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Find out How to Sync iTunes to Android in 5 Ways!

by | Jun 23, 2021 | iOS to Android, iPhone to Android, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Android and iPhone have their differences. Some Apple users might choose Android for a change. But users may not expect to lose their favorite playlist when moving from iPhone to Android. Well, if you are one of those, you would look for ways to transfer iTunes backup to Android. You don’t have to search, as we provide you with the best five ways to sync iTunes to Android so you will not miss out on your favorite songs when moving to Android.

Part 1: iTunes to Android data transfer manually


Using iTunes to Android data transfer to back up the data can be done manually via a USB cable.

Step 1: Open iTunes and check its version. If it is not the updated one, update your iTunes with the latest version available by clicking on “Help”; and then selecting “Checking for Updates.”;

itunes help update

Step 2:’Select the file to transfer from iTunes Library. As an example, if the selected folder was music, then open the Music file and choose the song to move.

itunes select song

Right-click on the selected song and choose the “Copy”; option under the popup message.

itunes song copy

Step 3:

  • Now right-click on your desktop.
  • Click on “New.”;
  • Select the “Folder”; option to create a new folder.

itunes new folder

Step 4:‘Open the new folder and right-click on it to select the “Paste”; option or use the shortcut key “Ctrl+V,”; where both will make a copy of the chosen song in this folder.

itunes folder paste

Step 5: Connect your Android mobile to your computer using a USB cable. The computer will recognize your device and display a popup message. Under the popup, choose the “Open folder to view files”; option.

itunes connect android

Step 6: Click on your Android device under the “Computer”; folder and select the “Music”; folder under the list.

itunes android music

Now by the click and drag method, select the music on the folder you have created on your desktop and drop it on the “Music”; folder under your Android device.

click and drag

Step 7:‘Now, your music will move to your Android device. Repeat the same for more music files. Once done, eject your Android device by right-clicking on your device name under “Computer”; and selecting the “Eject”; option.

android device eject

By doing the above method, you can transfer iTunes backup to Android one by one.

1. Transfer of data by this methodis a little tedious.
2. Loss of album art,depending on Android music player.
3. Time-consuming as each file is transferred one by one.

Part 2: How to transfer iTunes backup to Android in oneclick?

If you find that transferring files one by one is difficult, then try using the software packages available to sync iTunes to Android to transfer iTunes backup in one click.

1. Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (Android)

If you shift from iOS to Android, then Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (Android) will help iTunes backup to Android with a click. It also supports the backup of Android data to the computer, restoring to the device directly, supporting 8000+ Android devices, selective preview, backup, and so on. You could buy this software with a lifetime license at $29.95, allowing you to connect around five mobile devices.

dr.fone wondershare

Step 1: Phone Backup
Download to launch Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (Android). Choose “Phone Backup”; option on the features.

drfone phone backup

Connect your Android to your computer by using a USB cable. Then click on the “Restore”; option to proceed.

Step 2: Select iTunes file

On the next interface, click on the “Restore from iTunes Backup”; option, choose a file, and click the “Next”; button.

select itunes file

Step 3: Transfer

View the iTunes backup file, select the data to move, and click on “Restore to Device,”; which will backup the selected data from iTunes to your Android.

2. Syncios Android transfer

Syncios allows you to sync iTunes to Android to transfer data by using Mobile Data Transfer. It offers other facilities like One-Click Phone to Phone Transfer and Backup Phone Data to Computer which you could use when needed. You can buy this Syncios Mobile Data Transfer tool for $29.95.

syncios data transfer

Step 1:Launch

Install Syncios Android Transfer and launch it.

Step 2: iTunes Backup

Click on Phone Transfer and select “iTunes Backup” under “Restore” on your homepage.

syncios itunes backup

Step 3: Transfer

Under iTunes library, choose the one to restore. Connect your Android device and select the content to be transferred and click on “OK.”;

3. DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist acts as a music player and also helps in music sync functionality. This application makes the sync iTunes to Android process more accessible with its new and friendly user interface. You can use DoubleTwist Sync for free to sync iTunes over USB, and there is also an optional premium upgrade at $8.99 that supports wireless synchronization using AirSync.


Step 1: Download and Open

Download “DoubleTwist for Windows”; on your computer and “DoubleTwist for Android”; on your Android mobile.

Step 2: Select device

Connect your Android device to your computer using USB and open “DoubleTwist”; on your computer. Your Android device will be displayed under “Devices”; in the left pane.

Step 3: Transfer

Now you could transfer individual items or albums from iTunes to your Android by selecting and dragging them from the library and dropping them over your Android device in the left pane.

doubletwist media

Part 3: How to sync iTunes to Android with app?

Rather than a computer, you could sync iTunes to Android using a mobile application. Sync iTunes to Android free application allows syncing iTunes playlists, music, podcasts, and videos. You can store the synced files either on your internal storage or external SD card storage. This application allows organizing your iTunes music on your Android device as folders. Filtering tracks to be synced to Android is possible.

sync itunes android


Thus, now you know you can complete iTunes to Android data transfer in five ways: using a computer or a mobile phone. What are you waiting for yet? Go on and transfer data at ease.’