Top 5 Ways to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

Oct 29, 2021 | iOS to iOS

“I decided to retire my old iPhone and buy a new one, such as the iPhone 13. What do you think? I’m reluctant to make the purchase due to a problem with iCloud. I previously used iCloud, but now I’m unsure how I can move my info from my old iPhone to my new iPhone without utilizing iCloud. I’m guessing you now comprehend my predicament. Please, anybody have a solution? Kindly assist.” Numerous circumstances compel iPhone owners to move from one iPhone to another. With many data and other critical items stored on the old iPhone, data transfer to the new iPhone is a must. The core of the issue is how to transmit these data files securely. There are many conceivable methods for transferring data between iPhones, including the widely used iCloud and iTunes, as described in this article.

Methode 1: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with MobileTrans

MobileTrans-Phone Transfer is a robust application that enables you to easily transfer data or other files across Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The simple and user-friendly interface makes transferring data from your old phone to your new one a breeze. Whether you want to transfer from iPhone to iPhone, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to Android, or Windows to Android/iOS, MobileTrans-Phone Transfer will take care of everything. With a few easy steps, you can ensure that you move everything you need to your new phone. The instructions below demonstrate how to transfer data between iPhones using MobileTrans-Phone Transfer. Step 1. Double-click the MobileTrans-Phone Transfer icon on your computer’s desktop to launch the program. Select the “Phone Transfer” option from the interface’s choices. mobiletrans home Step 2. Connect your two iPhones to the computer using an appropriate media type, such as USB. When the two iPhones are linked, the software will automatically identify them as “Source iPhone” and “Destination iPhone.” If the two seem to be positioned incorrectly, just click the “Flip” button to realign them. This is because data will be transmitted only between the source and destination. mobiletrans step 2 Step 3. Tick the boxes next to the data files you wish to transfer to the new iPhone in the file list that appears. To initiate the data transfer from one iPhone to the other, click “Start.” If you want the application to delete all data on the destination iPhone prior to the transfer, just check the “Clear data before copy” box. Otherwise, keep the two iPhones connected throughout the data transfer procedure. mobiletrans step 3 The whole procedure will take a few minutes to finish. Select the destination iPhone and verify that all of the data files you specified have been transferred properly.

Methode 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with AnyTrans

Apparently, transferring data from one iPhone to another using an iPhone migration tool is not a good idea if you have already set up your new iPhone or have not yet created a backup. Additionally, many customers attempting data transfer through Quick Start get stopped in the “Setting up your Apple ID” part. For these reasons, it is strongly advised that you utilize AnyTrans to accomplish the iPhone to iPhone transfer. AnyTrans enables transferring different kinds of data with a few easy clicks as a professional iPhone data management and iPhone to iPhone transfer app. You may transmit certain kinds of data fast or all data without losing any data, including messages, pictures, videos, books, and ringtones. Now, discover how to effortlessly and rapidly move data between iPhones without using iCloud. Step 1. Install AnyTrans and launch it on your computer > From the Phone Switcher mode, choose Phone to iPhone. anytrans step 1 Step 2. You may choose to transfer all or certain kinds of data from iPhone to iPhone without using iCloud. To begin the transfer procedure, click the Next button. anytrans step 2 Step 3. Select the kinds of data you want to transfer and click on them > Wait patiently for the transfer procedure to complete until you reach the Successfully transmitted page. anytrans step 3

Methode 3: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes or Finder

iTunes or Finder provides a great platform for consumers to easily move data across iPhones. You may transfer all of your data and bought content to your new iPhone. This procedure entails restoring your iTunes library to your new iPhone device. It is important to remember, however, that iTunes cannot transmit your health and activity data if your iTunes backup has not yet been encrypted. The instructions below demonstrate how to transfer data from your iTunes library to your new iPhone. Step 1. To begin, switch on your new iPhone. You should see a screen that says “Hello.” If you have previously configured the new iPhone, just delete the configuration before proceeding to the next step. Step 2. Follow the on-screen prompts until you reach the “Apps & Data” page. Select “Restore from Mac or PC.” apps data screen Step 3. Connect your new iPhone to the same PC that you used to back up your previous iPhone. Start iTunes and choose your device. Step 4. Select the “Restore Backup” option and the appropriate backup file. You may use the date and size of the backup to decide which one to restore. You would be asked to enter the proper password if the backup was encrypted. Ensure that you do so. restore the backup Step 5. Patiently await the completion of the restoration procedure. Once that is complete, proceed with the remaining setup procedures for your new iPhone.

Methode 4: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with Quick Start

Quick Start is one of the finest methods for setting up and transferring data across iPhones without utilizing iCloud. If both the source and destination iPhones are running iOS 12.4, Quick Start will enable you to transfer your data through the iPhone Migration option. With iPhone migration, you may wirelessly transfer all of your data from your old to new iPhone. Because Quicks Start will be running on both devices throughout the data transfer procedure, ensure that none is otherwise occupied. This procedure may take several minutes, depending on the kind and strength of your wireless connection, as well as the amount of the data being transmitted. The following instructions demonstrate how to use Quick Start to move everything from one iPhone to another. Step 1. To begin, turn on your new iPhone and verify that it is in close proximity to the old one. If you want to transmit data through a wired connection, connect the two iPhones. On the previous phone, the Quick Start screen will appear, allowing you to set up your new iPhone using Apple ID. Enter your valid Apple ID and click “Continue.” If you do not see this option, ensure that your Bluetooth device is switched on. set up a new iphone Step 2. When an animation is shown on your new iPhone, place the old iPhone on top of the new one and then adjust the position of the old iPhone to center the animation in the viewfinder. Step 3. If asked for a password on the new iPhone, just input the password from the old iPhone. The following steps will walk you through the process of configuring your new iPhone’s Face ID or Touch ID. Step 4. Pick the destination backup and the appropriate restoration method. You will be given the choice of restoring your data from an iCloud backup or just updating and restoring your existing backup. When asked, choose to transfer settings or any other data. Assure that the two iPhones are close to one another and have adequate battery life to last the duration of the transfer.

Methode 5: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with AirDrop

Applies To: Photographs, Videos, Websites, and Other Media AirDrop is another handy method for sharing files between two iOS devices that support AirDrop. If you’re looking to transfer pictures, contacts, or other data across iOS devices, utilizing AirDrop is an excellent option. Step 1. Confirm that the two iPhones are within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range of one another. Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the iPhones and turn off Personal Hotspot. After that, activate AirDrop. (Specify whether to send files to “Contacts Only” or “Everyone.”) Step 3. Click the “Share” option and choose the files you want to share, for example, pictures. Step 4. Select the destination device by clicking “AirDrop.” Step 5. Click “Accept” on the target iPhone to accept the items. turn on airdrop ios 11 Unfortunately, AirDrop does not function on an iPhone or iPad. If you run across this problem, either learn how to resolve it or try one of the other viable solutions. The two techniques outlined using Quick Start or AirDrop above are more appropriate for individuals looking to transfer data to a previously owned iPhone. If you’re transferring data from an older iPhone to a brand new iPhone that hasn’t been configured yet, either QuickStart or iTunes/Finder is recommended.