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An Ultimate Guide to Transfer Giles from External Hard Drive to iPhone

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions, Phone to External Hard Drive

iOS 13 and iPad OS have brought an option to use external hard drives and flash drives to iPhones and iPads. With the attached HD, you can transfer photos from an external hard drive to iPhone, including other files. You can move them around freely between the drive and your iOS device. Apple devices allow third-party apps for importing data directly from the external hard drive. Using an external hard drive with your iPhone is simple and even more straightforward than on Mac. Here’s a blog on how to transfer photos from an external hard drive to iPhone.

Part 1: One-click solutions to transfer files from external hard drive to iPhone

Find out the most straightforward techniques to help you out from data transfer hassle and complexity of data transfer? How about getting the result with one click? You will see our best-recommended platforms to fix your problem regarding how to connect an external drive to iPhone and transfer your files. Check them out.

1. AnyTrans

AnyTrans will help you get an incredible result free from iTunes restrictions. You can transfer music freely across iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer, and iTunes. By category, transfer different types of iPhone photos and videos into several folders such as Slo-Mos, Live Photos, Time-lapses, Selfies, or albums that you have already created. It will help you to locate the file’s location. Most importantly, you will be free from the restriction of iTunes as it will provide you the feature to export music from an iPod to a computer or your iTunes library. This versatile transfer solution keeps your chats, text messages, and WhatsApp histories safe by backing them up. AnyTrans offers a 1 Year Plan at $39.99, Lifetime Plan at $49.99, Family Plan at $69.99.



  • Transfer content across iOS devices, iTunes, iCloud, and computers.
  • Support 27 types of iOS content.
  • Full or incremental backup data in a preferred way.
  • Batch importing or exporting all iOS data with one simple click.
  • It covers all models of iOS devices running iOS 5 and later.

2. Leawo iTransfer

With LeawoiTransfer, you can backup and transfer data like photos, music, contacts, texts, etc., between iOS devices, iTunes, and computers. LeawoiTransfer provides perfect solutions for iPhone/iPad/iPod transfer issues. It can easily transfer data from an external hard drive to an iPhone device. LeawoiTransfer provides an outstanding music manager to manage the iOS devices and iTunes playlists without limits. You can back up all contents on your Apple products and then transfer them among all selected portable devices. You can share files to the full extent with this all-inclusive transfer. You can play all videos and audio on all Apple devices after completing the transference. For Windows and Macs, LeawoiTransfer offers a 1 Year License at $19.95, Lifetime License at $29.95.



  • Backup and transfer iPhone data between iOS devices, iTunes, and computers.
  • Manage, import, and export songs into/out of playlists.
  • Support almost all types of data on any version of the device.
  • Without data loss, overwrite, remove popular files.
  • Finish the data transfer task safely and rapidly.

3. AOMEI MBackupper

AOMEI MBackupper is one of the best free iPhone transfer software to make transferring process easy without effort. With AOMEI MBackupper, share iPhone contents such as photos, music, videos in one click entirely or selectively. Before moving, you can take preview files to confirm what you transfer. While wishing to transfer photos from an external hard drive to iPhone, this professional Windows software will fully protect data on your computer with file backup, system backup, disk and partition backup, and sync. You will be offered multiple options when selected backup storage, including NAS, external drive, network share, flash drive, and clouds.



  • Flexible data transfer on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with amazing transferring speed.
  • Freely and reliably transfer photos, music, videos, etc.
  • Completely or selectively transfer iPhone data to a PC.
  • Support fully iOS 14 devices and all the latest iOS devices.
  • Support transferring process with protection.

4. EaseUS MobiMover Pro

EaseUS MobiMover Pro will give you the most effective way to transfer your iPhone data from an external hard drive to iPhone. It is used for transferring movies, photos, Camera Roll files, music, apps, TV shows, and ringtones among iOSs, iTunes, and PCs. In addition, EaseUS MobiMover Pro helps you to get rid of the sync of iTunes.

EaseUS MobiMover supports all kinds of iOS and all types of locked screens on the device. It can remove Touch ID, screen passcode, and Face ID from iOS devices. In addition, EaseUS MobiMover offers an option to use a free lifetime upgrade video downloader to download kinds of videos from up to 1000 websites. For the Windows version, you get a 1-Month plan at $23.95, 1-Year plan at $29.95. For Mac, you get a 1-Month plan at $29.95, 1-Year plan at $39.95.

easeusmobimover pro


  • Transfer any data between two iOS devices.
  • Migrate content from iPhone or iPad devices to a computer.
  • Offer comprehensive and effective management solutions for iOS devices.
  • Support the latest version running iOS 14 on iPhone 12 or later series.
  • Provide technician to unlock iPhone/iPad lock screen.

Part 2: How to transfer photos from an external hard drive to iPhone?

Transferring photos from an external hard drive to iPhone is always an excellent choice to save space on your iPhone and computer, besides preventing permanent loss. When connecting a hard drive to an iPhone and transferring files from an external hard drive to an iPhone, you should try the best three methods below.

1. Files app

With the Files app, you can transfer your iPhone data from an external hard drive to iPhone. Let’s see the steps below to move files from your external drive to your iPhone.

Step 1: Select files

In the Files app, tap the name of your external drive from the browse menu on your iPhone> Click Select>Tap all of the files that you want to transfer.

select files

Step 2: Click on the location

Tap Move> Click on the location to move the image, for example, Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

choose location

Step 3: Click the Copy button

Click on the folder you want to store the item. If you don’t want to store it, tap Copy on the top level of your file service.

tap copy

2. iTunes

If you think data syncing is acceptable, you can import photos from a USB to your iPhone via iTunes. Follow the steps to transfer pictures from a flash drive to iPhone:

Step 1: Connect the external drive and the iPhone

Connect an external hard drive to iPhone to your computer.

Step 2: Choose Photos

Run iTunes> Click the “Device” tab> Choose the “Photos.”

Step 3: Select photos

Go to “Sync Photos” and select the files or folders that you want to transfer on your USB> Click the option “Copy photos from.”

Step 4: Start syncing

Click “Apply” and start syncing photos from the USB flash drive.

syncing photos

3. iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive will help you manage and store iOS device content, including photos, contacts, etc. You can easily back up files on iPhone and prevent them from losing mistakenly or accidentally. Check the step-by-step guide to learn how to transfer photos from a hard drive to iPhone.

Step 1: Connect external storage to a computer

Connect the hard drive to your iPhone and then to your computer. Sign in to iCloud drive with your Apple ID and enter the password. If you are a beginner to log in on the device, you will be asked to enter a verification code. And then, you will get access to the iCloud Drive interface.

iCloud Drive interface

Step 2: Upload photos

You can follow any method as there are two methods to upload photos from your external hard drive. Either you can drag pictures from an external hard drive to iCloud Drive or click on the uploading button and then choose images from the external hard drive directly to upload.

upload photos

Step 3: Check out the finished task

iCloud Drive has photos that you want. On the iPhone, go to “Settings,” tap on the Apple ID, and click iCloud. Scroll down and tap “iCloud Drive”> Toggle it on. iCloud Drive will sync your iPhone.

sync icloud


There we go! Finally, we will close the discussion regarding the process of transferring files from an external hard drive to an iPhone. If I ask you which platform seems easy to get effective results, what will be your choice?