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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone Easily in 6 Ways?

by | Jun 24, 2021 | iOS to iOS, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Do you wish to transfer the old iPhone to the new iPhone? Or have you already switched to your new iPhone 12? Then it is essential to get your old data from your old device to your new iPhone device. So, how to transfer iPhone to iPhone and get information store in your new device? A big question, right? You may think it will be a complicated process. You will get it easier when you have a complete guide. We have provided you some best platforms and third-party apps in today’s guide. Let’s start our discussion.

Part 1: In-built ways to transfer iPhone data to new iPhone

What are the in-built ways about how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone? We have some selective recommended solutions below that you can use to share your old data from new iPhone advice.

1. iTunes

Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone is accessible with iTunes if you know the steps earlier. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Backup old data

First, take backup data of your old iPhone with iTunes. To do so:

  1. Open iTunes and then connect your old iPhone device to your computer.
  2. Go to the Device tab.
  3. Tap on the option Summary. You will see the Computer option in the Backups column; click on that.
  4. Click the Back Up Now option.

backup from itunes

Step 2: Connect backup

Connect your new iPhone device to your computer.

Step 3: Go to the device tab

Open iTunes on your PC and then choose the device tab.

Step 4: Restore backup

Choose Restore Backup and select backup.

restore from itunes

Step 5:Give password if required

If your backup file shows encrypted, enter your password, and unlock it when asked.

Step 6: Complete the process

Wait for the restoring process to get over.

2. iCloud

There are two ways to transfer info from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud. One is via iCloud Backup and by syncing iCloud. Let’s know about both ways on how to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone.

Process 1: With iCloud Backup

Step 1: Keep old data as backup

Make a backup of your old data on your iPhone. Then go to Settings, click on the profile of your Apple ID, and click on iCloud. Now, visit the iCloud Backup, and tap on Back Up Now.

Step 2: Transfer data when setup

To transfer data after setup, useyour new iPhone. Select your language and make the connection to your Wi-Fi network connection. You need to set up the option of Touch ID or Face ID. Then, create a passcode. You will see the ‘Apps & Data. You have to choose Restore from the iCloud Backup ‘button.

transfer data when setup

Step 3: Transfer data after setup

If you have set up the new iPhone earlier, you don’t need to see the option to restore from the iCloud Backup. But, then how to transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone after the setup? Follow the steps:

On your new iPhone, select Settings and click on General. Then, go to Reset, to Erase All Content and Settings, enter it, and click on Erase iPhone. ‘

Now, choose Set up your iPhone again, tap on the option Restore from iCloud, and select the Backup you have created.

restore backup

Process 2: WithiCloud Syncing

TransferringiPhone data tonew iPhone with iCloud syncing supports transfer of iOS data, including photos, calendar, email, call logs, reminders, notes, etc. First, log in on both of your devices to the same Apple ID.

Second, on both of your iPhones, you have to repeat the steps.

Step 1: Go to iCloud

On your, iPhone click on Settings, tap onyour profile of Apple ID,and then select iCloud.

Step 2:Choose the categories

Please select the categories you wish to transfer, and tap on them to turn it entirely or on one by one.

transfer data with icloud syncing

Time taken for the process will depend on the size of the data you have chosen to move to your new iPhone and the speed of your network connection.

3. Quick Start

Quick Start is a transferring tool to transfer information from your current device. Use Quick Start to setup the new iPhone device and transfer files from iPhone to iPhone. Check the steps:

Step 1:Open Quick Start on your new iPhone

Bring your new iPhone near your old device, choose the option of putting your Apple ID, and then set it up to your new iPhone device.

Step 2: Connect both devices

An animation will appear on your new iPhone device. You need to holdthe old device over the new one.And in the viewFinder,center the animation.A message will show mentioning Finish on New. Enter the passcode of yourold deviceon your new device.

Step 3: Enter Face or Touch ID

Set up your Touch ID Face or ID on ‘your new iPhone. You need to enter the password of your Apple ID on your new iPhone device.

Step 4: Restore theiCloud Backup

The new device will allow you to restore data, apps, and sets from your iCloud Backup. You can also update the Backup of your current device. Choose a single backup containing the data you want to use to set up your new device or transfer the setting of the iPhone device.

quick start

4. Phone Migration

One of the most attractive spec of iOS 13 and iOS 12.4 is iPhone migration. With this function, you can answer how to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone and use the data migration option to setup your new iPhone with the old devices’ content and settings. ‘

Check the steps below.

Step 1: Put new iPhone and old one together

Please turn on your new iPhone device and place it accurately near your old device.

Step 2: Setting-up process

To use your Apple ID, follow the instruction, and you can start the iPhone set up. Click on Continue. Ensure that Bluetooth on your device is ON if you don’t see the option to continue. After appearing an animation on your new iPhone, you need to hold your old device over your new one. In the viewfinder, you need to center the animation. Wait for the message, Finish, on your New iPhone.

Step 3: Set up the Face ID on your new iPhone

Enter thepasscode of your old on your new iPhone. To set up the Face ID or Touch ID, you need to follow the instructions shown on your new iPhone.

Step 4: Transfer data

Tap the Transfer from your iPhone device to start the iPhone to iPhone transfer stock process. Until the iPhone data migration process completes, make sure the two devices are near each other.

transfer data with iphone migration

Part 2: Third-party apps to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Now, why do you need a third-party app when there are in-built methods for free?

Third-party apps offer faster, safer, private, and 0% data leakage when you wish to transfer data between devices. Thus it is better to go for a third-party app rather than the free in-built ways.

So, how to transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone using a third-party app? Well! To make you aware, you have mentioned some best third-party apps with advanced features. Let’s check them out.

1. MobileTrans – Phone transfer

MobileTrans is an excellent choice if you want to complete the transferring process of data. If you wish to know how to move data from iPhone to iPhone, let us inform you that MobileTrans will allow up to 17 kinds of data to transfer, such as contacts, messages, apps, photos, music, books, notes, etc. It supports almost 8000 mobile devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows systems. You can move your information safely without deleting original data or resetting devices.

Wondershare MobileTrans 5.0. 0 is currently available in the Wondershare web store. Afford this for a single-use for $19.95, or five users, grab it for $39.95.


2. AnyTrans

AnyTrans will smartly organize different types of data, including photos and videos, into separate folders. You can transfer them to your computer or any other devices by category with a single click. While moving with AnyTrans, it won’t give you as much restriction as iTunes. Get rid of iTunes restrictions. You can transfer files from iPhone to iPhone freely, and it also allows you to share across iPad, iPod, iPhone, Windows, and iTunes. You can also backup restore text message history.

To get advanced features, enjoy its One-Year Plan at $39.99, the Lifetime Plan at $49.99. If you want to enjoy Family Plan, it will only require $69.99.


3. EaseUSMobiMover Pro

Are you wondering how to complete data transfer iPhone to iPhone? Try EaseUSMobiMover Pro to transfer data between your two iOS devices. You can migrate data from your iPhone or iPad to your computer. EaseUSMobiMover offers you the ultimate file mover and management solution between your iPhone device and a laptop with the full support of the latest iOS version. In just a few steps, you can transfer any data to other devices. It allows you to Backup and restores files also.

The pro version of EaseUSMobiMover Technician has a One-Year Subscription for $399.00.

easeusmobimover pro


At the last stage of our discussion regarding transferring files from iPhone to iPhone, I hope you have found the best one to proceed. Thus, now, it’s time to implement your knowledge into practice with relevant data transferring platforms. Choose your one and put the learning into action. I wish you the best of luck.