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Must to Know Slow Motion Video Maker PC/ Online/ Android/ iPhone

by | May 6, 2021 | Special Effects Video Editor, Video Creation Solution, Video Editor for Business and Life

Isn’t it a beautiful combination of a video with slow-motion effects and a very cool music background? If you need to attract more focus of the audience on a particular portion of a video, it is an excellent idea to make it slow. You can find various applications and software for your PC, Android, and iPhone or use some online tools to do slow-motion work. These tools have multiple functions and are helpful as slow-motion video makers. You will find various sources of apps and software that claim to have a slow-motion process, but you may rarely find all the necessary features for making a perfect slow-motion video. We are trying to reduce your time and efforts and hence, arranged this article to find out the perfect slow-motion video marker.

Part 1: Slow motion video maker online


1. Clideo

Clideo is a very well-known video maker where you get all the available features to make incredible videos. Clideo possesses all sorts of tools like trim, crop, rotate, flip, and so on. Here, Clideo is a slow-motion video maker online that lifts your video by making its speed slow down or speed up. It includes features like stop motion, meme maker, video speed editor, etc. You can select your video, add music and increase or lower the speed according to your requirement. You can make it very fast or very slow as it has the option to increase and decrease the speed level.




  • Change the speed of a video hassle-free.
  • Share option to Facebook, Stories, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter.
  • Trim and crop any part of a video online easily.
  • Create videos by using videos, photos, GIFs, and audios.
  • A stop motion movie from any video clip.
  • Reverse effect to any video.

2. Kapwing

For creating images, videos, and GIFs, Kapwing is a great platform. If you need a perfect creator, Kapwing is the best slow-motion video maker online tool that goes well with all kinds of content. You can manage all assets at one workplace of Kapwing with an account. In Kapwing, all you need to do is upload selected videos, slow it to an expected level with sliders, and share your finalized work or download/store it.



  • It facilitates maintaining the speed of video.
  • For free 250MB, for pro 2GB file upload limit.
  • Export videos for free up to 7 minutes, for pro up to 1 hour long.
  • Pro version, premium features for advanced features.
  • Edit and store all content.
  • Make content private.

Part 2: Slow motion maker for PC


1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora video editor is our first slow-motion video maker for PC, a dedicated program for editing audio and video. You will find integrating options and tools to create your videos in slow motion, such as volume and speed, contrast, brightness, or color saturation. Wondershare Filmora enables users to create incredible videos efficiently with many features that help them design styles, customize the video with filters and elements. With Filmora, you will cover all the basic video editing, speed managing, color grading, audio ducking, and keyframing.

wondershare filmora


  • 4K editing support.
  • Split cuts, crop, trim, merge, rotate, and trim.
  • Keyframing, audio ducking, and filters.
  • Noise removal and color tuning.
  • Advanced text editor, audio mixer, and an audio equalizer.
  •  Video stabilization and scene detection.


Twixtor is a more accurate comparable plugin that is 100% compatible with several software programs. It offers various features to the users to create incredible videos that suit them. Twixtor offers fantastic visual effects and customizable designs, and the option of add-ons lifts the functionality even more. Twixtor is a great slow-motion video maker that will deliver you the awesome slow-motion video with faster acceleration than you could imagine!



  • Timewarp warping and interpolation of frames.
  • Interlaced material s processing.
  • Stretching of a sequence.
  • Key framable retiming.
  • 8 and 16 bits per channel processing.
  • Add/remove motion blur, as appropriate.

Part 3: Slow motion maker for Android/iPhone


1. Slow Motion Video FX for Android

If you are searching for an Android device app, undoubtedly Slow Motion Video FX is one of the best slow-motion video maker apps for you. It allows you to record videos and convert your existing videos into slow motion clips with speeds between 0 and 1. If you choose the option higher than 1, it will help you rush your video faster that can be useful to create hyper-lapse. Additionally, you can add sound and video filters to your clips!

slow motion fx for android


  • Slow-motion leveling options (0 to 1).
  • Audio library to add it in background.
  • Hold video s specific portion.
  • Time-lapse and stop motion.

2. Slow Motion Video FX editor for iPhone

For iPhone, Slow Motion Video FX editor is available as well recognized as an advanced slow motion and fast motion video editor. You can control your video s speed and apply features like slow motion, time-lapse, and stop motion as desired easier and quicker. Alongside, you can control the speed of video clips at a particular scene and add music or voiceover to video clips.

slow motion fx for iphone


  • Speed up to 240fps (12x) faster or slower.
  • Speed control options.
  • Adjust the speed of frames.
  • Add music on video and high-resolution video.

Now, do you agree that making slow-motion videos is just a piece of cake? How can you miss such slow-motion video creator options that make your task easier? So, with no delay, pick up a tool, and let the process begin!