Ultimate Guide to Transfer Data From iPhone to iPhone With iCloud

Jul 14, 2021 | iOS to iOS, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

When new iPhone models are introduced into the market, iPhone users opt for the upgraded model to tap into the new features it affords. If you are an iPhone user who has just upgraded to the latest version, you most likely want to transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud, especially if you have backed up your data on iCloud. Such data include your music list, photos, videos, contacts, settings, and apps. Hence, if you have a great music library, you will be shown how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud. It is achievable if you pay attention to this ultimate guide on how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud.

There are two effective methods that you can use to learn how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud. Again, a bonus method of iPhone to iPhone transfer will be given at the end of the article to overcome any limitations that come from using the first two transfer methods.

Therefore, the following are the methods through which you can transfer music and everything else from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud:

Method 1: How you can Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud Syncing

As an iPhone user, you should be familiar with iCloud. However, you most likely don’t know that with iCloud, you can sync the old device to the new one to transfer all your valuable data. iCloud stores your iPhone data wirelessly using your Apple ID and password. You can always access your iCloud to get the backup of all your files, which you have previously synchronized with this tool. It will help you successfully transfer iPhone to iPhone using iCloud.

If your iPhone is not synced with your iCloud to always create a backup for all your data, you can do set it up in simple steps:

  1. iCloud comes up automatically when you log on to your Apple ID on your Settings App.
  2. Select the apps you want to synchronize; in this case, you should sync everything from Calendars to Contacts, Messages, Third-Party Apps, etc.
  3. iphone to iphone using icloud syncing

  4. Do the same for your other devices to always have your data updated in case of any eventuality.

Well, here is how you can transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud syncing:

  1. Select the language of your choice on the new iPhone or the iPhone you want to transfer the data to.
  2. A message will appear directing you to set up the new device with Apple ID; click "Continue."
  3. select the language

  4. Using your old iPhone, scan the image that appears on your new iPhone. 
  5. Input the passcode of your old iPhone to the new one. Then set up the Face and Touch IDs.
  6. set up the face touch ids

  7. If you get the option to restore the new iPhone from your most recent backup, then you can choose to do that or not.
  8. You can either restore the data from iCloud, iTunes or set it up as a new device. However, this article is about transferring from iCloud, and the following method will give a detailed guide on how to use iCloud Backup after syncing.
  9. icloud backup after syncing

  10. Click to "Agree" to the terms and conditions.
  11. Under "Express Settings," choose "Continue," and you will gain access to the old phone’s Siri settings, Location settings, Find My iPhone, and usage analytics.
  12. express settings

  13. Finish the iPhone setup.

Method 2: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud Backup

You may be aware that with iCloud, you can back up your iPhone data in case you misplace the device and get a new one. But do you know how you can transfer such data from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud Backup? The steps below will guide you:

  1. Connect the old phone to Wi-Fi and select the "Settings" menu.
  2. Click o your name and choose "iCloud"> "iCloud Backup" and finally, "Back Up Now."
  3. back up now

  4. Wait for the data to be backed up, then begin to set up the new iPhone using the following steps.
  5. Click on your country and your language of choice.
  6. Create a password after connecting to Wi-Fi. Don’t worry; the onscreen guide is easy to follow. You may also set up the Face ID and Touch ID.
  7. Now, go to "Apps & Data" and select "Restore from iCloud backup."
  8. Use your Apple ID to sign in.
  9. Select the data you just made on the old device.
  10. Complete the phone setup after the data has been successfully transferred from iCloud.

Method 3: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with Professional Data Transfer App

Another alternative method you can learn on how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud is using a professional third-party app specifically designed for data transfer. When you go online, you will find many different apps you can use. However, most of these apps do not make good their promise of complete data transfer. One of the most recommended professional data transfer apps you can use is AnyTrans. With AnyTrans, you can quickly transfer all your data from the old iPhone to the new one. These data include messages, ringtones, videos, songs, apps, etc.

This professional transfer app’s advantage over the two methods above is that it doesn’t overwrite data from the old iPhone. Also, you can choose the specific data you want to transfer rather than moving all at once.
Use AnyTrans by downloading and installing on your computer, then connect both iPhones to the computer and do the following:

  1. Click on "Phone Switcher."
  2. Select the mode "Phone to iPhone."
  3. phone switcher

  4. Choose the source and target devices, i.e., the device you are transferring from and the device you are moving to; select "Next."
  5. choose target devices

  6. Select either the specific category of files you want to move, or if you’re going to move everything, click "Select All" and "Next" to finish.
  7. select specific category of files


As you have seen above, you can transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud; it is not rocket science. All you need are the three methods to transfer iPhone data: iPhone to iPhone data transfer, including syncing iCloud to your iPhone, using iCloud Backup features, and a third-party professional transfer app. With the straightforward steps outlined for you, you do not have to worry that you cannot transfer your necessary photos, videos, music, contacts, or settings from your old iPhone to the new iPhone. The guide is comprehensive enough to enable you to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud.