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A complete Guide on Shotcut Video Editor & Its Alternatives

by | May 19, 2021 | Cut Videos, Popular Video Editor Software, Video Creation Solution

Shotcut video editor is a fantastic video editor that provides incredible results and a great experience because of its rich features. This editing platform has various advanced options to create and edit your clips professionally. Are you a video editor professional? Want to create and edit gorgeously for your Linux device or Mac or Windows? Or are you a beginner? Want an easy tool for video editing? Don’t worry. In both cases, the Shotcut editor is the best choice. It has pro-level features with a modern and straightforward interface to give an outstanding outcome on any device. Today, we have a lengthy discussion regarding Shotcut. We will provide some alternatives to easily compare and understand why this platform has better advantages to getting better experiences. Let’s start!

Part 1: What is Shotcut video editor?

Shotcut video editor is one open-source video editing platform designed to help businesses of all sizes available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. You can easily add audio, video, and editing filters and effects from its vat collections to create visual content with Shotcut editor. Shotcut enables you to use various audio filters too. It offers filters like downmix, bass and treble, high pass, expander, copy channel, and swap channels to mix sounds across tracks. Shotcut cross-platform video editor will allow you to get your videos, audios, and images in formats via FFmpeg.

With the Shotcut transitions option, its tools offer you overlapping shots to cross-fade audio and video dissolve transitions. It has a non-linear timeline for multiple video tracks editing. It also allows you to use thumbnails and waveforms for tracking two or various timelines. It will enable composing numerous file formats. OpenGL GPU-based processing assists scrubbing and transport control. From the essential tool like Shotcut crop video to add transition, Shotcut works amazingly.


Part 2: Features of Shotcut video editor

Here are some exclusive features of Shotcut:

  • It provides cross-platform support to Shotcut Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • Audio features: It allows audio scopes, including peak meter, waveform, loudness, and spectrum analyzer. You can easily control volume.
  • Audio filters: It includes balance, compressor, delay, bass and treble, band Pass, expander, copy channel, high pass, limiter, downmix, noise gate, gain, low pass, invert, normalize: two pass, notch, pitch, pan, reverb, swap, and normalize: one pass. Also, mix audio across all tracks.
  • Fade in and out: From and to black with easy-to-use fader controls, Shotcut fade out and in audio and fade video on the timeline. By overlapping shots on the same track, this platform allows cross-fade audio and video dissolve transitions Shotcut easily.
  • Auto-rotate: Shotcut rotates video easily in every angle by simply tapping on the surface.
  • Shotcut Chroma Key: Advanced, simple, Chroma Key Shotcut hold, color grading, contrast, corner pin.
  • Shotcut filters of Alpha Channel: Audio light visualization, audio dance visualization, audio waveform visualization, and blend mode.
  • Blur: Box, exponential, Gaussian, low pass, pad, choppy, brightness.
  • Shotcut crop: Shotcut cut a video in the form of a circle, rectangle, elastic scale, distort, glitch, dither, flip, and grid.
  • Shotcut green screen: Get two filters to green screen Shotcut. Chroma Key Simple and Chroma key Advanced.
  • Shotcut video effects: Video compositing, Shotcut transition effects allow three ways of color wheels, including shadows, mid, and highlights for color correction and grading.
  • Shotcut reduces noise: HQ3DN, wavelet, smart blur, quantization, and RGB shift.
  • Shotcut adds subtitles and text: Rich, simple.
  • Shotcut speeds up video effect for audio and video: Shotcut Slow Motion – Slow down or fast.
  • Video scopes: Histogram, waveform, vectorscope, RGB parade and waveform, and zoom.

Part 3: Best alternatives to Shotcut video editor

1. Openshot

OpenShot video editor is an easy-to-use platform that is quick to learn and wonderfully a powerful video editor. OpenShot is a cross-platform video editor. It is available for operating systems; Windows, Linux, and Mac. OpenShot works as a trimmer, slicer to quickly trim down your videos and find those perfect moments. It offers many powerful animation frameworks that you can fade in and out, bounce, slide, and add these animations to your video project. Its available features allow video effects engine, removing the background, inverting the colors, adjusting brightness, etc.

openshot video editor

2. Davinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an all-in-one video editing platform for professional video editors. Its elegant, modern but straightforward interface is fast to learn and easy even for new users with its wide range of features. It includes color correction, visual effects, filters, audio post-production, color correction, motion graphics, and many advanced features. It has plenty of features with excellent controlling capability that amazingly helps you combine professional 8K editing. You can shuffle between multiple transitions, colors, and edits simply by clicking a few steps.

davinci resolve

3. Lightworks

Another Shotcut editor  alternative is Lightworks, one of the famous and well-known video editors. It has been widely for film editing and used on many of the finest films in the history of movies, including Pulp Fiction, Road to Perdition, The Wolf of Wall Street, The King’s Speech, LA Confidential, Hugo, Heat, and so on. It is a craft-editing tool that provides a comprehensive feature-set with new import and export capacity to enhance frame-rate and format flexibility. It is now easier than before to work with Lightwork to create and edit and get block-busting results.


4. Blender

Blender offers built-in video sequence editing facilities. It allows you to perform elementary actions like video cuts and splice and can be an alternative to Shotcut trim video facility. With Blender, you won’t find more complex tasks like video masking or color grading. It will offer you a live preview, chroma vectorscope, luma waveform, and histogram displays. You will be allowed to mix audio, sync, scrub, and visual waveform. It has about 32 slots for adding videos, images, and audio.


5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is by far the most trending industry-leading video editing platforms. It offers options for TV, social sharing, and film as well. It provides excellent creative tools and integration that attaches with other apps and services and helps in making polished films and videos. From any device, you can create and edit new projects with Adobe Premiere Pro. You can focus on your story and integrate workflows to save time with Premiere Pro.

adobe premiere pro

6. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is an open-source video editor. This project has been built on Qt and the KDE Frameworks libraries as well. KdenLive is a non-linear, easy-to-use video editing software that is best for multi-track tasks. It has a timeline and supports an unlimited number of videos and soundtracks in batch mode. Based on the MLT framework, Kdenlive relies on many other open-source tasks includes movit, FFmpeg, sox, ladspa, etc. It has been designed in a great way to do jobs from basic video editing to professional work.



Finally, we have completed providing you a full guide of Shotcut video editor with features. We also mentioned some alternative video editing software for Shotcut to make you understand the difference. So, while using the best video editor, Shotcut, we hope you will enjoy the whole process and get the best result.