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  • Transfer almost all files, including contacts, WhatsApp chats, music, video, photos, SMS, call logs, calendar, and more between mobile devices.
  • Supports 20000+ Android and iOS devices, including the latest versions.
  • Supports selective data backup to computer.
  • Flexibly restore data through iCloud/iTunes backup.

Proven Ways for Samsung Transfer to New Phone [7 Tips]

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Android to Android, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Have you recently switched from an old Samsung device to a new one and need to move data hassle-free? I know you are looking for a reliable, efficient, versatile, perfect, and easy way for Samsung data transfer, including contacts, texts, and photos. Then today’s guide is the right one for you. Let’s know about each app in detail with the features it offers to make your transferring process more effortless. Please scroll down and stay with us.

Part 1: Proprietary Samsung data transfer apps

When you select a proprietary Samsung data transfer app to transfer your Samsung device’s data, you will get an incredible experience. So, which Samsung file transfer app will be perfect for you among the various options available on the Internet?
Check out our listed two best Samsung transfer apps and choose.

1. Samsung Accessory Service

Samsung Accessory Service provides an excellent solution to use its various features to move Samsung data to a new Samsung phone by connecting the accessories to your phone device. Samsung Accessory Service transferring file allows you to use with the accessories like GALAXY Gear, Gear 2, Gear S Series, Samsung Gear Fit 2, Samsung NX-1, and Galaxy Watch Series when connected with a mobile device. You can easily make a connection and method to send and receive data with Samsung Accessory Service.


  • Compatible with various connectivity environments including Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Camera Manager Inst.
  • Easy connection setting for sending or receiving data.
  • Make the usages of accessories with your device efficiently via manager applications.
  • File transfer app without the requirement of PC.

Samsung accessory service

2. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch can do Samsung data transfer, including music, photos, contacts, text messages, calendar, and device settings, and so onto your new Galaxy device. Smart Switch allows you to get your favorite apps on Google Play. It also suggests similar ones. This Samsung data transfer app lets you transfer your device’s data wirelessly and with wire via a charging cable and a USB connector.


  • Transfer almost all data types, including music, photos, call logs, text messages, and device settings.
  • Perform wireless transfer for Android version 4.0 or higher.
  • It helps wired transfer for versions like Android 4.3 or higher with the help of a charger cable and a USB connector.
  • Allows importing data from Apple ID or iCloud.
  • Transfer on PC/Mac using iTunes.

samsung smart switch mobile

Part 2: Other Samsung transfer apps to new phone

Apart from proprietary Samsung data transfer apps, you can choose other Samsung transfer apps to a new phone to transfer your data from the old Samsung device to your new updated one. We have brought some best and simplest apps for you to make your transferring process easy.

1. MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

MobileTrans – Phone Transfer allows transferring your Samsung phone data in devices like iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Though all devices have are different operating systems, MobileTrans makes all processes easy by coping with each system while transferring without a hiccup. It allows you to teansfer17 data types, including videos, photos, music, contacts, text messages, calendar, and so on.

For Windows usages, the Phone Transfer plan requires $29.99 for a year, and for Mac, the Phone Transfer costs $39.99. With this plan, you can transfer photos, music, contacts, and more Samsung phone data transfer.


  • 3X faster-transferring speed compared with Bluetooth or Apps.
  • Maintain security with no Wi-Fi connection.
  • It supports up to 17 data, including photos, messages, apps, music, contacts, and more.
  • Allows over 8000 mobile devices to transfer data such as Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • For transferring data, it doesn’t ask for resetting devices or deleting original data.

mobiletrans phone transfer

2. Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer

Gihosoft Phone Data Transfer helps transfer videos, music, photos, contacts, call logs, and calendars to your new Samsung device without any loss in content and actual quality. You can quickly backup your phone contents to your computer with this Samsung transfer app. You can restore backups to any Android or iOS device.

Gihosoft offers Personal License for a lifetime duration for one computer and six devices at $19.95 that allows you to transfer data among iOS, Android, iTunes, and PC.


  • Transfer videos, music, photos, contacts, texts, call logs, and calendars between devices.
  • Without any quality loss, move data between Android and iPhone devices.
  • Risk-free transferring, no personal information leakage, and file content loss.
  • Backup Samsung data to your computer and restore those backups to any other devices.
  • Allows selective file transferring to save time.

gihosoft mobile phone transfer

3. Samsung Data Transfer

Samsung Data Transfer works perfectly when you desire to do Samsung transfer data to a new phone. It works with smart devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, ZTE, OPPO, LG, Huawei, and is fully compatible with major service providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. You can freely transfer data such as videos, music, photos, contacts, texts, call logs, apps, and so on, back up your data, restore them, and transfer them to your desire device.


  • Transfer data such as videos, music, photos, apps, contacts, text messages, documents, etc.
  • It doesn’t overwrite, modify, or damage the phone data without permission.
  • 4 modes of transfer; Android to Android, iOS to iOS, Android to iOS, and iOS to Android Transfer;
  • Read and move data with the effective preview action.
  • Free from corrupted files and no risk of personal info leakage.

samsung data transfer

4. PhoneTrans

PhoneTrans links iOS and Android systems for transferring. This Samsung smart transfer solution makes the process within one click. You can transfer data and files freely across devices like iPad, iPhones, Android devices, and tablets of different brands. PhoneTrans allows three device-to-device migration solutions that help to transfer data directly between devices with a few clicks.

PhoneTrans includes a 1-year plan (subscription product) with automatically renewed yearly. It consists of five devices and one computer at $35.99 for one year.


  • Transferring data with the simplest interface from phone to phone as you like.
  • Switch across devices like iPhone, iPad, and up to 20,000 Android devices for free.
  • Supports over 32 iOS and over 12 Android Samsung data.
  • Samsung data transfer from an old phone, Google Account, existing backup, iCloud, and iTunes library.
  • Migrate with simple clicks and clone data easily.


5. PhoneCopy

PhoneCopy will offer you a unique way to Samsung file transfer and provide you the best experiences, backup your data, and synchronize them. As a result, you won’t lose your valuable and vital data. It works for most types of devices. Apart from backing up your data, you can edit, categorize, manage, and archive them on your profile at any time. With PhoneCopy, you are allowed to recover the removed data from the archive files. After then, you can directly upload it back into your phone.


  • Contact backup automatically or manually restores and synchronization backup.
  • Transfer your backup of existing data to another device.
  • It allows synchronization between more than one device.
  • Recover deleted data archive and restoration
  • Export and import contacts from Thunderbird or Gmail, or Outlook in a vCard form.



Thus, we are at the end of our discussion regarding the solutions for Samsung data transfer to a new phone. We believe our article will help you choose your most preferable Samsung data transfer app, and that will help you get a fantastic result after transferring process.