How does a TikTok Video with Subtitles come about?

Mar 18, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

TikTok videos are trending like a fire, gaining popularity among users. That every one especially the young generation is inclined towards it. More specifically, TikTok videos with subtitles create a better reach worldwide users. Since, now it becomes easy and accessible to the all irrespective of region, location. Subtitles make a big difference from that TikTok videos without subtitles. If you are willing to add text to vertical videos on TikTok or proper guidelines to batch convert videos to vertical alignment, it becomes easy to share videos on TikTok. Then, the remedy comes with this article that will make it smooth for you to create videos interactive by adding subtitles and guidelines to horizontal to vertical orientation.

Part 1: How to make videos more interesting by adding subtitles?

No doubt, TikTok videos trend pretty fast. But do you know this secret that TikTok with subtitles increases visibility to the users almost ten times? Isn’t that an overwhelming figure to consider while creating TikTok videos for the users and increasing your fan following? It comes under the strategy, explicitly marketing process that will result in more views when adding text to vertical videos of TikTok.

Benefits of Adding Subtitles:

  • Acts as view booster for the videos
  • Results in promotion for company services, products, activities, events
  • More views increase sales and conversion rates
  • Creates a connection between the users, viewers, or audiences
  • Enhance the digital appearance of TikTok videos
  • Adding subtitles will increase global reach
  • TikTok videos with subtitles develop a kind of trust with product detailing
  • Enhance video sharing, among others.

How to bulk add subtitles to videos:

Now, let’s talk about an ultimate solution for bulk adding text to videos to enhance the users’ viewing experience. And your video content will carry more potential to attract users, thus creating a good board for TikTok video-making journey. So, here we go to understand how to bulk add text to videos effectively with Visdee AiDubber:

Note: In this guide, you will learn how to bulk-adding text to videos and top text to videos.

Step 1: Video and srt file

You need to put the video and the concerned srt file in a folder. The names of the file should be the same.

video and srt file

Step 2: Upload Files

Add your files into the Visdee Application.

Step 3: Dub Menu

Visit Dub Menu, select Dub Mode, and opt for the ‘Only Add SRT’ drop-down option.

add srt

There under, tick mark’ Subtitle’, set the value for the size, color, or background. If you wish, you can add more captions as per the requirement.

Step 4: Add Subtitles

Now, click the ‘Start’ button to add subtitles to the Video/Videos.

add subtitles

Thus, using Visdee, you can easily bulk-adding text to videos.

Part 2: How to change Horizontal Video to Vertical Video and Change Video Background?

TikTok videos are usually allowed only those in the vertical orientation. So in case the video recorded is in horizontal format, and you need to upload it to TikTok or any other platform or social media account, then first you need to change the horizontal video to vertical video. In this guide, you will learn how to batch convert videos to vertical and tricks to change the video background.

Step 1: Launch Visdee AiDubber

Launch the AiDubber software that will open the main interface. Choose files from the top left Open Menu.

launch the main interface

Step 2: Vertical orientation and change background

After uploading your videos, click on the Effect menu and tick on the ‘Processing’ option. Next to it, choose the ‘background image’ drop-down option as you also want to change the background. Select “Left and Right”, then click on ‘Media Folder’ to select the folder containing the required image for the background.

Following that, press Start and make your Video ready in vertical format with the changed background.

horizontal to vertical

That’s it. Following the above simple steps, you can batch convert videos to vertical format and change the video background.

Part 3: How to add GIFs to videos on Windows and Mac easily?

Now, let’s talk about GIFs. Why add GIFs to videos? Well, I want to tell you that GIFs are a great way to convey concise, interactive, and entertaining messages. They are best to express emotions with an eye-catching appearance. Watching GIFs automatically connect with users creatively. Adding subtitles to GIFs is also an interactive way to convey your message to the audience. When you search online, you will see a list of software and applications that add GIFs to videos on Windows and Mac, but not all applications result in quality output. So, exploring Visdee AiDubber to perform the task in an optimized way.

Here, you will easily learn how to add GIFs to videos on Windows and Mac systems.

Step 1: Upload video

First launch software, upload your video file into the interface. And along with that, be ready with your GIF in a separate folder.

upload video for gif

Step 2: Visit Effect and add GIF

Next, visit the Effect Menu. Click on the GIF checkbox to adjust the GIF’s positioning its duration. Then click on the GIF folder select the required one to add GIF to the Video.

add gif and settings

Once done with all the steps, define the output folder and press the Start button to finish the whole process.

Then you can check what the output video will look like after adding a GIF to the Video using above mentioned simple steps with Visdee AiDubber. The same steps will work for both Windows and Mac users.

video with gif


Creating videos becomes more fun if you add text to vertical videos and the subtitle addition process. All TikTok users always remain excited to create something new, innovative, and funny videos to gain more views. It is a bonus to your efforts if you gain insight over batch convert videos to vertical orientation and subtitle addition with Visdee AiDubber. This guide is the perfect place to solve your queries and edit your videos as per TikTok uploading criteria. So, friends, as now you are done with all the necessary pieces of equipment, get ready to add TikTok subtitles GIFs to your videos, bulk-adding text to videos, and then comes out with compelling TikTok videos.