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Switching from Android to iPhone: Reasons and complete guide

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Android to iPhone, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Would you prefer iPhone over your Android device? You will get many benefits that maybe your Android device will fail to provide you, for example, information and user security. So, switching from Android to iPhone is a fantastic idea to stay more updated. Why? Well! You will know the complete guide regarding the reason behind switching Android to iPhone and some incredible platforms that will help you to move data from your old Android device to your iPhone without giving you any hassle. Let’s learn about it broadly.

Part 1: Why switch to iPhone from Android?

If you wish to get a new phone, people usually choose between two of the most popular operating systems. Below are a few adequate reasons why switching from Android to iPhone is a great idea.

1. The ecosystem of Apple

If you researched well, you would find that the provided range of Apple products has been growing notably. It has a wide range of products and services for different types of purposes. The devices work effortlessly together, and so you don’t need to download or install any additional applications for linking them.

2. Security of information

Apple devices are far more secure than Android devices. Android devices usually get malware and viruses from app stores. The App Store of Apple has fewer apps to offer than the Android’s, but these available apps are not the most important of the stores. Apple remains careful in selecting which app developers have achieved access to the so-called Apple ecosystem. You will hardly get apps containing malware into the App Store.

3. Apple Pay

Apple’s payment system enables making credit and debit card payments simply by using your device. It works the same as paying with a plastic card. The card is protected with Face ID, Touch ID, or sometimes with the phone’s passcode on the device. It will let you keep your payment information secure and safe. You can also use Apple Pay to make purchases in apps, shopping for clothes, reserving a luxurious hotel room, or ordering a burger. It has made that much easier for you.

apple pay

4. Get the best apps

The developers of the highest quality apps always love to favor Apple first. Most apps use the platform of Apple’s App Store as their launching platform. And they use to release their apps there much earlier than they do in the Android devices’ Google Play store. Even many apps are exclusive to iOS devices.

5. iPhones hold their core

Apple devices keep their resale value by holding their core value far better than Android phones. iPhone devices are of high-quality elements and materials. Apple phones also remain up-to-date for a long time because of having one manufacturer.

hold value

Part 2: One-click transfer to move data from Android to iPhone

If you are looking out for a one-click solution to move apps from Android to iPhone, here are the best picks for switching from Android to iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 pro max.

1. MobileTrans- phone transfer

If you keep switching Android to iPhone or switching devices, you need to move your data from old to new devices. In that case, MobileTrans can quickly transfer up to 17 kinds of data, including photos, messages, music, contacts, apps, notes, books, and so on. It supports more than 8000 devices running Windows, Android, and iOS systems. For a single-use price, it cost $19.95, and for five uses, it requires $39.95.



  • It offers one-click Phone to Phone data transfer solution efficiently.
  • Super User-Friendly interface and features.
  • Easy-to-use exceptionally and understand.


  • Its free trial doesnt offer much.
  • It may not be easy sometimes to select specific files under certain content.

2. Gihosoft phone transfer

Gihosoft Mobile Transfer helps you transfer files from Android to iPhone or even backup and restore your data. You can share all types of files, including videos, photos, music, contacts, SMS, call logs, and calendars, to an iPhone device without losing quality and content. It will be a helpful app to switch from Android to iPhone and then move files. It allows you to backup your phone data to your computer and restore backups to Android or iPhone devices.

gihosoft phone transfer


  • Backup and restore data
  • It supports a preview option and selects files you need to recover.
  • Compatible with all the latest iOS devices and versions.


  • Its trial version does not allow all data recovery.

Part 3: How to move data from Android to iPhone with APPs?

1. Move to iOS

If you are switching from Android to iPhone, you can use Move to iOS to transfer files from your Android device. Before you start moving data from Android to iPhone, you need to make sure your Wi-Fi connection is ON your Android device.

Step 1: Tap Move Data

After setting up your new iPhone device properly, check the Apps and Data screen. You need to tap on Move Data from the Android option. If you have finished the process of setting up, you have to remove your iPhone device. Then start over. If you don’t like to remove, manually transfer your content.

tap move data from android

Step 2: Open the Move to iOS

After that, you need to open the Move to iOS on your Android device. Then tap Continue. It will show terms and conditions. Read them that appears. To continue, you need to tap Agree. Click the Next found in the top-right corner of the screen named Find Your Code.

Step 3: Wait for a code

On your iPhone, click the Continue option on the screen that is called Move from Android. You need to wait for a ten-digit or sometimes six-digit code that will appear. Suppose your Android device informs you with an alert that you have a poor Internet connection. If you desire, you can ignore this notification of attention.

Step 4: Use the code

After getting the code, use the code on your Android, wait for the option Transfer Data screen to appear.

use the code

Step 5: Select your file

On your Android device, you need to choose the files you like to transfer and tap “Next.” If your shared files are available on both Google Play and the App Store, you can use them on your iPhone device.

Step 6: Set up your iPhone device

After completing the process of the loading bar on your iPhone, click Done on your Android. Then click the Continue on your iPhone device. Now, follow the onscreen steps to accomplish the setup for your iPhone device.

Step 7: Finish up

After finishing the content transferred, you can file over manually.

2. Smart Switch

If you got a new Samsung phone, you could take the help of Smart Switch Android to iPhone to move your data.

Step 1: Install Smart Switch application

You need to install the Smart Switch on both devices from the Play Store. Then select a mode of transfer to connect both. Your Wi-Fi feature should be active for this wireless transfer.

connect devices

Step 2: Select sender and receiver

Then select the source device as Android. Carefully pick which device is the sender (Android) and the receiver (iPhone).

select sender and receiver

Step 3: Code generation

On the old Android phone, you will get a one-time generated code. All you have to do is to enter on your Samsung to connect both devices.

use generated code

Step 4: Select data

After connecting both the devices, you need to select data that you like to transfer and receive on your iPhone.

select data to transfer

3. Smart Transfer

When you switch to iPhone from Android, you may wish to get your necessary data and files move from your old Android device. Lets know the guideline on how you can complete the process where you need to move data from Android to iPhone manually.

Step 1: Start processing

To move files from iPhone to Android, open Smart Transfer on both your iPhone and Android devices.

click on start

Step 2: Give time to get a code

It will take a few times to reach a code. It will appear on your device for connecting Android and iPhone devices. After getting the code, you will see a six-digit code on the box.

put the code

Step 3: Connect with your iPhone device

Using the code, connect your Android device with your iPhone device.

connect the code

Step 4: Select files

Select files and data that you want to transfer.

Step 5: Complete the process

It will take some time to complete the transferring process depending on the file size.

finish the transfer


Finally, we have reached the last point regarding the complete guide about switching from Android to iPhone. You know the proper way of using each platform discussed above to transfer your old devices files to your new and changed iPhone device. Thus, as you have all the resource material on how to go with the process, let yourself put it to practice.