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How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone with/without a Computer?

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Android to iPhone, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

When you change your Android to an iPhone, you will wish to keep your files and favorite Music on your new device. You may not have willing to lose when switching to an iPhone. However, transferring Music and other files from your old Android device to your new iPhone may be tricky if you do not have the correct tool to transfer songs from Android to iPhone. There are plenty of applications available on your phone and your computer. This guide will provide some possible ways to move Music from an Android device to iPhone.

Part 1: How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone with a computer?

To move music from Android to iPhone, consider the below-mentioned platforms and get your desire result.

1. MobileTrans

Wondershare MobileTrans will help you quickly to transfer songs from your Android device to your iPhone with a few clicks in minutes. You can sync music from your Android to your new iPhone devices using MobileTrans. You will find this app is free to download from its official website. This app is available on Windows as well as macOS. You can backup and transfer chat histories from messaging services such as WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, Line, etc. And their website hosts official guides for all the features that the app has to offer.

The benefits you will get while using MobileTrans includes:

  • The robust transferring process between iOS and Android,
  • Backup and restore the content of WhatsApp,
  • Completely backup your devices,
  • Easy accessible to everyone.

Now let’s see the way to transfer songs from Android to iPhone via MobileTrans.

Step 1:Download MobileTrans

First, go to the official website of MobileTrans and install the app. Then launch the app.

download mobiletrans

Step 2: Connect devices

Connect your Android and iPhone devices. Tap on the Transfer option found under the Phone Transfer menu.

tap on transfer

Step 3: Set your devices

Remember, your Android device needs to be as Source on the left side, and the iPhone should be as Destination on the right side. If they are not in the right place or opposite place, click on the Flip.

set devices

Step 4: Choose Music

Now, as the data source, select “Music.” Click on the “Start” option, and the movement of the chosen music will start.

select music

Step 5: Complete the process

According to the size of your music, it can take several minutes to finish the transfer process.

complete the process

2. Windows File Explorer

Step 1: Connect Android and PC

First, connect Android to your PC with the help of a USB cable.

Step 2: Select option for transferring

On your Android phone, it may require you to select a connection type. Tap the “Transfer Files” or the “MTP” option.

Step 3: Open File Explorer

Open File Explorer. Choose your Android device.

Step 4: Go to the music folder

Navigate to the Music folder in your internal storage or SD card of the device.

Step 5: Select music files

Select your music from the list that you wish to transfer. Then drag it into a folder on the computer.

copy music android to pc

Step 6: Disconnect Android device

Disconnect your Android and connect your iPhone device.

Step 7:Launch iTunes

Install and launch iTunes and open the folder where you have copied your music from your Android device. In iTunes, you need to drag the music into the Songs section.

Step 8: Sync your iTunes library

Select your iPhone device in iTunes. Then tab the Music header. Choose whether you need to sync your entire iTunes library or only specific music to sync.

sync itunes music with iphone

Step 9: Sync

Connect your iPhone while the syncing is in progress. After completing the sync process, you will find your songs as the default Music app on your iPhone device.

3. Android File Transfer

On Mac, you have to install Android File Transfer to browse and send music from Android to iPhone. You will find it completely free. Let’s know the steps:

Step 1: Connect your Android to your Mac

You need to connect your Android device to your Mac with a USB cable.

Step 2: Install Android File Transfer

Install Android File Transfer and launch it on your Mac. Open the Music folder.

Step 3: Select music
Choose the music you want to copy, and drag it to a folder on your Mac.

android file transfer music

Step 4: Connect and disconnect the devices

You need to disconnect your Android device and connect your iPhone device.

Step 5: Open iTunes

Open iTunes and tap on the Songs for macOS Mojave 10.14. For macOS Catalina 10.15 and higher, you need to open Music.

Step 6: Drag copied music

Now you have to drag your copied music in the Music app or iTunes Library from your device’s folder to the section of Songs section.

Step 7: Select your iPhone in iTunes

Choose your iPhone device in iTunes or the Music app. Then click the Music header. You can sync your entire iTunes library or select only a few songs.

sync iphonemacoscatalina

Step 8: Sync

After getting perfect preferences, click Sync. You need to keep your iPhone device connected at the time of the sync. After completing the process, find your Music in the default Music app on your iPhone device.

