Possible Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone with/without iTunes

Jun 25, 2021 | iOS to iOS, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Nowadays, iPhone functions have been upgraded and improved randomly, with people more willing to enjoy music on their iPhone devices directly. In short, you can say iPhone devices running the latest version replaced music players, like iPod. And so, it can be a fundamental requirement to know how to transfer music from iPad to iPhone or iPod to iPhone. It doesn’t matter at all. This article will recommend some practical solutions to help you transfer songs from iPod to iPhone.

Part 1: How to transfer data from iPod to iPhone with iTunes?

To transfer songs from iPad or iPhone, you can use one of the beneficial tools named iTunes. With iTunes, you can transfer data from your old iOS device to your new iPhone device, iPad, or iPod touch. Let’s see the steps on how to move music from iPad to iPhone with iTunes.

Method 1: iTunes/Finder

If you wish to transfer files, especially media files, iTunes will undoubtedly give you the best result.

Before starting, your iPhone iOS version needs to be higher than your iPod version. You need to also have the latest iTunes version on your computer. To turn off Find My iPhone (for iOS 10.2 and earlier version), go to Settings – Select iCloud – Tap on Find My iPhone – put a touch on Find My iPhone off. And for iOS 10.3 and later version device, go to Settings – put YOUR NAME – tap on the iCloud – select Find My iPhone – then turn it off. Then, follow the steps to transfer songs from iPod to iPhone directly.

Step 1 : Transfer purchased music

Launch iTunes, connect your iPod, tap on File – select Devices – click on the option Transfer Purchases from ‘iPod.’

transfer purchased music

Step 2: Connect with your iPhone

Eject your iPod and connect your iPhone. Tap on the iPhone icon found on the top left corner, and then you can manage your device.

manage device

Step 3: Sync music

Sync Music to your iPhone device. In the list of Summary on the left, select Music, and turn on Sync Music.

sync music

Method 2: iTunes Store

If your iPod music has been purchased from the iTunes Store, you can get songs directly from the iPod device to the iPhone device via the iTunes store. So, how to transfer data from iPod to iPhone via iTunes Store, especially songs? Let’s check the steps.

Step 1: Go to Purchased

On your iPhone device, log in with the same Apple ID. Now, go to the iTunes Store app – click More – tap on the Purchased.

Step 2: Choose Music

Choose Music, and opt for the Not on This iPod button.

Step 3: Download your music

Select all songs or any selective music that you want to transfer. Click on the “Download All” to download those songs to your iPhone device.

select and download music

Part 2: How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone without iTunes?

1. AnyTrans

AnyTrans provides incredible features with an easy and intuitive interface. It will let you freely transfer almost all types of data across devices, including iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iCloud, and Windows. The number of supportive data is approximate 27 that cover your transferring process. For backing up, you can keep them fully or incrementally as you need.

AnyTrans offers a One-Year Plan at $39.99 for 1 PC. The Family Plan is for $69.99 for a lifetime, for 5 PCs & Macs.



  • Support all types of content transferring, including photos and music.
  • It allows switching from Android device to iOS device seamlessly.
  • Allowing backing up and restoring the iPhone devices in 3 innovative ways.
  • Migrate any iOS data as well as iOS settings simply.
  • Allows better features to provide a better iTunes experience.

2. Tenorshare iCareFone

You can manage your iOS devices’ data simpler, especially when you need to transfer songs from iPad to iPhone. You can take control of the sharing process with Tenorshare iCareFone without giving you any restrictions or limitations. With one click, import, export, delete unlimited iOS files as per your expectations.

iCareFone offers a 1 Month License at $35.95 for 1 PC and 5 devices. It has a Lifetime License that requires $49.95 for 1 PC and 5 devices with a lifetime free upgrade.

tenorshare icarefone


  • Includes only one step and click to export content to your PC and Mac.
  • Seamlessly iOS data backup selectively to the computer for free.
  • Manage photos, videos, contacts, text messages, apps, bookmarks, books, etc.
  • Without limitation, transfer files between iPhone devices and iTunes.
  • It supports the latest iOS as well as iPadOS 14 and the latest iPhone version like 12.

3. MobileTrans – Phone transfer

Transferring music from iPad iPhone for free is more manageable with MobileTrans, as you get the fastest speed with a cross-platform supportive option. You will be able to transfer music to another device quickly and safely without compromising original quality and move files seamlessly. Without losing the quality of content, you can migrate your content between devices swiftly and securely. Within one click, you are allowed to transfer music, contacts, photos, and more files from one phone to another.

For the usages of the Windows, Phone Transfer requires $29.95for a year. You will get its full features at $39.95 for a year duration. For Mac, Phone Transfer is $39.95. It offers Full Features at $49.95.



  • Make the fastest transferring phone to phone with 1-click.
  • MobileTrans supports over 8000 phone devices.
  • It supports more than 17 kinds of data including music, contacts, photos, messages, notes, and etc.
  • Without resetting phone devices or deleting basic data, transfer safely.
  • Super easily designed for non-technical people.

Part 3: How to move music from iPod to iPhone with AirDrop/ Cloud?

This section will tell how to transfer music from iPad to iPhone that will help you effectively and seamlessly transfer iPad to iPhone. We have selectively chosen the solutions for you that will make the process of moving music.

1. Airdrop

You can transfer music from iPod to iPhone for free with AirDrop. Though it is a free process, it will be time-consuming. You have much music to move, then AirDrop does not work on iOS devices. Let’s check out the steps on how to transfer iPad to iPhone.

Step 1: Enable the AirDrop option

From the bottom of the iPod and iPhone device screen, swipe up to open the Control Center, enable the AirDrop option to allow both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the two devices.

enable airdrop

Step 2: Select songs

On your iPod, open the Music app. Select the songs that you like to transfer.

Step 3: Share the songs

Tap on the three-dot button that will show you detailed information about the songs. Choose Share Song – select AirDrop as the medium – select the iPhone to share the selected themes.

share song

On the target iPhone, tap “Accept” and receive the music.

2. Sync Library

You can quickly move music from your iPod to your iPhone as long as you have subscribed to Apple Music, and then transfer them by turning on the Sync Library feature. Now, let’s see how to transfer songs from iPad to iPhone and download songs from Apple Music directly using Sync Library.

Step 1: Subscribe on Apple Music

First of all, subscribe to Apple Music. Open your iPhone, sign in with the same Apple ID that you have entered to purchase the subscription to Apple Music.

Step 2: Sync library

Go to Settings – select Music – turn on the Sync Library option.

sync library

Step 3: Access on target device to see synced songs

After completing everything, start the Music app on your target device. You can get access the synced songs.


Thus, at last, you know how to move music from iPad to iPhone. Choose any platforms with better ways, features, and effectiveness from above to transfer songs from iPod to iPhone. Using iTunes, you can move selectively or entirely purchased music from iPod to iPhone, whereas AirDrop can share one song at a time. So, make a wise decision and enjoy your chosen track on your new iOS device.