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[Solved] How to Add Slow Motion & VFX with TikTok Editor?

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Social Media Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

What is a TikTok editor, and what are the different TikTok effects? A TikTok editor is either the inbuilt tool or another app that helps you edit your TikTok videos. When editing TikTok videos, you can do so when recording using the inbuilt editor or find another app for post-production. This article will reveal how to add multiple slow motions in TikTokand many other widespread effects to create awesome TikTok videos.

Part 1: How to add slow motion and VFX in TikTok in-built?

1. How to add slow-mo in TikTok?

Step 1: Open TikTok and tap the “+” icon.

tap the add icon to add effect

Step 2: From the upper right corner, tap on the Speed button.
use the slow-mo effect

Step 3: You can then choose the slow-motion speed, either 0.1 or 0.5. You also have the option to speed up the video.

choose the slow-motion speed

That is about how to add slow motion in TikTok. You can also add slow motion to a post. After posting a video you wish to add slow motion to, find the video, add slow-motion, and then re-upload it.

2. How to add VFX in TikTok?

What is VFX, and how do you add it to TikTok videos? Unlike slow-motion, which is self-explanatory, VFX is an abbreviation denoting Visual Effects. That is what it stands for, and there is quite several Visual FX on TikTok. Some common ones include cloning yourself, singing a duet with friends, or even adding filters. This section will look in general at how to add VFX in Tik Tok.

a. Adding Effects before Recording

Step 1: Tap on the “+” icon.

tap the add icon at the bottom of the screen

Step 2: From the bottom left corner, tap on Effects.
tap on effects on the left-side

Step 3: From the listed effects, you can select the one you wish to use. Some of them include filters such as cats, dogs, or even other trendy effects with all sorts of funny seasonal features.
select an effect

Step 4: You can now begin recording, as the video, and the effects will appear in real-time while filming.

b. Adding Effects after Recording

Step 1: Open TikTok and tap on the “+” icon to record the video.
record a video
Step 2: On the Preview window that pops up, tap on Special Effects. It is at the bottom left corner, and available effects will appear on the screen.
find the special effect
Step 3: Select either filter or time effects and hold down the effect you wish to use. When you let go, the effect will stop. You can wait and add another effect at the end of the video.
tap and hold on the effect
Step 4: Once done, tap on Save. It is at the bottom right of the screen, and the effects selected will be applied to your video.

Part 2: Top 3 TikTok editors for Android/iOS

1. InShot

InShot is a free HD video TikTok editor. You can use it to edit TikTok videos and add VFX. Some of the effects it supports, include trim and cut video, add music, blur background. It is also a powerful photo editor, and you can even freeze a special moment as InShot is compatible for both Android and iOS.
InShot video editor
Key Features

-Complete Video Editor-Merge, Trim, and Crop videos.

-Video Transition Effects.

-Video Filters.

-Video Converter and Photo Slideshow Maker.


-Suitable for short social media posts

-Insert music and audio

-Easily edit photos and videos.


-Rendering high-quality videos can be slow

-Lacks more advanced editing functions-(VFX)

2. Magisto

Considered as Google Play Editor’s choice, Magisto is a collage and movie maker to help you create mini-movies in seconds, making it the best TikTok editor. Turn idle videos into something remarkable without a painful editing process. Magisto comes in Premium and Professional Plans. Magisto works for both iOS and Android.
Magisto video editor
Key Features

-Create photo slideshows and video collages.

-Edit and customize video clips.

-Easily share to social networks, even via email

-You can select media from your gallery or Google Photos.


-Many features and great design.

-Easy to work with for both beginner and advanced users.

-No watermark.


-Not free. You will have to purchase a plan to use the app.

-Some benefits are only available in the professional pricing plan.

3. Funimate

How to add slow-mo in TikTok has never been easier. With Funimate, you get access to advanced editing functions that help you make PRO edits instantly. Create fun edits from the elements library containing thousands of options and spice up your videos with effects and custom animations. You can also add stickers and overlays and have fun editing with the many capabilities, and importantly, Funimate is available for Android and iOS.
funimate video editor
Key Features

-Video Masks and AI Effects.


-Element Library.

-Into and Outro Effects.


-Great deal of VFX.

-Create professional videos.

-Cross-Platform and User-Friendly Interface.


-Available only in English.

-Some video editing functions require expertise


As you saw, using the TikTok editor can help you perform many editing functions. For those looking for a post-production tool with more editing functions or simply just a separate video editor, the ones mentioned above are among the best. Thus, question, how to put Tik Toks in slow motion, should no longer be an issue, as the detailed steps above will help you create slow-motion TikTok videos hassle-free!