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All You Need to Know About Samsung Phone Data Recovery in 2022!

Aug 17, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data

Your Samsung mobile device can be a gift or a bane. Mostly, it’s an ideal companion. But once you’ve lost your important data, it becomes an utter source of panic and dismay. Several reasons can cause this data loss. Those include formatting or accidental file deletion. And some are despite anyone’s control. For example, certain apps can get rid of cache to free up your phone’s internal storage, but they may unpredictably delete particular data. In addition, viruses may destroy your SD card, and a system crash can delete other crucial files. The condition gets even worse if you haven’t done any backups.

However, we’ve mentioned everything about Samsung phone data recovery, including the top-rated tools/software, ideal factors, and other related facts for the same purpose.

Part 1: What is the top-rated software to recover deleted files from Samsung phones with the highest recovery success?

First of all, you must consider that when you remove anything from your Samsung device, the files do not get removed suddenly; they will get replaced with the following file uploaded on your device. Provided that you haven’t inserted any data into your Samsung phone, it is easy to perform Samsung phone recovery.

We want to recommend Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (Android) as the best tool on the market for the top-rated software for Samsung phone data recovery. This valuable program is supportive with 6000 plus devices and helps recover/restore various types of Android lost/deleted data within a few minutes. For this purpose, you must consider the advanced scanning technology implemented by Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (Android) to analyze the data loss scenario and the original data lost during the process. Moreover, you are only required to perform the three steps below for ultimate Samsung phone data recovery.

Steps to recover deleted files from Samsung phone via Dr. Fone-Android Data Recovery:

Step 1: Once you launch the Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (Android) on your PC, connect your Samsung phone to your PC. Then, follow this procedure.

install drfone

Step 2: After activating USB debugging, Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (Android) will then identify your Samsung phone. Then, confirm the request, followed by clicking “Allow.” Next, you have to select the kind of Samsung data you want to restore. On the following window, select the option “deleted files.

select data types

Step 3: Click on the data content you desire to recover, and then hit the Recover tab. Your data will be back where you want them to be – in your Samsung phone!

recover deleted files drfone

Part 2: What are the main factors causing Samsung phone data loss?

Clean-up apps degraded

Have you installed a clean-up app? Unfortunately, this might be the offender. Generally, clean-up apps clear your unwanted data and cache from your Samsung mobile, but sometimes they delete and backfire the incorrect data as well. Similarly, an antivirus method might also remove non-corrupted videos, images, and other essential files.

Files removed while transferring content from your computer

When you connect Samsung mobile to a computer and accidentally tap the ‘format,’ your PC might mistakenly remove all the files on your phone and memory (SD) card. Your computer’s antivirus solution might also delete non-corrupt data.

Data mistakenly deleted from your phone

When your child is playing with your Samsung device, they might cause chaos on your saved files. For example, they can hit the ‘select all’ button in your data selection window and delete everything!

Part 3: Can I use Find My Mobile to recover deleted files from a Samsung phone?

No, it’s a feature to look for your lost Samsung phone specifically. Samsung added this feature so that users can quickly locate the lost Samsung mobile phone, lock the screen, and block it to Samsung Pay. And, it also offers other protection to the lost phone. Most importantly, it assists you in data backup kept on your device to Samsung Cloud. So, it can be an available way to recover deleted photos from a Samsung phone. But it only runs when you have set up a Samsung account on your mobile phone, which has allowed Google to extract your location information.

Step 1: Go to Samsung’s official website and hit the Find My Mobile button. Or directly visit the official website of Find My Mobile.

Step 2:

  • Sign in to your Samsung account that you’ve operated on your broken Samsung > Connect via USB, and KIES will allow you access to your lost data.
  • Choose the data to back up.
  • Retrieve them on your Samsung Cloud.

Part 4: How to recover deleted files from a Samsung phone via AutoPlay

The last way you can try for Samsung phone rescue is to use the AutoPlay feature. Yet, this way is not running if you have not turned on the USB debugging option before the screen gets damaged. Also, it only helps you restore various document files and multimedia, and thus, it can assist in recovering photos from a Samsung phone. If you want to retrieve contacts, text, call history, WhatsApp conversations, etc., you have to refer Wondershare Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (Android) to the entire Samsung phone data recovery.

Step 1: Connect your Samsung mobile to your PC via a USB cable.

Step 2: AutoPlay will come up on the window when your device gets identified; tap the “Open folder to view files” option.

Step 3: Choose the media content you want to retrieve and drag or copy it to the PC.

So, this method can be helpful for Samsung’s photo recovery lost phone.

Part 5: How to avoid data loss scenarios on Samsung phones?

Back up your data – Want to avoid Samsung data recovery in the future? The easiest solution is to backup your info onto a PC or hard drive. Don’t trust that your crucial files are entirely secure on your Samsung phone without backup.

Install Dr. Fone – Android Data Recovery – If you are ready for accidental data loss, you will never have to panic and face the anxiety, stress, and panic again. Dr. Fone – Android Data Recovery is an easy solution that lets you get out ahead of the potential loss of important info and helps recover photos from a Samsung phone.

Awareness is critical – The more you know about your mobile device, the less likely you will mistakenly remove essential files. Destroyed, improperly used, or mishandled Samsung devices are more likely to lose data.

Keep it secure in good hands – Many people pass their mobile devices off to their kids and allow them to play with these phones for hours unsupervised. Once your child has your phone, it is elementary to delete images, music, contacts, and critical texts. Always keep your eye when they are playing around with your phone.


If you have ever accidentally removed essential information from your Samsung phone, remember – you are not alone. You can use several methods for Samsung phone data recovery, and more importantly – there are various tips that you can prevent this from occurring in the future.