Top 10 Subtitle Generator from Video of 2022

Feb 14, 2022 | Video Subtitles

Whether you are a YouTube or running an ad for marketing your product, you’ll need to engage the customers by your voice tune and the automatic subtitles. Adding subtitles by automatic subtitle generator in YouTube video and other videos may Skyrocket your business by enhancing your watch time. And it won’t take much of your time and energy as in this artificial intelligence world; you can avail yourself of many online and offline subtitle generators for videos to engage your viewers and audience.

Adding a subtitle to a movie is no more a secret, as you can do this within a couple of clicks through offline movie subtitle generators. All the time you can’t enjoy everything for free, you have to move towards paid option. We are here to disclose ten subtitle generators from Video, some of which are available offline and some are online. And we will give you just a clue to their subtitle generating process.

Part 1. Top 10 Subtitle Generator from Video

1. Wondershare Filmora

This video editing tool is available offline and online, but to enjoy its offline perks, you have to move toward a paid subscription. Its best among all other software because of its user-friendly interphase and offline and online availability. It not only allows you to add the subtitle manually or automatically, but you can also crop, cut or rotate the video to fit it in the best way.


Just within a couple of clicks, your video with subtitles will be ready. Import your file, click add subtitle, and then click burn file to add subtitle.


  • Available for MAC and window users.
  • Offline and online.
  • Time-based editing and timestamps.


  • The offline version is only available in the paid version.

2. YouTube – Automatic Captions

This handy tool is just for YouTubers, to be more precise. No doubt an ordinary person can also avail this handy trick to add subtitles to his Video, but it’s more convenient for YouTube than non-YouTubers. But it doesn’t subtitle videos in every language. YouTube offers some selected language to enjoy this opportunity, and if you are not that lucky person, you might have to move towards any other option.

YouTube – Automatic Captions

Find your desired uploaded Video in video manager, click edit, and click the CC option to add subtitles to your videos by this free subtitle generator online.


  • Free and easy to use.


  • It mainly works for only YouTubers.

3. – Caption Generator is one of the best video editors that is a free subtitle generator online to generate video subtitles and transcribe Video with plenty of other features. It offers subtitles in every language, unlike YouTube, which offers just selected languages. You can avail this incredible tool for your automatic subtitle generation within a couple of clicks. This online captioning tool will allow you to edit the text with proper timestamps. Then if you are satisfied with the video, you can download it with simple clicks. – Caption Generator

Go to online, upload your file, click the subtitle tool, select your language, and click auto subtitle for using this movie subtitle generator.


  • All languages for free.


  • The free version is limited to a 50MB file.

4. Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is a free subtitle generator software for offline subtitle editing of different videos and syncs out-of-sync subtitles. It works wonders, from generating a subtitle from scratch to ripping the subtitle to merge it. You can also use it for translation purposes, merge short phrases, or split the lengthy lines. Watch any YouTube video to download and install this software into your window to enjoy all of its features for free.

Subtitle Edit


  • It’s all free.
  • It’s available offline on a computer.
  • You can edit subtitles manually.
  • Remove impaired text.


  • Not fully compatible for all formats.

5. Kapwing – Beta Version

The newly released Beta-version of Kapwing offers online auto subtitle generation for free. Instead of generating subtitles automatically, you can add the subtitles manually through it, or you can upload an SRT file. It doesn’t guarantee 100% correction, but you can edit the text- the major perk.

Kapwing – Beta Version

Paste the URL of the Video or upload any file from your PC to check the reliability of the Kapwing-Beta version. Just uploading an SRT file or clicking the auto-generate option will generate the subtitle of your desired Video.


  • Timestamps and editing text option is available.
  • Add subtitle manually or automatically.
  • Can upload SRT file.


  • Not 100% correct.

6. Subtitle Bee

This subtitle generator online tool; helps to generate subtitles automatically and translate the video files to upload them on YouTube or to share it on any other social media platform. The primary perk is to add headings at different positions to help creativity flow and attract the viewers. The user friendly interface of this tool will allow you to share the video directly to social media after generating the proper subtitles.

Subtitle Bee


  • Can share the subtitled Video on different platforms.
  • Option to add manual headings.
  • Offer 120 plus other languages.


