20 Best Free Alert Tones/Ringtones Apps for iPhone in 2022 [Updated]

Oct 28, 2021 | Other Tips for Mobile and Computer

We all like customizing our iPhones, and changing the ringtone is one of the simplest ways to do it. Numerous applications can assist you in discovering and obtaining the perfect songs and tones for your phone. Additionally, they are completely free to use and cater to almost any taste. Therefore, begin discovering and expressing your musical side with these top free iPhone ringtone applications.

Part 1: Best 20 Free Ringtones Apps for iPhone in 2022


ZEDGE is the best and most popular free application for ringtones and wallpapers. It features a community of millions of people who used to submit copyright-free pictures and ringtones to Zedge, which anyone could download for free. Advertisements will display either before or after the ringtone is downloaded, since they are the primary source of revenue for maintaining and operating Zedge. It was founded in 2003 and currently offers over 25 million free downloads.

zedge app

2. RingTune

RingTune is now ranked ninth in the App Store’s Music category. It has a feature that allows users to download free ringtones from popular songs produced by the app’s creators. The unique feature is the ability to make your own ringtones using local music. As with Zedge, you’ll find a wallpapers section with hundreds of high-resolution images that you can download and use on your iPhone.



TUUNES has more than 15 million monthly active users and is one of the most popular music applications in the app store. It has over 10,000 legally licensed ringtones, which you can buy for a few cents each. The app is available for free download and includes complimentary tones. If you want authentic licensed tones, you should be able to get them at a reasonable price. This software has no advertisements, which results in a more seamless user experience when navigating.


4. Infinity

Infinity is both a free and a premium ringtone, with free users having access to a restricted amount of material. If you want to have unlimited access, you need subscribe on a weekly basis. Additionally, it has a professional ringtone creator, and we suggest skipping the premium plan. Simply submit the music to the ringtone editor, and it will generate a professional-sounding ringtone from it. Thus, by utilizing this feature, you will be able to create an unlimited number of free ringtones.


5. Ringtones Maker – the ring app

The ring app is a completely free ringtone creator. It contains ringtones submitted by app users, and this app does not include any of its own. It has a unique function that enables you to import video files straight into the program and extract audio from them. That audio can be used as a ringtone. It’s very convenient if you’re watching a movie and want a certain piece of music as your ringtone. It includes trim, cut, and other fundamental audio editing features.

ringtones maker the ring app

6. Best Ringtones: Top Music

Top Music apps ringtones are from public domains and have a creative commons license which means you can download and use them on your commercial projects. If you download the tones, it will save in your iPhones local storage, and you can set it as a ringtone for separate contacts, WhatsApp, etc. It has over 650 ringtones and is utilized by over five million people globally. You cannot create your own ringtone, which is a downside of this app.

best ringtones top music

7. Cool Ringtones: Ringtone Maker

Cool Ringtones has thousands of mini tones and also funny cool ringtones that are best for messages and notifications. On the main screen, you have four categories: ringtone, calendar, SMS, and alarm. Just select the category, and you can find the list of tones related to that category for easier access. The library is updated on a daily and weekly basis, so you can find the new music by clicking on the “New” tab. It has an option to create a ringtone from your songs with a pitch and volume adjustment feature.

cool ringtones ringtone maker

8. Ringtones for iPhone! (music)

Being the 2020s best free ringtone app, it has 20 million happy customers, and the ringtone format is aac, which is currently the smaller size and best sounding quality for all music files. Unlike other apps, it has a professional editor with trim, cut, pitch, volume, fade in and fade out options. Thus bringing the PC features into your iPhone.

ringtones for iphone music

9. UnlimTones

UnlimTones is not a ringtone app. It is a ringtone editor app similar to video editors like Inshot, Kinemaster, etc. You can import multiple kinds of music from your iPhone to edit them. It also has an option to record and edit ringtones. For example, you can create a ringtone with your name. To set a ringtone from your iPhone settings app, you need to sync it with the iTunes app.


10. New Text Tones

New Text Tones is a dialogue-based ringtone app that has hundreds of famous dialogs from shows, series, and viral social media posts. You can find tones in different categories: Loud, quiet, relaxing, funny, holiday and music text. It supports unlimited downloads without any ads and no subscription fees. It is developed by the top ringtone developers and available for free to install on your device.