4. Droid Transfer

If you wish to get a one-stop shop to backup and transfer songs from Android to iPhone, use Droid Transfer.

Step 1: Launch Droid Transfer

Install Droid Transfer and launch it. Then connect your Android device.

Step 2: Open Music section

After that, open the Music section. And tap Sync iTunes.

sync android with itunes

Step 3: Copy music

Click on the “Copy tracks to iTunes.”

Step 4: Disconnect Android and connect iPhone

After transferring the music, you can disconnect your Android device. Connect your iPhone device to the computer.

Step 5: Go to iTunes

Now open iTunes. Choose your iPhone device. Click the Music header. If you want, you can sync your entire iTunes library or select few music tracks to your iPhone.

sync itunes music

5. iTunes

iTunes can move Music from Android to iPhone very effectively. Before starting the process, you need to keep the latest iTunes and different USB cables for connecting your smartphones to the computer. Then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Connect your old Android to the computer

First, go to “Computer”/”This Computer” (use the shortcut if you like by tapping “Windows + E” to enter). Then double-click for entering your Android device.

Step 2: Move the music to the desktop

You need to search for the “Music” folder, and drag and drop the folder to the desktop.

move music

Step 3: Use the USB cable

Connect your iPhone device with a USB cable. Launch iTunes to check if it has detected your iPhone, click the “File,” then select “Add Files to Library.” It will add the folder and save your Music from Android.

add file to library

Step 4: Sync the music

Choose the option of “Music” found in the list on the left, and tick “Sync Music” for uploading the Music. Then click “Apply” to start the entire process of transferring, and after finishing the process, enjoy these songs on your iPhone.

sync your selected music

Part 2: How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone without a computer?

You can quickly transfer songs from Android to iPhone without a computer with the below app.

1. SHAREit

SHAREit is a great medium to transfer Music, videos, and trendy Music and video player in several formats. Follow the steps below to transfer files.

Step 1: Install and operate

Install the SHAREit app on your Android and iPhone device. Open it on Android and tap on Send option.

Step 2: Select music

Choose Music files and select whatever music you want to move. Then click the Send button.

select your music from files

Step 3: Receive the file

It will search for the receiver’s device. So, open SHAREit on your iPhone and click Receive to complete your transferring process.

2. Spotify/Google Play Music/Amazon Music

Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music, many more are known as the music streaming sites.

Step 1: Launch on Android and go to the Playlist

Launch Spotify on Android. Go to Playlist to create your Playlist to add your favorite songs to it whenever you want.

create playlist

Step 2: Download Spotify on your iPhone

Open App Store on iPhone, search for Spotify and download it. Log in with the ID and password you used on the Android device.

Step 3: Go to My Music

Go to My Music to get all saved playlists.

3. Zapya

Zapya is another helpful app that you can use to transfer Music from Android to iPhone without a computer for free and wirelessly cross-platform, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, tablets, etc.

Follow the steps for the process.

Step 1: Download on both devices

Install it on both phones.

Step 2: Transfer by QR code

Click the Transfer. Select QRCode on both devices. On Android, click the My QR Code and generate the code. Scan by iPhone device to connect iPhone to Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Select music

After connecting, go to music file and select the songs hit the “Send” option.

qr code scan and select music

Part 3: FAQs

1. Can I transfer music from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS?

No, you won’t be able to transfer music from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS. Move to iOS supports transferring various data, including video, photos, call logs, contacts, message history, bookmarks, calendars, and mail accounts.

2. Will I be allowed to move music from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth?

No, you cannot send Music from Android to iPhone. Apple devices do not allow sharing files with non-Apple devices using Bluetooth. In short, you cannot transfer files, including Music, from an Android device to an iPhone device due to cross-operating system boundaries with Bluetooth.


Finally, we reached the last stage of our discussion regarding how to transfer songs from Android to iPhone with/without a computer. With the best and easiest app mentioned above, now you can complete your music sharing task. Thus, please choose the suitable transfer software and your best music on your iPhone.