Top 10 Simple and Efficient Subtitles Video Editor for 2022 (Computer & Mobile)

Feb 15, 2022 | Video Subtitles

With the evolving advancement of technology, everything is changing around us now. Billions of people around the world watches web series, movies, reels – a giant pool of videos. It’s obvious that all of these people want to watch their favourite contents with different languages. Hence adding subtitles in a video is one of the most chosen ways. A subtitle editor is used in these videos to edit and add subtitles, their language, the speed of the subtitles with respect to the video; and most importantly the text of the subtitle. In this article, we will disclose the top 10 best subtitle editors used for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone respectively. We will also address a few questions that arise while using subtitle video editor apps.

Part 1: Top 5 Subtitle Video Editors for Windows and Mac

Let’s start with the top 5 subtitle editors for Windows and Mac

1. Filmora

Filmora is at the top of our list when it comes to video editing. There is no other software on the market that is so intuitive, user friendly and advanced like Wondershare Filmora. It’s not only the best subtitle editor but also a powerful video editor with tons of other features. It’s not only a simple to use video editor for subtitles but also a great tool to bring out best results every time from any video you create. The social import, pan and zoom, 1:1 and portrait support, camera shake, audio mixer, tilt shift, screen recording, screen detection, auto crop/resize video are some of the most amazing features that you’ll find here. There are various audio effects, video effects, transitions, title templates, elements and stickers that you can use on your videos.



  • You can edit the quality, font, and other necessary things required for the subtitle in this app.
  • This app is viable to use as a video editor for adding subtitles.
  • It can be downloaded very easily on your mac or pc.


  • Proxy set up.
  • Free version has watermarks.
  • Bearing the monthly subscription charge is a bummer.

2. Jubler

Jubler is another cool video subtitle editor. You can use various formats of subtitles in this software. In this app, subtitles are shown without any spelling errors. Jubler is also one of the most widely used apps for windows editor for subtitles. It can be used to correct, transform, and refine new subtitles or also existing subtitles.



  • Jubler can be used as authoring software.
  • It has Style editing.
  • Translating mode is available in this app.


  • To use Jubler you require the latest version of JRE.
  • You also need Mplayer to view subtitles in this app.

3. Aura Video Editor

The work of this app goes beyond video subtitles. It is designed in such a way that its software has a feature where we can create our own videos too. It supports over 30 types of formats for video input. Aura video editor has an amazing feature. We can add various slideshows of videos and subtitles. This is free trial software. The tools of this app are available in different languages.

Aura Video Editor


  • Edits can be viewed real quickly.
  • Works efficiently with watermarks and subtitles.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.


  • It supports only popular formats.

4. Videoproc

Videoproc is another easy-to-use video editor for subtitles from Digiarty. It’s also a great video editor used by many people. This app has a particular audio editing and toning. This analysis mode helps you to rhythm the subtitle with sound effects. It has various features like blend move, green screen, transitions, etc. It has brilliant effects. These effects can control video audio subtitle coordination. It later enhances the subtitle quality for viewers.



  • Only full GPU accelerated software.
  • Processes large audios and videos very easily.


  • Doesn’t load files very fast.
  • Sometimes there is a technical glitch while exporting the project.

5. AHD Subtitle Maker

If you want to specially create subtitles, then AHD Subtitle Maker is another coolest video editor for adding subtitles. It generates the subtitles of videos automatically. Later the user can introduce edits and changes in the subtitle. It has efficient tools like synchronization and stretching. It’s a free subtitle editor app with powerful and lightweight user system.

AHD Subtitle Maker


      • Reliable and easy to use.
      • Available software for Windows and Mac OS.
      • Beginners can find it very useful.


      • Doesn’t support advanced video editing.

Part 2: Top 5 Subtitle Video Editors for Android and iPhone

Here are the top 5 subtitle video editor for Android and iPhone

1. Kapwing

Kapwing subtitles editor is the best video editor subtitle Android app. This app allows its user to burn subtitles directly into the video with no watermarks. Kapwing subtitle editor supports a variety of files of different formats and also has the feature of various templates, resources, tools, etc. In the android app. This app doesn’t demand any charges for its use. This is an open subtitle editor app.



      • It has AI powers auto generator for subtitles.
      • Also supports SRT files.


      • Lacking a few basic features.
      • Software is ridden with bugs and a slow app.

2. Subtitle Viewer

Subtitle viewer is also one of the most widely used apps for androids and iPhones. It is very easy to use. Unlike other apps that are of video editor and subtitles. This app is specifically for the purpose of adding subtitles and features of the same.

Subtitle Viewer


      • It can play subtitles in an audio format too.
      • Text of the Current passage is highlighted.
      • Subtitle available in many languages.


      • Doesn’t play movies.
      • Doesn’t work sometimes and lags behind.
      • A feature like resuming video from where it was stopped is absent sometimes.

3. Add Subtitles – Automatic

Automatic is one of the best software for adding subtitles in a video for an iOS device. The subtitles generate automatically as the video plays. It has full automatic features. It is a very efficient video editor app. Without any difficulty, one can translate subtitles from one language to other.

Add Subtitles - Automatic


      • Reads the voice and creates subtitles automatically.
      • Perfect synchronization of the subtitle with the video.


      • Not always supports the video language with the automatic caption feature.
      • Poor audio quality and few unrecognized words.
      • It can be really slow sometimes.

4. Kaptioned

This is a subtitle cum translator app. It uses a google translator. This app has an editor interface. This interface comes with fonts, subtitle, size, subtitle, color, background color, position, etc. The large pool of menu and features is a big bonus point while using this video subtitle editor. This app auto-captions video is recorded in over 85 languages.



      • It can translate various videos with its software.


      • The app is quite expensive with no one-time payment.

5. Voicella

A new app that has entered the subtitle editing marketplace in Voicella. It is new. Hence not very complex; with features that are required for subtitle editing. It is a free app. One only needs to create his/her profile in the app. It also captions offline for specific languages like English and Russian. This is a very good service provider app. Subtitles can be modified, text can be changed and many more features are present in this app.



      • Can arrange caption offline for English and Russian.
      • Supports over 40 languages.


      • Video recording doesn’t synchronize with the subtitles.
      • Expensive to use.

Part 3: FAQs for Video Subtitle Editors

Some FAQ about video subtitle editors for you

How to synchronize subtitles with the video?

You can simply use a powerful software like Filmora to synchronize subtitles with the video.

Does the font, color, text for subtitles matter very much?

No, the quality of the language used and its similarity with the actual audio and text matters the most. Font, color, text just designs. But they do enhance the text.

How many languages of subtitles can be shared via one channel?

If you are talking about YouTube, you can add as many language of subtitles as you want. But if a user uses too many languages in a video as subtitles, then it might cause a delay in others while being transferred.

Which caption and subtitle format file are the best?

SRT, SSA, Html are some of the best format files that are used while adding subtitles in a video.


From the above list of best subtitle apps, among them, Filmora is indeed the best. As it has all kinds of advanced features that are worth mentioning including best video editor for subtitles. Video editing and adding subtitles is quite a complex process and we hope with the help of this article you have been guided through the process. From the above-mentioned apps, you can now select the app that has features and tools according to your requirements. Video subtitle and captioning allow our videos to reach people worldwide with no language barrier. So what are you waiting for? Take your pick from these apps and start working!