  • The free version is for limited use.
  • Offer 95% accuracy.

7. offers free and paid transcription and SRT file generation services. It doesn’t generate the subtitle in the first attempt, but you have first to generate the SRT file, and then you have to add the SRT file in the video file through the tool, which is not much difficult.

You can edit the file and add speaker recognition or anything of your choice by using Otter.


  • Offer more free trials than other free software.
  • Adding speaker recognition.
  • File editing.
  • SRT file generation.


  • Not all free and to enjoy more features we have to shift toward paid version.
  • Not 100% accurate.

8. VLC

You can add subtitles for videos on your computer with the aid of two simple conventions by using VLC video to subtitle generator. You’ll first need to name the video and SRT file the same, and secondly, you have to shift them in one folder. VLC will automatically recognize the file substile to add to the video. Instead, you can also manually add the file by pick and drop instead of placing them in one folder. Go to preference, then subtitles, and enable OSD to enjoy this feature. But you’ll probably need to install the VLSUB plugin to enjoy this feature.



  • It’s free and offline.


  • Not proper formatting and correction always.

9. Kinemaster

It’s a free or paid tool to edit videos that is available in both IOS and android apps. This subtitle generator app offers you to add manual subtitles to your videos through its built-in option, which is a time-consuming process. To avoid this nuisance, you can avail the services of any free subtitle tool to generate the SRT file for you and then upload it on Kinemaster.


Upload the file, choose language, select human or machine generation services, and import the received file to the desired video to add subtitles in Kinemaster.


  • Comparatively accurate.
  • Offers, human and machine recognition.


  • Not fully free.
  • Can’t add subtitles automatically.

10. Video Studio

You can generate offline subtitles to any video on your computer by using Video Studio, and it’s a fun way to use it. Not just subtitling, you can add a filter and overlay your video by using it. You can enjoy 30 days free trial version, and within this duration, their customer support helps in case of any trouble or query.

Download and install the software and import your file. Click the add subtitle option and check whether the subtitle is synced or not. If it does not sync, you can edit it manually.

Video Studio


  • Customer support is available even in the offline version.
  • Add filter and overlay your videos.


  • Only 30 days free version.

Part 2. FAQs for Subtitle Generator for Videos

Here are some frequently asked questions about subtitle generator for videos below. These are commonly asked by many people so they will definitely help you learn more in this topic.

How do I get YouTube to auto generate subtitles?

It’s really easy to auto generate subtitles from YouTube. Though these auto generated subtitles may not be of so high quality like manual/professional subtitles, but they do the job nicely. Here is what you can do to get YouTube to auto generate subtitles:

Step 1: Visit YouTube and you need to sign in to YouTube Studio.

Step 2: Now you can select Subtitles from the left menu bar.

Step 3: Then just click the video where you need to add subtitles.

Step 4: After that, check Under Subtitles option, and click on the More button (three dot) next to the subtitles you want to edit.

Step 5: Review the automatically generated subtitles and edit them as you want.

What is YouTube auto-generated captions?

Basically YouTube can automatically create captions for your videos by using the speech recognition technology. These captions are automatically generated and totally uses AI speech recognition.

How do I automatically generate subtitles for offline video?

As mentioned above, you can generate the subtitle for your videos not only online, but there are many handy tools to enjoy this feature offline. The best software recommended is Filmora. It’s user-friendly with many other options instead of just adding subtitles.

Can VLC generate subtitles?

Yes, it can generate subtitles; you need to install VLC on your laptop and open the video file. Click the subtitle option at the top and then click add subtitle. Quite easy!

How can I merge subtitles and video permanently?

You can merge the subtitles and the video permanently by using both offline software and online tools mentioned above. Like Filmora, there is no other software that can help you create subtitles and do much more with your videos to make them look great.


In this article, we have tried to mention all kinds of useful free subtitle generators available on the internet. The video to subtitle generators helps to make your video more compelling to stand out in the crowd. Not just on the computer, you can also avail of this service on your mobile by using subtitle generator apps. All though every software and tool has its pros and cons, we will suggest you the Filmora because of its easy-to-use interface and other handy options to edit the videos in a more fun way.