6 Easy Ways to Transfer Music from iPad to iPhone with/without Computer

Jun 25, 2021 | iOS to iOS, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Have you lost your iPhone music by mistake but have all songs on your iPad device, or you brought a brand-new iPhone 12 version device and now want to import your iPad music to it from the iPad? Want to get the easiest ways to transfer music from iPad to iPhone device? No matter what, in today’s guide, you will get the solution on how to transfer music from iPad to iPhone and enjoy your favorite music on both of your iPad and iPhone device with ease.

Part 1: How to transfer music from iPad to iPhone without a computer?

Some applications will help you to complete the transferring process efficiently without using a computer. Check the guide on how to transfer music from iPad to iPhone below for more details.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox provides an excellent way to transfer music from iPad to iPhone. On any device, including iPad, iPhone, computers, Android, and other phone devices, you can access the backup data on Dropbox as long as you upload files to it. Is it possible to transfer files without a computer or to use a USB cable with Dropbox? Yes! How? Check the detailed steps to know how to move music from iPad to iPhone.

Step 1: Install Dropbox

On both iPad and iPhone, you have to download the Dropbox app and install it.

Step 2: Sign in to the Dropbox

Now on your source iPad device, launch Dropbox and sign in to your account of Dropbox.

Step 3: Upload files

Tap on the “Add Files”/”+” icon option. You can upload your desired music files selectively or fully to Dropbox.

transfer music with dropbox

Step 4: Open Dropbox app to the target iPhone device

On the target iPhone device, open the Dropbox app and sign in using the same Dropbox account. You will get the uploaded music files, and if you wish, you can download them to your iPhone device.

2. Airdrop

AirDrop is available on both iPhone and iPad and is a built-in file transferring service you can use to transfer music from iPad to iPhone wirelessly. The transferring process of songs using AirDrop allows you to share the info of the song, not the audio file itself.

Note that the music you want to transfer must be in Apple music. And when you desire to listen to music on your target iPhone device, you need to subscribe to Apple Music on the device.

Step 1: Install AirDrop

First, download the AirDrop feature and launch it.

Step 2: Allow the option Everyone

With the given options, select Everyone to ensure that your device allows seamless communication.

select everyone option

Step 3: Select music

Select the music that you want to transfer from the folders.

select music

Step 4: Tap on the AirDrop

To reveal the list of the contacts running the same facility, tap on the AirDrop icon.

see the list of contact

Step 5: Share the music

Choose the desired user to share the selected file by tapping, and your music will get transferred.

select the target device

3. iTunes

With this official Apple software iTunes, you can synchronize the music of your iPad device and your iPhone device. It will provide you the ways on how to move music from iPad to iPhone. Before starting the transferring process, make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes. Let’s check the steps below.

Step 1: Install iTunes on your computer

Download the latest version of iTunes software and launch it on your PC. Notice that there is a phone icon that will show all the devices that you have connected on the top.

phone icon to see the connected device

Step 2: Connect both iPad and iPhone device

Now, connect your iPad and iPhone. Tap click on the phone icon. Select your desired iPhone device. In this case, you will be able to transfer music.

connect both devices

Step 3: Tap on Sync option

On the left side menu, various tabs will show. At the bottom right, tap the Sync button.

tap on sync

Step 4: Sync music

Choose the music files that you want to synchronize. Go to the option Music > Entire music library.

sync music

Step 5: Finish the process

Click the Apply button to complete the process.

Part 2: How to move music from iPad to iPhone with computer?

You may have the question, Can I transfer music from iPad to iPhone with a computer?’ Yes, you can, and in this section, you will get ideas about some applications that will give you a hassle-free experience to transfer music from iPad to iPhone.

1. FoneTrans

FoneTrans from Aiseesoft helps to transfer files among the devices like iOS, Windows, and iTunes seamlessly. FoneTrans allows sharing content, including photos, music, contacts, call logs and voice memos. It will enable syncing a massive list of data safely for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It helps to manage any iOS data on your PC smartly and effortlessly. For the Single-User License plan, you can enjoy 1 PC for a lifetime at $39.96. If you want the Multi-User License, it will allow 3 PCs for a lifetime for $57.09. It has a Commercial License that allows using unlimited devices or 30 PCs for a lifetime at $199.00.



  • Sync and manage any data, including the iTunes library, on various devices.
  • Backup and restore contacts histories without loss.
  • Convert HEIC to JPG as well as PNG format.
  • One-click content movement.
  • View and sync the data of the iTunes library.

2. Dr. Fone

Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer is designed to help you transfer data like video, photos, music, iMessages, contacts, app chat histories, and calendars from iPad to iPhone with one click. It allows even the latest version of iPhone devices, including iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max, to transfer music from iPad to iPhone. It supports over15 file types for the iPhone to iPhone. From Android to iPhone, it supports nine main data types with faster speed.

Dr. Fone provides a One-Year License for 1-5 mobile devices or 1 PC for $29.95 for a year. You can purchase a One-Year Business License allowing unlimited devices and 1 PC for $499.00.

dr. fone


  • Easily transfer videos, contacts, text messages, photos, calendars, and music from an iPad to an iPhone.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 14 and Android 10.0 and some major providers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
  • Compatible entirely with the version of Windows 10 and Mac version 10.15.
  • Compatible fully with more than 8000 iPhone and Android devices.
  • Supports a maximum of 15 file data transfers from phone to phone.

3. AnyTrans

AnyTrans allows breaking and removing the sync boundaries that will let you transfer your content freely across devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, iCloud, iTunes, and computer. You can manage 27 types of iOS data, back up data in a full backup or incremental ways as you wish, restore the data and transfer music from iPad to iPhone.

The Lifetime Plan is for 1 PC at $49.99 for a lifetime free upgrade. It has a Family Plan for $69.99 for 5 PCs and Mac for a lifetime.



  • Support exporting all types of data, including photos and music, to your computer.
  • Easily migrate iOS data and settings in one click.
  • Seamlessly and effectively switch from Android to iOS devices.
  • Back up iPhone devices’ in 3 innovative methods.
  • Enjoy a better iTunes experience.


Hence, as you saw, these are powerful ways to transfer music from iPad to iPhone. So, whether you wish to transfer music from your iPad device to the iPhone device with or without a computer or use a USB cable, we believe our guide has already provided you with the solutions. Options like syncing, backing up, restoring data with the above tools will help you get your data securely. Thus, choose your preferred application and enjoy the moving of your favorite tracks to your iPhone.