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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

by | Jun 25, 2021 | iOS to iOS, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

iPhones have a special place in the technology market. Now that many new iPhone models are being released, users are very excited to buy the latest model despite already owning an iPhone. If you are also a new user of iPhone12, you may be wondering how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone or how to copy contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Thus, below is a detailed description to answer “how to transfer my contacts from iPhone to iPhone?”

Part 1: Best apps to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

When it comes to the best option to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, the best-paid apps in the market offer the best outcome, including fast and secure transfer, zero data loss, privacy, and other features like WhatsApp data transfer and videos, photos, etc.

1. MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

MobileTrans is easy-to-use application software installed on your computer that helps transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. An advantage of using this software is that it allows cross-transfer of any files between two different operating systems, moving WhatsApp and other social applications and restoring data from cloud backups. The “Phone Transfer” feature allows you to transfer all contacts from iPhone to iPhone and support 8000+ devices at 3X fast speed. MobileTrans is a paid application, and pricing depends on whether your computer is Windows or Mac. For Windows, lifetime billing is $39.95.


2. CopyTrans Contacts

CopyTrans is the fastest method to send contacts from iPhone to iPhone with a price of $19.99. Besides contact transfer, backing up iPhone messages, exporting and organizing iPhone bookmarks, editing, exporting, and importing the iPhone calendar are also supported by this software. It also works if the two iPhones are connected to different Apple IDs without using iCloud. CopyTrans can be installed on your computer, and you can join the source iPhone to export all the desired contacts to a .vcf file. Then you can connect the destination iPhone to import the contacts from the saved .vcf file.

copytrans contacts

3. EaseUS MobiMover

EaseUs MobiMover is an easy-to-use app to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Due to its straightforward approach and robust data transfer is one of the best alternatives to iTunes. Additional features like back up, restore, and transfer of WhatsApp chats and attachments in Windows, transferring files between an iPhone/iPad and a PC/Mac, and back up and restoring iPhone are supported. It also supports accessing your iPhone from a computer. Once you launch this application by connecting your iPhones to your computer and clicking on “Phone to Phone,” your contacts will transfer to your iPhone. This application comes with a cost of $23.95 for Windows.


Part 2: Popular ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Thinking of how to transfer all contacts from iPhone to iPhone? Take a look at the popular ways of doing it at ease.

Technique 1: iCloud Syncing

iCloud Syncing helps you to move contacts from iPhone to iPhone without the use of a computer. The process is simple to use.

Step 1: Connect devices

Connect both the iPhones to the same Wi-Fi and log in with the same Apple ID on both devices.

Step 2: Select iCloud

In both the devices, go to “Settings” and click on the “Apple ID.” Select iCloud under the listed options.


Step 3: Enable “Contacts”

Enable the “Contacts” icon among the displayed icons.

icloud contacts

Now select the “Merge” option in the popup message.

icloud popup

The contacts in the old iPhone will now sync to the iPhone.

Technique 2: iCloud backup

Backed up your contacts and wanted to know how to import contacts from iPhone to iPhone by restoring the iCloud backup? Here is the guide to have it done.

Step 1: Backup

In your old iPhone, go to Settings and choose iCloud. Under it, select iCloud Backup, and tap on “Back Up Now.”

icloud backup

Step 2: Restore

If you have logged in to your new iPhone already, then reset it to do the following.

In your new iPhone, follow the setup sets. When you reach the “App and Data” screen, click on “Restore from iCloud backup.”

icloud restore backup

Step 3: Sign in

Now sign in using your Apple ID. Select the backup and now share contacts from iPhone to iPhone is complete.

icloud signin

Technique 3: iTunes

Are you pondering on how to move contacts from iPhone to iPhone using a computer? iTunes is a freely available desktop application that will help you back up iPhone data to prevent it from getting lost. You could use this app to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 1: Backup

Connect your old iPhone to your computer using a USB and launch iTunes. Under “Summary,” click on the “Back Up Now” option in the “Backups” section. In the “Automatically Back Up” section, select “This computer.”

itunes backup

Step 2: Restore

After backing-up is complete, disconnect the old iPhone and connect the new iPhone to your computer. Under summary, choose the “Restore Backup” option under the “Backups” section.

itunes restore

Step 3: Restore Contacts

A popup message will be displayed. Choose the file to backup and click on the “Restore” option.

itunes restore contacts

Technique 4: AirDrop

AirDrop feature available in iOS devices is a perfect match to learn how to send contacts from iPhone to iPhone wirelessly.

Step 1: Proximity of devices

Ensure that both the iPhones are kept near each other.

Step 2: Turn on AirDrop on both iPhones

Enable AirDrop on both devices. To do this, go to Settings, choose AirDrop or long-tap network group from the Control Center.

enable airdrop

Step 3: Share contacts

Now select the required contacts to be moved from the source iPhone and click the “Share” button from the top right corner to AirDrop the connections to your target iPhone.

airdrop share

Technique 5: SIM Card

Using wired and wireless techniques can be helpful, but why worry when you can send contacts from iPhone to iPhone using a SIM card.

Step 1: Export contacts to SIM card

As a first step, select the desired contacts and export them to a SIM card from your source iPhone.

Step 2: Insert the SIM card in target iPhone

Now, insert the SIM card where you have all the contacts into your target iPhone using a SIM ejector tool to access the SIM tray.

insert sim

Step 3: Import contacts

Once the inserted SIM is detected, go to “Contacts” under “Settings” and choose “Import SIM Contacts.” Now all the contacts will be available in the target iPhone, and now you can replace the SIM card with a newer SIM card if required.

import sim

Part 3: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone with different apple ID?

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone with different Apple IDs? Here we provide you with a simple way to copy contacts from iPhone to iPhone. To clarify, let the old Apple mobile have an Apple ID named “A” and the new mobile with the ID “B.”

Step 1: Turn off the “Contacts” toggle

In the old iPhone, go to “Settings” and click on your name. Select iCloud and turn off the “Contacts” toggle.

different apple id

Step 2: Delete old ID and add new ID

Now delete your account “A” on the old mobile and sign in with “B” on the same device.

Step 3: Turn on the “Contacts” toggle

Turn on the “Contacts” toggle under iCloud on the old mobile.

contacts apple id

Now “Contacts” will get synced to the account “B.” As the new iPhone is signed in to the account “B,” contacts will now appear on your new device.


Hence, now you got to know how to share contacts from iPhone to iPhone. I could bet that moving contacts from iPhone to iPhone is now an easy process for you with the best in industry tools.