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[Solved] Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone with & without computer

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Android to iPhone, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

“How can I transfer pictures from Android to iPhone wirelessly?”

Yes, we can understand your misery for now as you’re looking for the best ways to transfer photos from Android to iPhone with & without a computer. There could be possible valid reasons for doing so, the most being the switching of Android phones with the iPhone. People usually face a familiar scenario while transferring all their data from Android to iPhone devices, a significant pain while switching between different operating systems, but not now.

Here’s what you have to look at how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone without a computer!

Part 1: How to send photos from Android to iPhone with the computer?

We’ll mention some tools to learn how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. But, before you go and use every tool without even considering the security or other features associated with them, take a look at these best-researched tools by our team.

1 – Dr. Fone – Phone Transfer (Android)


Pricing: 1-Year License ($29.95/year); Lifetime License ($39.95); 1-Year Business License ($399)

Have you ever tested the Dr. Fone toolkit? The Dr. Fone Phone Transfer is an all-around software to manage Android and iOS devices. It can backup saved data, recover deleted files, restore to another device, and do many other things. It also offers specific other additional tools such as lock screen removal, screen recording, rooting, and other management tasks in smartphone devices. To move photos from Android to iPhone, use its Android File Transfer feature.

Key Features

  • Specific Android File Transfer tool
  • Fully compatible with almost every Android device.
  • Easily manageable on a computer interface.
  • Also, backup SMS, contacts, and photos from Android device to computer.
  • Specific Data Recovery tool

2 – CopyTrans Photo

copytrans photo

Pricing: Free

CopyTrans is another best software to look for to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. Being a device manager, it is renowned for effectively managing the iOS device and going a bit beyond the iTunes app’s normal functions. However, first, you need to transfer photos from Android to PC and then to iPhone from the PC itself. So, it doesn’t contain a direct feature for sending photos from Android to iPhone. But, the great news is that the process is relatively quick! You don’t have to wait for long hours to get the simple task done.

Key Features

  • Quick transfer between cross-platform devices.
  • Also, backup all iPod Touch, iPods, iPad, and iPhone.
  • Manage iPhone and iPad photo albums.
  • Simple drag and drop transfer procedure.
  • Organize iPad and iPhone photos using albums.

3 – AnyTrans


Pricing: $32.96 (1-Year Plan); $41.21 (Lifetime Plan); $57.28 (Family Plan)

AnyTrans is your one-stop solution to manage your Apple products. And yes, it also facilitates to transfer photos from Android to iPhone most effectively. It also helps you manage, transfer, and back up all iOS data in a fast and simplistic manner as much as possible. Even if you have zero tech knowledge, it can do the job quickly via a smooth interface. Let’s review its key specs below to share photos from Android to iPhone!

Key Features

  • 1-Click Transfer procedure
  • Flexible Backup feature
  • It facilitates 27 types of iOS content transfer.
  • Compatible with all models of iPhone.
  • Freely transfer data across cross-platform devices.

Part 2: How to send photos from Android to iPhone without a computer?

After discussing solutions for transferring photos from Android to iPhone with a computer, it’s time to look at some possible ways without a computer. So, here they are!

Below are the descriptions of different tools you can use to share photos from Android to iPhone wirelessly.


1. Google Photos App

google photos

Let’s start with Google Photos, as it’s the sure-fire app to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. You can install the app from Google Play Store from an Android device and proceed with the steps. It is an app to store all your memories in one place: a cloud storage service provided by Google LLC.

Step1: Download Google Photos

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and lookup for Google Photos. After you find the Google Photos  app, click the Install button and proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Sync Photos

Now, you need to activate the Backup and Sync feature in this app. Enabling this feature will ensure that the pictures are automatically uploaded and stored on Google Drive.

Step 3: Download photos on iOS

You can download and install the photos on iOS from Google Photos App downloaded fromthe iOS store. After you click the Sync feature, the images will start showing up on the iPhone device.

google photos transfer

2. Move to iOS App

move to ios

You can use Apple’s Move to IOS app as well to transfer pictures from Android to iPhone. The app is on Google Play Store and will help quickly switch between the devices. With the app, you can share various data such as Contacts, Web Bookmarks, Message History, Main Accounts, Calendars, etc.

Step 1: Download Move to iOS app

To start with, you need to download Move to IOS app on both Android and iOS devices.

Step 2: Make a connection

Now, you need to establish a connection between both the devices by selecting Move Data from Android in the iPhone and further accepting a popup notification on your Android device.

Step 3: Select photos to transfer

Select particular photos to transfer from Android device to iPhone device and proceed with setting up your iPhone device with a new Apple ID.

move to ios transfer

3. AnyTrans App

anytrans ios

AnyTrans is another excellent application to transfer any data between cross-platforms. It’s the app that enables a lighter experience with the facility of quick transfer wirelessly. You can add documents or videos to your phone and even backup them on your computer. Given below are the steps for ultimate transfer!

Step 1: Download AnyTrans

You need to download the AnyTrans app on Android as well as iPhone devices. For Android devices, download AnyTrans from here. And, it’s available iOS app store as well.

Step 2: Connect

Connect both the devices on Wi-Fi by clicking the Connect to Phone button on an Android device.

Step 3: Transfer photos

Click the Local Photos and then select the photos to be transferred.


4. Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is one of the renowned cloud storage spaces with excellent facilities. So, you must have a Gmail address for the same to follow the exact steps. Well, this facility stores everything from word documents to videos to photos.

Step 1: Download Google Drive

Download Google Drive on both Android and iOS devices from respective stores.

Step 2: Upload photos

Go to the Gallery section in your Android device, select the photos to be transferred and tap on the Share button to choose the Share via Drive option.

Step 3: Find photos

Open Google Drive on your iPhone, and you can now locate the photos uploaded in Step 2  above.

google drive transfer

5. Via Bluetooth


Bluetooth is our last yet another simple way to send photos from Android to iPhone wirelessly. Bluetooth is known for the wireless transfer of different data, even between cross-platform devices. Given below are some easy steps!

Step 1: Activate Bluetooth

Activate Bluetooth on both Android and iOS devices.

Step 2: Select Photos

Choose photos you want to transfer and select the Share option as Bluetooth.

Step 3: Transfer photos

Pair with iPhone on Bluetooth and start transferring photos directly.

Bluetooth transfer


Hopefully, you’ve understood how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. We’ve mentioned every genuine and possible way of doing so, along with a brief description of the tool, its key features, and the ultimate steps to send photos from Android to iPhone.

Count on us in case of any queries!