

Dr. Fone recovered data after scanning

That is it; all it takes is a couple of minutes and all your deleted data will be accessible to you within minutes.

Part 2: Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From iPhone Without Third-party Software or Computer( iCloud Backup)

The cloud-based service of Apple, iCloud, allows you to retrieve deleted text messages on your iPhone in case you have lost or erased them accidentally. However, this only works if you have previously opted for iCloud backup on your iDevice. If not — this method will be fruitless.

Note: If you opt for iCloud recovery, you MUST format the iDevice to restore the message from the backup. And all the existing data will get erased during the recovery process. So ensure to backup all the recent and necessary files somewhere before proceeding with the subsequent steps.

Follow these simple instructions to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without a computer:

Step 1. Ascertain the backup that includes your deleted messages

  1. Turn on your iDevice and open Settings.
  2. Click on your name or picture at the top.
  3. Select iCloud.
  4. Choose Manage Storage.
  5. And select Backups.

On the next screen, you will see a list of all the backups that iDevice saved. You can click on each version to see the date and time, i.e. when the backup was created.

Step 2. Reset your iPhone to factory settings.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Click on Reset.
  4. Then, Select Erase All Content and Settings.

Step 3. Restore the deleted text messages.

    1. Once your iPhone wakes up after a factory reset, you will see the Hello screen.
    2. Click on the Home button.
    3. Choose the preferred language.
    4. Choose Country or Region.
    5. Connect to a wireless network.

connect to a wireless network

    1. On the Apps and Data screen, choose the Restore from iCloud backup option.

recover deleted data from iCloud backup

  1. Enter your Apple ID and Password when prompted.
  2. Select the iCloud backup version that you ascertained before.
  3. Click on Restore.

Once you hit Restore, the iPhone will start downloading the backup files, and all the data will get synced after completion, including the deleted messages. Being a native service, the iCloud backup option is best for users looking for free iPhone message recovery.

Part 3: Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From iPhone Via PC ( iTunes Backup)

iTunes is another free iPhone text message recovery option. But as with iCloud backups, you can only recover the deleted text if you perform the backup. If you have, follow these simple steps to retrieve the messages from iTunes backup:

    1. On macOS Catalina and later versions, open the Finder app. On an earlier version of macOS, open iTunes and update the application.
    2. Connect your iDevice to the computer. And choose ‘Trust’ if you see a warning message on your iDevice.


  1. Select the connected device from the iTunes window.
  2. Choose the Restore backup option.
  3. Hit Restore once you find the desired version of the backup.

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While Apple’s iCloud and iTunes backup can help you in retrieving the deleted text messages from your iPhone, they only work if you have opted for backups. And in case you did not — they will be utterly useless. On the flip side, the Dr. Fone Advanced Data Recovery tool can help you restore the deleted messages even if you do not have a backup. Further, Dr. Fone can also support you retrieve the message from iCloud and iTunes without formatting the iDevice.