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Must to Know Ways for Samsung to iPhone Photo Transfer!

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Android to iPhone, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Everyone is fascinated by technology. With the new iPhone models at the release, many Samsung users are now moving to iPhone. Are you one of them looking for ways to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone? Then you are at the right place. Let us look into some of the ways to send photos from Samsung to iPhone.

Part 1: Popular ways to send photos from Samsung to iPhone

Want to move photos from Samsung to iPhone so that you can treasure the memories? Here we have some of the popular ways to transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone.

1. iTunes

Using iTunes, you can transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone at ease only by using your Mac.

Step 1: Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung mobile to the computer. Make sure to select the option “Media Transfer (MTP)” in the connection notification pop-up.

itunes usb

Step 2: Now, your computer will detect the device. Please open it and choose the photos to transfer. Paste the pictures in a folder in your system.

itunes device

Step 3: Open iTunes and choose “Add Files/Folders to Library” under the File menu. Now select the folder with photos you wish to send photos from Samsung to iPhone.

itunes add folder

Step 4: The photos will now get added to the iTunes library. Directly connect iPhone to the system, start iTunes again. Choose iPhone and the required folder to transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone.

itunes choose folder

2. Bluetooth

You can move photos from Samsung to iPhone using the Bluetooth feature. This process is wireless, but it might take some time to complete the task.

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth option on both Samsung and iPhone.

bluetooth on

Step 2: Under the available device on the Samsung, select the iPhone device and pair both the devices.

bluetooth pair

Step 3: Once you pair the devices, you can transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone by selecting them and then clicking on the “Share via” icon. Under the available application, select “Bluetooth” to share the images.

bluetooth share

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud service where you can store your photos. You can store up to 15GB in Drive. If you sync your photos to Drive in Samsung mobile, then you can transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone any time.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive application and tap “+” to upload photos. You can also go to Gallery on your phone. Select the images you wish to upload and click the “Share” icon. Choose Google Drive in the listed options and wait until the photos upload to Google Drive.

google drive upload

Step 2: Download and install the Google Drive application on your iPhone and log in to the same Google account where the photos are uploaded. Select the images to save on your iPhone. Choose the “Send a Copy” option.

google drive copy

Step 3: Choose “Save Image” to download the photos to your iPhone from the different options available.

google drive save

4. Move to iOS app

Move to iOS is the official application designed to move data from Android to iPhone. Let us look into how to transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone with the Move to iOS app.

Step 1: Install the “Move to iOS” application from Google Play Store in Samsung and iPhone. While performing the initial setup in iPhone, choose “Move Data from Android.”

ios setup

Step 2: Open Move to iOS application in Samsung and click “Continue.”

ios continue

Step 3: A one-time generated code will display on iPhone. Enter the same code in your Samsung.

ios enter code

Step 4: Select the data to transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone. Now the devices will connect, and transfer will complete.

ios data transfer

Part 2: One–click solution to transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone

1. Dr. Fone – Phone Manager (Android)

Dr. Fone – Phone Manager (Android) allows you to transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone through a computer in just three simple steps. Connect the android mobile to the computer, choose files to move, and transfer them using Dr. Fone – Phone Manager. It also helps in sharing media files directly between Android and computer and vice versa. Another exciting feature of Dr. Fone is that it helps in fast and straightforward transfer between Android and other Windows, Mac, and iTunes platforms. Apart from a free version, the paid version of the tool for a year costs $139.95.



  • Transfer and manage photo albums with add, rename, and delete actions.
  • Transfer files like Audiobooks, playlists, podcasts, movies, and so on between devices.
  • Suitable for Windows version Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac versions.
  • The advanced encryption during the transfer protects your information.
  • Now, backup directories, Android file explorer, Android app management, and SMS/Contacts management, all in your control.

2. CopyTrans photo

CopyTrans Photo supports two-way transfer by supporting the transfer of photos from computer to iPhone and vice versa done using just drag and drop. CopyTrans photo also helps in organizing the images and videos in iPad and iPhone albums. You can also capture images in Apple ProRAW format and use CopyTrans Photo to transfer them to a computer. CopyTrans also supports HEIC file format. You can choose to convert HEIC photos to JPEG while transferring them to a computer.

copytrans photo


  • It supports the drag and drop feature to copy files.
  • Transfers photos and videos from iPhone to computer and vice versa.
  • Organize photos from iPad and iPhone effectively.
  • CopyTrans manages iPad and iPhone albums along with ProRAW support.
  • The tool supports HEIC to JPG conversions.

3. Gihosoft mobile transfer

Gihosoft mobile transfer is the easiest and efficient way to send photos from Samsung to iPhone. Gihosoft mobile transfer is free of cost and can transfer SMS, call logs, photos, videos, calendars from one phone to another without losing quality and content. Gihosoft mobile transfer can transfer data between Android to iPhone, Android to PC, and much more. Gihosoft mobile transfer is not limited to one particular device data transfer and can be across all devices.

gihosoft mobile transfer


  1. Supports file transfer among all prominent mobile devices.
  2. It is secure and is risk-free.
  3. Gihosoft supports contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, music, and calendar transfer between phones.
  4. It supports transfer pictures from Samsung to iPhone with no compromise in quality.
  5. It backups phone data to the computer and supports restoring the backup to other devices.


Thus, now you could move photos from Samsung to iPhone without any confusion using the mobile application. Also, you could use the most popular software packages listed above, like Dr.Fone and Gihosoft.