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100% Free TikTok Official Video Editor for Computer, Subvert Your Imagination!

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Popular Video Editor Software, Social Media Video Editor, Video Creation Solution, Video Editor Reviews

You may have tried many so-called free video editing software, but they not free, which makes people feel a little frustrated. You may be using some excellent paid video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Elements, CyberLink PowerDirector 365, Videopad, Filmora, and so on. But every month, you have to spend a lot to subscribe to the product, which is also frustrating. Is there any video editing software that is genuinely free and has the same powerful functions as the market’s excellent paid software?

Yes! You may not believe it, but it is true. This product that can change the entire ‘video-editor desktop software market’ has launched! And it is 100% free. It is an official video editor developed by the TikTok company. The only fly in the ointment is that it only supports the Chinese language; however, the English version is also on the cards.

The advantages of the official TikTok Video Editor for Computer:

  1. The functions are powerful enough to be comparable to the most excellent paid video editing software on the market
  2. Excellent product design and user experience
  3. 100% free-to-use.
  4. Built-in rich resources, including sound effects, font effects, transitions, filters, etc.
  5. Seamless connection with TikTok.

Download Links: Windows Version / Mac Version

Part 1: Detailed interpretation of the functions of the official TikTok video editor for computer

TikTok has a good editing experience on mobile devices and is easy to use. At the same time, it also integrates a wealth of editing materials, editing functions and supports the collection and synchronization of music materials after being connected with the TikTok video platform. Although the editing functions on mobile are simple and easy to use, many people want to use TikTok’s editing functions on larger screen devices. The preview and operation will be more convenient and flexible with this desktop video editing software.

As the official editing tool of TikTok, can it help us complete video editing like the mobile terminal? Let’s take a look at how it works.

1. Product interface and layout

The video editor’s computer interface has three departments, the effect control area, the video preview area, and the timeline editing area. Compared with other editing software windows, the video editor is more straightforward and explicit, so the operations are all visualized. In the simple drag-and-drag process, the actual effect is apparent at a glance. Thus, there is no need to spend time to test and learn each effect.

  • Intuitive interface layout and friendly interactive operation;
  • Easy-to-use cut, copy, paste and delete operations;
  • Supports one-click split, freeze frame, reverse playback, mirror image, and rotate;
  • Supports different aspect ratios, you can create movie-like videos at will;

Summary: Simple and easy to use, clear structure, easy to use function

tiktok official video editor interface

2. Multi-track operation

On the video editor’s timeline interface, you can drag the material with the mouse to place it on a track. The ease of operation and accuracy are unmatched as you drag a finger on such a tiny mobile phone screen. On the timeline of the professional edition, we can put video, audio, text and other materials in multiple tracks. Even if you edit some more complex videos, you can efficiently deal with it, and it is not inferior to the mainstream paid editing software on the market.
Summary: Multi-track operation easily handles complex video editing
tiktok official video editor Multi-track operation

3. Rich and diverse materials

This video editing software provides a large number of materials, non-menu mode, and complete visualization, including video material library, audio material library, text material, a large number of stickers library, special effects material, rich visual transitions, and filters. You will be amazed; it’s not like free software at all and with even more material than some paid video editing software.

a. Audio

The audio window has the same functions as the mobile version, including the built-in background music. The music is archived in detail, such as TikTok popular, card point, popular, travel, VLOG, etc., click to listen to it. If you log in to your TikTok account before, you can also directly call the music collected by TikTok, isn’t it great?
tiktok official video editor audio effects

b. Text

The text subtitle window of the video editor for the computer contains a wealth of online fonts, built-in super font effects, and automatic recognition of adding subtitles and recognizing lyrics functions.
tiktok official video editor text effects

c. Dynamic stickers

The official TikTok video editor contains thousands of dynamic sticker effects, which can satisfy various themes, scenes, and expressions of multiple emotions.
tiktok official video editor dynamic stickers

d. Video effects

The video effects window also contains visual icons, and you can preview each effect by clicking with the mouse. It is very convenient and far exceeds my expectations. I keep asking myself, is this free software?
tiktok official video editor video effects

e. Transition

It visualizes all the transition effects of professional software, simplifies some professional editing techniques, and everyone can cut professional-level transition videos.
tiktok official video editor transition

f. Filter

Video color editing is the weak point of this product. Of course, this is related to its positioning and cannot provide more professional color correction, but it has a rich set of filters that you can use.
Summary: This software provides a massive variety of materials. Even though some of the materials may be available in the Chinese market, you still have many materials to use.
tiktok official video editor filter

4. High-end video creation function

a. Voice recognition

One of the video editor’s core advantages is to use AI to recognize the text in the video/audio. It is not only a voice-to-text function but also automatically aligns the text to the timeline. The video editor should be evident that this is a piece of very time-consuming, purely manual work. This software can significantly improve your efficiency.

I experience many tools for recognizing subtitles, whether paid or free; most of the experience is very poor. Either the voice recognition effect is not ideal, or the time axis is not aligned, requiring a lot of manual adjustment. The voice recognition of clipping is fast and sound, and even the desktop version is faster than the mobile version. This tool greatly exceeded my expectations.

b. Curved speed

This function is mainly to adjust the video’s playing speed in a curve, usually to align the rhythm of the music, and it seems that the overall effect is a little higher. This feature is currently only available in the Mac version.
tiktok official video editor curved speed

c. Green screen mask

The film industry widely uses the green screen mask to splice and embed another picture in the video picture, replacing the background. Hence, the mobile version naturally calls this function “picture in picture,” this function can make your creation more urgent rich, and more imaginative.
tiktok official video editor green-screen mask
Also, there are some other special features, such as the text-reading function. You can choose the tone of the comic characters. The sound will become cute in a second; the music card point function, intelligent stepping makes the video card point more efficient.

5. High quality output

This video editor supports multi-format video export and 4K HD video export; you can also set the resolution, frame rate, bit rate, and other parameters.
tiktok official video editor output

6. Customize shortcut keys

As a video creator usually needs high-frequency operations, you can customize the shortcut keys, significantly improving your editing efficiency.
tiktok official video editor shortcut keys

7. Current shortcomings

From the current point of view, the overall experience of the official TikTok video editor is perfect. It is good enough for a novice video creator, and there have been no serious problems of freezing or crashing during use. But there is still a lot of room for improvement:

  1. There is no vertical or horizontal movement function for text movement.
  2. The shadows and highlights in the color palette can only be pulled to the higher brightness, not reversed.
  3. The text does not have a copy function. It is not convenient to split the exact format text when you need to make the same format text.
  4. It is inconvenient to move the cursor position on the time axis.
  5. The time axis has an extensive zoom range, which makes it problematic to drag.

How does this product work? It would help if you still experienced it yourself.

Part 2: Product Interface Translation and Tutorials

Since this product is currently only available in Chinese, to make it more convenient for everyone to use, I translated the content of the product interface into English for your convenience.

tiktok official video editor tutorial

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software free?

Yes, this product is indeed free at the moment, and there are no ads. But whether it will be accessible in the future, it’s hard to say.

When will the English version of this product be released?

There is no relevant information at the moment. We don’t know when the English version will be released.

Are the functions of the Windows version and the Mac version the same?

Not the same. The Mac version has more functions, such as curve acceleration and green screen masking functions. Only the Mac version exists.


Amazed and eagerly waiting to try this all-new TikTok video editor on your computer? Stay tuned until the English version gets available!