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Proven Ways to Rotate Video in Windows Media Player/Movie Maker

by | May 14, 2021 | Rotate Videos, Video Creation Solution

Why bother yourself by watching a horizontal video? Is rotating the phone only a solution to watch a clip? Doesn’t it bother you? It is a matter of only a few clips and minutes to make your clip perfect so that you and the person you are sharing the video with can enjoy it without any hassle. So, how can you complete the video by perfectly providing to rotate Windows Media Player? Well, we have brought all the instructions regarding the rotation to quickly turn your video in the perfect direction that you want.

Part 1: How to rotate video Windows Media Player or VLC?

You won’t be able to rotate video in Windows Media Player; that’s why you need to use a separate tool. VLC Media Player is an excellent choice with a frequently updated program operated by an active open-source developer community. From the Video LAN website, download VLC for Windows and install it.

Let’s see how to rotate videos using VLC:

Step 1: Choose the Video

Open the VLC to select Media Open File. Choose your video that you need to rotate.

open file

Step Two: Effects & Filters
Select Tools and tap on Effects and Filters. For the adjustments and effects Window, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E.

effects and filters item under tools

Step Three: Adjustment & Effects
In the Adjustments and Effects, go to the Video Effects tab. Then select the Geometry tab.

visual effects and geometry tabs

Step Four: Rotation of the Video

Select the Transform check box, and then tap the drop-down menu underneath. Choose the option you want, and your video will automatically rotate as you make a selection.

transform box and options

Step Five: Save& Close

After getting a satisfactory result, select Save. After saving, to go to the main VLC interface, select Close.

save button

Part 2: How to rotate video in Windows Media Movie Maker?

VLC won’t give you a similar result when operating the same rotated video on another platform. Also, you can only get the Windows Media Player to rotate video for Windows 7 and 10, but not in Windows 8.

Thus, you can choose the Windows Movie Maker rotate video option to rotate your video in the right direction and save it the proper way so that you can share it upright. To permanently turn the video, this is the best way. For all those who don’t have Windows Movie Maker, you can install Windows Live Essentials and note the steps below.

Step One: Add Videos

Open Windows Movie Maker. Drag and drop your video. Or you can use the Add videos and photos in the Home toolbar.

adding videos to wmm

Step Two: Rotated Customization

Within the Home tab, scroll to the right to the Editing options.

rotating video left or right in wmm

Step Three: Preview Rotation

Depending on your video’s original orientation, click “Rotate left” or “Rotate Right.” Continue rotating until you find the correct direction.

previewing rotation changes in wmm

Step Four: Save Movie

After rotating your video correctly, click on the “File Icon” found in the top right-hand corner of Windows Movie Maker. Click “Save Movie.”

saving movie in wmm

Step Five: Saving Rotated Video
Windows Media rotate video has various ways to save your video. The easiest way to save is in For Computer.

You can choose another format for sharing. After choosing your format, you can save your video somewhere on your PC.

saving your rotated video in wmm

Step Six: Open the Final File

After finishing, Windows Movie Maker will give you the option of viewing the rotated video Windows Media immediately by opening the folder where you saved it.

saving is complete of rotated video in wmm

Part 3: FAQs

1. Why should you rotate a video?

Suppose you recorded a video and later found it sideways or upside down, or you shot or captured at a different angle, vertically or horizontally. In that case, there is no way except rotate your video as it will be a reason for frustration when you watch it later, on PC, mobile, or any other device. In short, to make it easy for the viewers, you need to keep your videos in the perfect direction so that they won’t give trouble.

2. How can I rotate a video on Android?

While rotating videos on Android, it may not feel more accessible to you. Thus, here the tutorial is regarding Google’s Photo app, a free app to download.

Step One: Initial Set-Up

If you are going to use the Google Photo app for the first time, set your Back Up & Sync settings. The default settings are also perfect from the beginning as it provides unlimited uploads at “high quality” and upload on Wi-Fi only. Just tap “Done” to get out and start your rotation.

back up and sync

Step Two: Choose Video and Control Options

Select the video to rotate and tap to open it.

select the video

The video will auto-play after opening. If you touch the screen, the video controls will load. At the bottom of the screen, click the little pencil icon you see.

tap the little pencil icon

Step Three: Add Menu and Tap Rotate

Clicking on the icon to open the Photos edit menu where you can opt to trim. Below the video image, you can use the slider on the thumbnails.

edit menu

Now, below the screen, tap on “Rotate.”

tap rotate

Step Four: Rotate the Video

Keep tapping Rotate until the orientation is appropriate, and do a final tap on the “Save” button at the top right corner.

rotate the video

It will take a few seconds to save the videoas a copy, not overwriting the originaland you would have successfully rotated the video.

That’s it; your new correctly-oriented video is all packed and ready to go.

save the file


Finally, we are concluding our discussion regarding the rotation of videos in Windows Media Player and Movie Maker. We can guess you are excited to practice the mentioned steps and wish to get a perfect rotated video that you could watch and share without any difficulty. So, go ahead and try the above ways to rotate video on Windows Media Player/ Movie Maker and enjoy.