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[Solved] How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone with/without Backup?

by | Jun 24, 2021 | iOS to iOS, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

When you switch your old version of an iOS device and get an updated one, it becomes necessary to get your previous critical message histories from your old device. How can you do so in both processes where you can keep backup or not? Well! In today’s guide, we will provide you the ways that you can use to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone. With these solutions, you will be aware of how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone. Stay with us, and let’s start today’s discussion.

Part 1: How to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone with backup?

Want to know how to move text messages from iPhone to iPhone with backup? When you keep the backup of your data, you will quickly restore them and transfer them to your new iPhone device. Here are some ways we shall discuss in detail with you.

1. iCloud backup

Apple has introduced iCloud’s integration for iPhone users to make it easier to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone by keeping backup data.

Step 1: Enable iCloud Backup

If there is enough space on iCloud, take a backup of your messages, go to iCloud settings, and enable the iCloud Backup button.

enable icloud backup

Step 2: Enable Messages on iCloud

Go to the Messages and enable the Messages on the iCloud option.

enable messages

Step 3: Sync messages

Click on the “Sync Now” option for syncing your messages to iCloud. Select the “Restore from iCloud Backup” option to restore data from backup at the time of setting up your device. So, log in to your iCloud account, and choose the backup to restore.

restore icloud backup

Step 4: Reset

If you are using your iPhone device, you need to go to its Settings. Tap the General. Click on the Reset and then factory reset before and your device.

reset settings

2. iTunes

You can also transfer text messages from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes. Check out the list of steps and follow.

Step 1: Launch iTunes

Connect your old iPhone device to your computer. Go to the official site of iTunes and launch an updated version. On iTunes, go to the devices icon and choose the connected iPhone.

Step 2: Backup

On iTunes, go to the Summary section. Tap on the “Back Up Now” option found under the Backups. Instead of iCloud, you need to take the backup on “This Computer.”

make itunes backup

Step 3: Connect new iPhone device

After taking the backup of your old iPhone, you can disconnect it, then connect your new iPhone device to iTunes, and choose to restore a previous backup of iTunes.

Step 4: Restore

If you are using your Phone, then go to its section named Summary, and click on the “Restore” option. You will see a pop-up window to select an existing backup to restore on your new device.

restore itunes backup

Part 2: How to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without backup?

If you don’t want to go through the process of keeping backup, you may have a question, How do I transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without backup?’ From this section, you can choose any powerful app to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without backup.

1. MobileTrans – Phone transfer

With an intuitive interface, Wondershare MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is the first best choice to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without backup. Designed for faster transfer, backup, and restore actions, you can transfer messages along with all related attachments with ease. Including 17+ data types like photos, videos, app data, contacts, audio, and browsing history, to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone, MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer is available for the users at present. MobileTrans – Phone Transfer’s latest 5.0.0 version of the Windows platform is available from the Wondershare web store with an affordable price of $19.95 for single-user and $39.95 for five users.

Step 1: Open Phone Transfer

After launching MobileTrans on your Windows, click on Phone Transfer.

open phone transfer

Step 2: Connect both devices

Now, connect both iPhone devices to the computer.

select source and destination device

Step 3: Select messages and transfer

Choose the messages you want to transfer, then click on the “Start” option to start data transfer.

select your data

2. PhoneTrans

Can you transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without the restore process? Yes, with PhoneTrans from iMobie, it is possible. PhoneTrans is designed to transfer WhatsApp texts between your computer and your iPhone device. With a straightforward interface, fast-moving speed, and the option to transfer files between your iPhone and PC, PhoneTrans is a robust platform that will satisfy you. PhoneTrans’s paid versions of a 3-month plan at $29.99, a 1-year program at $35.99, and a lifetime plan at $45.99.

Step 1: Back up your old data

Get PhoneTrans installed first on your computer, launch it, tap on the Phone Backup option.

choose full backup

Step 2: Backup

Tap the Back-Up option to view the data types you wish to back up and head to Back Up Now.

backup now

Step 3: Restore messages and sync

After finishing backup:

  1. Go to Phone Restore to confirm the backup data and the name of your new iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Selective Restore.
  3. Select messages to sync to your new device.

select messages

3. Gihosoft mobile phone transfer

Gihosoft Phone Transfer is a professional software excellently designed to transfer data and recover deleted files as well. Its feature-rich options let you transfer various data types, including photos, music, videos, contacts,

messages, call logs, and calendars among devices like iOS, Android, and iTunes. You will experience an easier way to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone with Gihosoft. Its base version is free; however, the premium plan will cost $50.

Step 1: Launch Gihosoft Mobile Transfer

Go to the official site of Gihosoft, download, install it on your computer and launch.

Step 2: Connect both devices to your computer

Click the “Phone to Phone.” Then connect the two iPhones to your computer with the help of a USB cable respectively.

Step 3: Copy messages from old to new

You need to select the “SMS” to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone and click the “Start Copy” to share texts.

copy messages

4. iCloud Sync

After releasing iOS 11.4, Apple has already brought the iCloud feature to transfer texts. iCloud automatically keep your data, including chat history, photos, files, calendar, notes, and more, across all devices from where you have signed in with your same Apple ID. You can sync and restore your data quickly. Follow the steps on how to sync messages from iPhone to iPhone and transfer without backup.

Step 1: Choose iCloud

On your iPhone, you need to first go to Settings. Then click the name of the account-select iCloud.

Step 2:  Sync to iCloud

Please scroll down and locate Messages to toggle it. All your messages on it will be synced soon to iCloud.

Step 3: Repeat the steps

On another iPhone, repeat the same steps mentioned above. And both devices will share all the selected messages. Remember that iCloud will not inform you after finishing the process of the Sync. Check the process by yourself.

sync messages

Note: This method will work for those iPhones running iOS 12 or later. Syncing process won’t be able if any of the devices is Android.

5. AirDrop

Suppose you don’t want to use a computer to complete the process of transferring messages from iPhone to iPhone. Then how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone? You can use the AirDrop feature. AirDrop is a file-sharing feature available on Apple devices by default. It allows sending videos, contacts, photos, links, texts, and more via the combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For the devices running on iOS 7 and later versions, this native feature of Apple supports it. On both devices, turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. Look at the process:

Step 1: Go to the Control Center

Turn on your Wi-Fi connection. On your phone, visit the Control Center, tap on the same section, and you will get the AirDrop feature.

go to the control center

Step 2: Turn on AirDrop

Instead of that, you can go to their Settings, choose General, and click on AirDrop to turn it on. Keep its visibility to “Everyone.”

turn on airdrop

Step 3: Select messages

On the source iPhone, select the messages that you want to transfer from the Messages app. You can also select all the exchanged messages from any contact.

Step 4: Share

Go to the share icon, click on it. From the provided options, choose the AirDrop feature. Select your target device. You need to accept the incoming data obviously on it to receive your messages.

receive files


We have completed our discussion today regarding how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone with/without backup. So, if I ask, can you transfer text messages from iPhone to iPhone with any of the given and mentioned platforms? I am sure your answer is a yes. Thus, practice the methods and become a pro to move your precious texts to your new iPhone 12.