11. Comedy ringtones

If you’re looking for humorous iPhone ringtone applications, Comedy Ringtones is an excellent option. It includes 14 themes and characters for customizing your phone. It includes high-quality music, wake-up alerts, and notification tones. The ringtones have been tested on an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 8 running iOS 9, so you may download the app without fear of receiving a bug complaint. The ringtones are spoken and created by nationally recognized comedians, radio personalities, and DJs, as well as seasoned producers.

comedy ringtones

12. Audiko ringtones

Audiko ringtones is another excellent free ringtone app for the iPhone. It includes an infinite number of high-quality ringtones and alert tones. Additionally, you may personalize ringtones based on your preferences and interests. Millions of people worldwide use the app, which has received excellent reviews. Additionally, this app’s capabilities enable you to extract a favorite section of a song from your music library and use it to make your ringtone. Additionally, you may build an Audiko profile to personalize your ringtones.

audiko ringtones

13. Mobile9 deco

Mobile9 is an amazing software with over 40 million users that provides a wide variety of ringtones in a high-quality format. Not only can users get ringtones via this app, but they can also download phone themes, wallpapers, and games for both the iPhone and iPad. It includes a large selection of ringtones as well as the most recent apple iPhone 6 ringtones for free download. Additionally, it supports native languages such as Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

mobile9 deco

14. Top funny Ringtones

If you’re looking for humorous ringtones, Top Funny Ringtones is the place to go! It includes an infinite number of amusing ringtones in a single software. You may download the sounds as ringtones, alert tones, and notification tones. The greatest thing is that there are no in-app purchases, which means that all of the ringtones are completely free to download. Additionally, this software enables you to choose the default ringtone for each contact. Therefore, download the app and take use of the program’s free iPhone alert tones and ringtones.

top funny ringtones

15. Ringtone Converter

Ringtone Converter is well-known for its simple and quick services, and it converts any song in your music collection into a 30-second ringtone. The software enables you to quickly create thousands of ringtones. The straightforward UI makes it simple to exchange and transfer ringtones through email. The Auto Play option expedites the ringtone editing process. Users may personalize their ringtones.

ringtone converter

16. Ringtone Designer

You can create custom ringtones, SMS tones, and alerts using songs from your iPhone’s music collection. When you download the first ringtone with this app, you’ll get a free TextRocker.com text tone bundle. Bear in mind that text tone and email notifications are only available on iOS5. The revised version 1.7 is compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

ringtone designer

17. Ringtone DJ

Ringtone Dj is the finest free ringtone software for the iPhone, allowing users to make personalized ringtones from their music library or choose from a pre-made selection. It’s the ideal app to download if you’re searching for romantic music. They provide a large selection of contemporary love melodies and tunes. You may generate an infinite number of ringtones and alerts from any music and customize them with DJ sound effects. With Ringtone DJ App, you may express your creativity and personalize your sounds.

ringtone dj

18. Text Tones- 500 special sounds for Text Messages

You may download over 500 ringtones and alarm sounds from the app on your iPhone. The program is built in a very straightforward way; as a result, it is very simple to use. Those who are unfamiliar with the process may refer to a handbook that contains step-by-step instructions. If you like classical music, film themes, star wars, the Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Futurama, or Tupac, this is the track for you. Not only is this the finest version if you’re searching for free apple iphone5 ringtones, but it’s also the most advanced.

text tones

19. Scary Ringtones

Frightening ringtones is an interesting software that provides a variety of free scary noises. The ideal app for anybody who like horror and enjoys pulling practical jokes on their pals. The sounds may be used as ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones. This software includes eerie sounds such as a terrible mother, spooky noises, screams, and wolves, among others, to create a frightening atmosphere. Ringtones with a horror theme may be set as the default or for a specific contact. Additionally, the songs may be used as an email alert, calendar notification, reminder, or new voice mail notification.

scary ringtones

20. Cellsea Ringtone

It’s on the fantastic app from which you can get free ringtones and a slew of other interesting things to spice up your iPhone. You may download high-quality ringtones, live wallpapers, notification tones, and alert tones via the app. Because the program is minimal in size, it may be downloaded quickly. Additionally, it allows you to customize your ringtones.

cellsea ringtone

Part 2: How to add ringtones to your iPhone

The iPhone uses a fairly common ringtone, which may get a bit boring after a while. Whether it’s to differentiate yourself from the crowd or just to grow tired with your default ringtone, the iPhone allows you to customize your ringtones. All you need to learn is how to add ringtones to your iPhone using the most common program, iTunes.

Those seeking for the simplest method to customize their iPhones may pick from the many ringtones available online. Apart from iTunes, there are other very user-friendly apps, such as Apple Watch. Many believe that assigning a music is as simple as tapping on the contact and browsing for the song; nevertheless, the procedure is much more involved than this. Before adding the song to your music collection, you must modify it and convert it to the proper file type.

The following are the procedures for adding Ringtones to your iPhone:

Step 1: Navigate to iTunes and look for the app from which you want to get ringtones. If you do not already have iTunes, you must first download it.

add ringtone to iphone step 1

Step 2: Download the program from iTunes and launch it by clicking the Install option.

add ringtone to iphone step 2

Step 3: Open the app and go through the categories to choose a ringtone to download to your iPhone. Additionally, it will let you to sync with iTunes or scan a QR code.

Step 4: Select the ringtone option, and you’ll see a lengthy selection of tones that may be used as your device’s ringtone.

add ringtone to iphone step 4

Step 5: Select the sound you’d want to use as your cellphone ringtone. By default, the option save as ringtone is selected, and your ringtone is changed automatically.

add ringtone to iphone step 5