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[Solved] How to Backup iPhone and Restore to New Phone In-built/Third-Party Tool

by | Aug 21, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions

If you’re a lover of iPhones, you’d agree that with new iPhone models, there comes the need to transfer data if you’re considering purchasing a new iPhone. However, switching to a new iPhone can be daunting if you don’t know how you’d move your treasured iOS data from your old device to your new iPhone. You equally don’t want to lose any of it! Being a tech mobile industry giant, Apple already fixed the problem beforehand by providing in-built solutions to seamlessly ” backupiPhone and restore to a newphone ” via iTunes, Quick Start, and iCloud. These tools make it easy to transfer iOS data, Messages, Contacts, Calendars, WhatsApp, Photos, Voice memos, Reminders, Safari bookmarks, etc. Third-party tools also exist that allow you to ” backup and restore data to a newiPhone.

Let’s now discuss possible ways to ” backup an iPhone and restore it to a new phone ” using in-built and third-party tools.

Part 1: In-built Ways to Backup iPhone and Restore to New Phone

Before you consider downloading an iOS data transfer tool, you should consider using two Apple in-built ways to ” backup the iPhone and restore to the new phone. ”

1. iTunes

iTunes is one of the oldest ways of transferring iOS data to a new iPhone. With iTunes, you’re sure to restore contacts on new iPhones as well as other iOS data types. Ensure that you perform an iTunes backup of your old iPhone to enable you to restore the data to the new iPhone. Follow this 3-step guide to backup iPhone and restore to the new phone using iTunes:

Step 1: Open iTunes on your PC > Use a USB cable to connect the iPhone to the PC > Open the Device tab and select Summary from the menu > Select This Computer from the Backups column > Hit Backup Now.


Step 2: Connect the new iPhone to the same PC > Open iTunes  > Click the Device tab > Click Restore Backup, then select the particular backup file you want to restore. If you have multiple backup files, ensure you’re selecting the right one by checking its file size and date.


Step 3: When prompted, enter your password to unlock the backup file if it is encrypted. When the process is finished, complete the remaining steps on your new iPhone to restore the backup file.

2. iCloud

iCloud is another in-built tool for those looking to iPhone restore backup to a new phone. Use these three steps to backup and restore to new iPhone:

Step 1: Make an iCloud backup of your old iPhone.

If your iPhone runs on iOS 10 or later, open ” Settings, ” click on the ” Apple profile ID, ” hit ” iCloud, iCloud backup, ” and ” Back Up Now. ”

For iOS 9 iPhones or later versions, open ” Settings, ” hit ” iCloud, ” tap ” Backup, ” Toggle on the ” iCloud Backup, and then hit ” Back Up Now.

Step 2: Power on the new iPhone you want to restore a backup to > Select your language > Connect to an active Wi-Fi network > Set-up either a Touch or Face ID and create a passcode for it.

Step 3: ” On the Apps and Data interface, select ” Restore from iCloud backup ” from the list of options.


Part 2: Third-Party Tools to Backup iPhone and Restore to New Phone

Here are modern, efficient, and reliable third-party tools that you can seamlessly use to backup iPhone and restore to a new phone:

1. MobileTrans Phone Transfer

With MobileTrans – Phone Transfer, you can recover data from iCloud backup files, transfer social media applications, and move other valuable data from an old phone to a new phone. Use this desktop software to ” restore contacts on a new iPhone, photos, videos, messages, music, etc. Transferring WhatsApp together with your messages and chat history is possible with Wondershare MobileTrans. Selective data backup of your iOS or Android phone to a PC is feasible with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer. Its annual license goes for $49.99.



  • Selective data transfer between iOS and Android phones.
  • Perfect compatibility with Windows, Android, and iOS devices
  • Restore backup data from PC or Mac to mobile phones and devices
  • Android and iOS data backup to a computer without iTunes or iCloud
  • Back up, restore, and transfer entire WhatsApp history to new phones.

2. Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare UltData allows you to ” backup your iPhone and restores it to a new phone. The tool is easy-to-use and enables you to retrieve over 30 different data types such as Messages, Contacts, Calendars, WhatsApp, Safari bookmarks, Photos, etc. It also doubles as a tool for resolving iOS system issues that may need to be fixed before recovering data. ” Data backup and restore to new iPhone ” us possible with its 3 data recovery modes: iTunes, iCloud and iOS device. Purchase its yearly license for $49.95 that you can use on 5 devices and 1 PC.



  • It is compatible across a variety of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models
  • Review data before recovery.
  • Recover from iCloud, recover from iTunes, and recover from iOS device options
  • Resolves iOS system issues before starting the recovery process
  • Preview and recover only needed iOS data including Safari bookmarks, photos, etc.

3. Syncios iOS Data Recovery

It is a one-stop tool to effortlessly transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one. $34.95 is all you need to spend to upgrade to the paid version and enjoy more data transfer options. Its intuitive layout makes it easy to ” restore contacts on a new phone ” and successfully move other data types, including messages, videos, music, etc. This tool also comes in handy to manage apps on your old device and transfer them to a new one. It runs efficiently on Android 3.0 to Android 11 and iOS 9 to iOS 14.



  • Back up and restore photos, messages, contacts, videos, etc., selectively
  • Perfect compatibility with Android 11 and iOS 14.
  • One-click option to backup iPhone and restore to new phone.
  • Compress photos to the desired file size.
  • Make custom ringtones, convert audio, and convert videos.

4. EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver, a perfect replacement for iTunes, helps ” iPhone backup and restore to a new iPhone ” seamlessly. EaseUS MobiSaver makes it easy to move files from your iPhone to a PC as a backup means and transfer it back to your phone when the need arises. Its preview option means that you don’t have to worry about recovering unwanted contents from a backup file. What is more, you can perform a full backup and restore of over eight different data types, including photos, contacts, videos, calendars, etc., using this software.



  • Back up and restore iOS data from the old iPhone to a new one.
  • Recover your iOS data selectively
  • Preview iOS data contents before extracting them
  • Recover up to 8 different data types such as video, messages, photos, etc
  • Import stored iOS data from PC to iPhone/iPad.

5. PhoneTrans

PhoneTrans is a full-featured data transfer to effortlessly ” backup your iPhone and restores it to a newphone. With PhoneTrans, you can perform data transfer from an iPhone to an Android phone and vice versa. Instead of performing a complete data transfer, PhoneTrans gives you the option of preferentially selecting and recovering only the files you need, such as photos, contacts, frequently used apps, etc. Data and settings cloning of your old phone to the new one is very much possible although, this option is only available across the same platform, say iOS to iOS. You can even merge data of 2 different phones and have them adequately organized on your new phone.



  • Data transfer is possible from Google account, iTunes, and iCloud.
  • Data merging from multiple devices.
  • Cloning of settings and data of old phone to new phone.
  • Data transfer from iOS to iOS, Android to Android, and cross-platform.
  • Apps transfer from an old iPhone to a new one.

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Data backup iPhone and restore to a new phone ” is very much possible with the in-built ways developed by Apple. However, you can also resort to third-party tools to ” restore contacts to a new phone, ” as you saw in the above article.