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In-built & Third-party Solutions to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Android to Android, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

After switching your old device to a new one, are you facing complexity to move contacts from Android to Android? The developed technology has made transferring connections easier. On the Internet, you can find innumerable ways to move contacts between Androids seamlessly and effectively. Are you confused about choosing a suitable one? Throw your tension away as we provide you with some fantastic in-built methods and applications that will offer you the best and flexible features to share contacts from Android to Android easily.

Part 1: In-built ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android

You can choose perfect and flexible in-built ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android when it comes to files. In-built methods provide you the security and give the transferring process much priority.

1. Google Contacts Sync

You will move contacts from Android to Android by simply syncing your existing Google backup contacts. Follow the simple steps below for the transferring process.

Step 1: Add your Google account

If you don’t have a Google account, add a Google account to the source device. Go to Settings >Select Accounts > Add your account> Choose Google. Sign in to the Google account and enter your account.

Step 2: Enable Sync Contacts

Go to Settings >Click on the Accounts >Go to Google> Enable “Sync Contacts.”

Step 3: Sync your contact list to your Google account

On your destination device, you have to add the same Google account that you have used before. Then go to Settings >Select Account > Enter on Google option>Tap on the “Contacts” from the list of Google Backups. Tap the “Sync Now.” After that, your contacts will be transferred automatically to the destination device.

sync contacts

2. VCF File

When you cannot remove your SIM card or have many contacts available on your Android device, you can easily share contacts from Android to Android via a VCF file. It is a valuable process because it allows you to transfer all your contacts at once using an email attachment. Follow these simple steps below and get your desire result using a VCF file.

Step 1: Export the contacts

On your Android, open Contacts, tap on the three dots found at the top menu, select Manage Contacts, and Import/Export contacts to click Export the connections. These stored files will be in the internal storage of the device with the default filename “Contacts.vcf”

Step 2: Send an attachment

After transferring all the contacts, search for the “Contacts.vcf” file on your device. Then, tap for sending it as an attachment to your Gmail address.

Step 3: Login and download

Log in to your Gmail on the destination device> Download the VCF attachment

Step 4: Manage contacts

Open the Contacts App> Go to Menu>Tap on Manage Contacts.

Step 5: Begin the transferring process

Click on Import/Export Contacts >Go to Import VCF file> Select the VCF file you have downloaded to your email. Now, to transfer contacts from Android to Android, tap on OK. The process will start.

import your contacts

3. SIM Card

If the SIM card on your device is removable, you can still copy contacts from Android to Android. First, copy all the connections to the SIM card, insert them into the other device, and then move all stored contacts. Then, follow the simple step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Go to the Menu

On the source device, open Contacts and then tap on the three vertical dots found at the top Menu.

Step 2: Export contacts to the SIM card

From the options, select Manage Contacts>Import/Export Contacts>Export Contacts, and choose a SIM card

Step 3: Insert the SIM card into the destination device

After transferring all your contacts to the SIM card, you can remove the SIM card. Insert this same SIM card into your destination device

Step 4: Select “Import from SIM Card” and start the process

Open Contacts on the destination device, and go to Menu>Choose Manage Contacts >Import/Export Contacts>Import from SIM Card. Until all the contacts are transferred, keep the devices connected to your computer.

import from sim card

4. Bluetooth

You can choose the Bluetooth option to transfer contacts from Android to Android. This process is easy if you can connect both devices via Bluetooth. Check out each step regarding the transferring process via Bluetooth.

Step 1: Select the Share icon

Open the contacts app on the Source device, then tap the three dots “Menu”> Select Share icon.

Step 2: Select Share name card via

Tap on the “Import/Export.” Before selecting the contacts you want to transfer, select “Share name card via.” For moving all, check “Select All” and see the sharing options.

select all or some of them

Step 3: Choose the Bluetooth option

From the options, select and enable Bluetooth. Ensure that on both devices, Bluetooth is enabled.

Step 4: Start transferring process

Then allow Bluetooth and scan for devices within the range. When it appears, select the destination device. After pairing successfully on both devices, your transferring process of contacts will begin immediately.

Part 2: Third-party apps to transfer contacts from Android to Android

Want a smoother and faster solution to transfer contacts from Android to Android? You should try some best third-party apps to accomplish the task. Which app will serve you most perfectly? Well! We have gathered some best third-party apps with a perfect plan, including price, to provide you the answer. Let’s check them.

1. Dr. Fone – Phone Transfer

Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer will make your transferring process easier so that you can transfer contacts from Android to Android seamlessly. It offers a simple click-through process. Apart from sharing contacts, you can also move any data type between devices, including iOS and Android devices, like videos, text messages, photos, music with Dr. Fone – Phone Transfer. Select the data to transfer and start to transfer various types of data to your new device with one single click.

Dr. Fone – Phone Transfer offers a 1 Year License for $29.95 for a year duration. It allows 1-5 mobile devices and 1 PC without auto-renewal.

dr. done phone transfer

2. Samsung Data Transfer

Samsung Messages Backup is an all-rounder to move your precious files and store them out of mobile devices forever. It offers you to import or export, add, organize, manage, remove or edit Android messages, including other files. You can re-send, forward, and copy text messages on your computer as well. With 1-click backup and restore feature will help you store your contacts. Samsung Messages Backup offers pro ways to backup Samsung contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, music, apps, books, and documents with zero quality losing. You will find Samsung Messages Backup compatible with almost all Android, iOS devices, Windows, and Mac.

Samsung messages backup

3. PhoneTrans

Wishing to share contacts from Android to Android, transfer with PhoneTrans as you like. It allows you to switch across devices, including almost 20,000 plus Android devices for free, and covers over 32 iOS data types and up to 12 Android data, including contact. You are allowed to move data from the old device, backup them on Google Account, iCloud, or iTunes library. With its friendly interface, migrate data easily with simple clicks.

PhoneTrans has a 1-year plan at $35.99 that will automatically renew yearly. It allows 5 Devices or 1 Computer with free updates in 1 year.


4. MobiKin Transfer for Mobile

MobiKin Transfer for Mobile helps you move data from the old phone to the new one whenever you switch to a new phone. You can share something between two different devices with MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. You can move the files like photos, videos, music, call logs, notes, contacts, text messages, books between Android and iOS devices with simple clicks. MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is a multi-functional desktop application that allows scanning and getting back the deleted or achieved data from all kinds of Android devices.

MobiKin Transfer for Mobile has a Windows Version that allows 1 PC with one year lifetime at$29.95.

mobikin transfer for mobile

5. X-Transfer

X-Transfer is a well-known application for transferring content and backup, such as private and general information and multimedia files from one device to another. In one place, you can complete the process of backing up, restoring, and syncing content to your new devices or computer for reasons of security or archival. X-Transfer is a cross-platform transfer and backup solution in various devices available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. The application supports content, including images, videos, call logs, contacts, SMS, audios, and documents—transfer contacts from Android to Android with X-Transfer.



Thus, we have completed our discussion regarding the in-built and third-party solutions to transfer contacts from Android to Android. And we know you have the answer regarding a suitable app to transfer contacts from Android to Android. So, put your knowledge into practice and move to your new Android device without inhibitions.