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by | Jul 12, 2021 | iOS to iOS, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

If you recently got a new iPhone, you will want to transfer data from iCloud to the iPhone, especially if it’s relevant data. We got you! This article is a complete guide to show you how to transfer iCloud to new iPhone. iCloud serves as a backup for all iPhone users to keep vital information such as contacts, messages, settings, apps, media library, etc., without human intervention. Hence, if you misplace your old iPhone or get damaged or want an upgraded version of the device, you can access all your backed-up files from your iCloud account and transfer them to your iPhone.

This article provides four methods on how to transfer iCloud to new iPhone. These simple methods will help you with how to download data from iCloud to iPhone using well-outlined steps. Once you follow these guidelines, you are assured that you will not lose any valuable data from your previous device even as you use the new iPhone.

Method 1: How to Transfer Data from iCloud to iPhone via iCloud Backup

The first method on how to transfer iCloud to new iPhone is the iCloud Backup feature itself. First, you must set up iCloud Backup on your old iPhone using the steps below:

    • Click on “Settings.”
    • Select the banner for your “Apple ID.”
    • Choose the “iCloud” button.

icloud to iphone via icloud backup

    • Tap the “iCloud Backup” option, then choose the “Back Up Now” section.

back up now

  • Once the data has been completely backed up on iCloud, you can turn off the old iPhone. If you use the same SIM card from the old phone to the new one, remove it and place it in the new one.

Now that you have done your Backup, set up your new device and transfer the files to the new device using the steps below:

    • Turn on the iPhone.
    • Select “Home button” either by pressing the button or sliding up; it doesn’t matter as it depends on the version of iPhone you are using.
    • Set up your language of preference and Wi-Fi connection.
    • Choose to “Restore from iCloud backup.”

restore from icloud backup

    • Input the details of your Apple ID to enable you to log in to your iCloud account.
    • Select “Next” > “Agree” > “Agree” again to confirm.
    • Select the Backup you just did and wait for all your backed-up data to be transferred to your new device.

backed up data to new device

Method 2: How to Transfer iCloud data to new iPhone via Third-party App

The second way to transfer iCloud to new iPhone is through an excellent Third-Party transfer App like MobileTrans-Photo Transfer app. This powerful tool comes in highly recommended for its effectiveness in ultimately moving files across significant systems and devices like iOS, Windows, and Android.

MoblieTrans has many amazing features like:

  • Simple to use and accessible to everyone
  • Selectively transfer data between iCould/iTunes and Android/iOS Phone without any limits
  • Selective transfer of fast all data between phone (Support different phone system)
  • Restore, transfer, and backup of WhatsApp
  • Compatible with more than 6000 devices
  • Free customer support

It is easy to use this app to transfer your data to your iPhone, as shown in the steps below:

Stpe 1. You must download and install the app on your computer before you begin. Click the software icon to launch it, then click “Phone Transfer” as the type of transfer you want to do.

mobiletrans step1

Step 2. Using a portable cable such as a USB, connect both the old and new iPhone to your computer. The two devices will be arranged on the interface as “Source iPhone” and “Destination iPhone,” i.e., where the data will be transferred from and where it will be transferred to. If they are not correctly labeled, you can rearrange them using the “Flip” option.

mobiletrans step2

Step 3. Select the data to move from the old to the new iPhone, so you don’t need to share data you don’t want in the new device.

Step 4. Choose “Start” to begin the data transfer. If you wish to erase any data on the new iPhone before doing the transfer, click “Clear data before copy.”

mobiletrans step3

Step 5. Now leave both devices connected to your computer as your data gets transferred. After it is done, check the new iPhone to be sure everything you need has been moved.

Method 3: How to Transfer iCloud data to new iPhone via iTunes

Another method on how to transfer from iCloud to iPhone is via iTunes. iTunes is a great iPhone tool that you can use for data transfer with the steps below:

  1. Install iTunes on your computer system. Next, connect your iPhone with the computer using a USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes. On the home page, choose the icon for devices.
  3. Click “Summary,” a button you can find under the device icon.
  4. Select “This computer” > “Back Up Now.”
  5. Start the Backup from iTunes to your iPhone by clicking “Apply,” then wait for the transfer to be completed before disconnecting your iPhone from your computer.

icloud data to new iphone via itunes

Method 4: How to Transfer iCloud data to new iPhone via Quick Start

Last but not least, a method of iCloud data transfer to the new iPhone is with another feature called QuickStart. Quick Start lets you transfer data from iCloud to the new iPhone wirelessly using a tool called iPhone Migration. To use Quick Start for your iPhone transfer, use the step-by-step process outlined as follows:

    1. Start by switching on both the old and the new iPhones and ensuring they are close to each other. On the old iPhone, you will see the Quick Start screen feature. Here you will set up the new iPhone using your unique Apple ID. Now, hit the “Continue” option.

icloud data to new iphone via quick start

  1. Hold the old device over the new device so that the animation that appears lies within the viewfinder frame on the old device.
  2. You may be asked for the password. If that is the case, use the password of the old device, then follow the on-screen guide to set up the new iPhone’s Touch ID or Face ID.
  3. Select the files you have backed up. You can pick from restore options, i.e., update current Backup and restore or restore from the iCloud account. Choose either of these options that suit you.
  4. Wait for the transfer to be completed before disconnecting the devices.


Now you believe that this is a complete guide to transfer data from iCloud to iPhone. You can use any of the methods here to transfer your data to your new iPhone without stress. If you have memorable photos that you cannot afford to lose, this article will help show you how to transfer photos from iCloud to the new iPhone and other iCloud data to your new iPhone. Follow the method that works for you after trying the different techniques. Once you use the outlined steps, you won’t have to be worried about transferring your vital data from your old iPhone since you can quickly transfer iCloud to the new iPhone.