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How to Send Video from Android to iPhone with/without iTunes?

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Android to iPhone, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

Android and iPhone are the prevalent operating systems in today’s mobile device market share. And because of the constant increase in security and advanced features with every new mobile version, people frequently shift from one to another. While moving to another platform can lead to problems for you because the devices don’t keep available options or features to share files. So, to help you switch from Android to iPhone, we have compiled some best techniques in today’s guide. These will help you get the best way to send video from Android to iPhone without much hassle.

Part 1: How to share video from Android to iPhone with iTunes?

iTunes is a desktop software that helps you get the best way to send video from Android to iPhone. It is Apple’s in-house tool to transfer as well as backup the data on the computer. iTunes lets you attach, organize, and play your entire digital media collection on the computer. It also helps to sync it to a portable device. It is available in Windows Media Player. You can use it on a Mac or Windows. To transfer files like chat, text messages, and any sized files from Android to iPhone, you can take the assistance of iTunes. Learn about the steps to transfer files:

Step 1: Plug the Android device

Plug your Android device into your computer. Then export the videos.

export videos

Step 2: Transfer the videos to the Library of iTunes
Open iTunes. Then click File. Go to Add Folder to Library. Browse your computer and then select the video folder you have copied from your Android to iTunes Library.

transfer videos

Step 3: Sync your iPhone device
Connect your iPhone device to the computer. To get the iPhone control panel, tap your iPhone under DEVICES. Click the Movies tab and go to Sync Movies.

sync iPhone device

Part 2: Alternative ways to transfer video from Android to iPhone without iTunes


1. Feem v4. Share files offline

Feem v4 Share files offline is a professional Android to iPhone video transfer app to transfer files among several devices. This platform’s simple and straightforward design is excellent to use with cross-platform availability, including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. Both devices Android to iPhone, need to be on the same Wi-Fi network connection, to facilitate the process of transferring files. It has an inbuilt feature to chat and robust security protocols. It won’t require any emailing, fumbling with a special cable, or hunting for a USB stick.

feem v4. share files offline


  • It auto-detects other Feem devices available on the same Wi-Fi router.
  • Faster 50 times more speed than Bluetooth while transferring files.
  • Securely packed the local network using transport layer security.

2. Instashare

Instashare is a transferring solution that works over a local Wi-Fi network to move files. Instashare is an available feature for both iPhone and Android. While you wish to send video from Android to iPhone, Instashare can be an excellent chosen app for you. Transferring videos with Instashare has the easy way. Long-tap the video that you want to move to another device and let Instashare does the rest of it. Its simple operating system will not require you to be tech-savvy to share files. Instashare doesn’t ask your devices to be on the Internet or a local Wi-Fi connection to transfer files.



  • You do not need to pair the setup transfer.
  • No Wi-Fi connection is needed.
  • Transfer any file type without restrictions.

3. MobileTrans

MobileTrans, developed by Wondershare, is a desktop application used by over 50,000,000 users to transfer data from one device to another. It will provide you with the best way to send video from Android to iPhone and fulfill all your transfer needs. You can quickly transfer from WhatsApp chat to videos, restore contents from cloud backups, send everything with one click, and save your time. MobileTrans makes the sharing process of files, including videos, photos, apps, songs, messages, and many other supportive files.



  • It supports more than 8000 devices.
  • Send any large-sized files without limitation.
  • You need no extensive skills.

4. iMyFoneiTransor Pro

iMyFoneiTransor Pro helps you share videos from Android to iPhone and other data between two platforms without restrictions. Selectively transfer the data that you need. No matter what type of files you want to share, iMyFoneiTransor Pro helps you to choose one or several types of data with a few simple clicks. To complete the process of transferring, you won’t need any Wi-Fi network connection or cellular data. All the tools you have to use are two cables and a computer. iMyFoneiTransor Pro works well with devices like iPhone, Huawei, and Samsung models.

imyfoneitransor pro


  • Transfer up to 18 types of data, including WhatsApp, messages, contacts, etc.
  • Support devices from iPhone to Samsung or from Huawei to iPhone.
  • No requirement for Wi-Fi or cellular data.

5. Send Anywhere online tool

Send Anywhere online platform for Windows and Mac has focused on a never-ending goal to make file transfer more accessible and faster. It strives to simplify the transfer process and optimize the connection of the network. Send Anywhere is a file-sharing service including a straightforward, fast, and unlimited approach for file sharing. You can send and receive original files with the same file quality and size between various platforms using a 6-digit generated numeric key. You can even share-link without file number and capacity limit. Send large files with quick transferring speeds. Send Anywhere online platform allows the files to move up to 40 times faster.

send anywhere online


  • Support all Oss that is compatible with every available platform.
  • Send any file type with faster speed.
  • Limitless transferring file size.

6. AirCopy

AirCopy is a wireless, easy, quick, and safe way to transfer video from Android to iPhone through a PC or Phone to PC or from PC to Phone. Without any complexity, it supports Android and iPhone and doesn’t require downloading any phone app. It allows transferring videos, photos, and documents file transfer through the same Wi-Fi network connection. It has simply three easy steps. Download AirCopy on your PC from its official website, then scan a generated QR Code on your phone that will make a connection with the PC. Then select your files and transfer files instantly. You can now get the complete toolkit of AirCopy at $51.85!



  • Wireless and use Wi-Fi, no cable connection needed.
  • No additional app downloading requirement on the phone.
  • Almost instant file transfer between your phone device and PC.


Lastly, we will close our discussion regarding the ways to send video from Android to iPhone. So, which platform you wish to select to transfer your videos between the devices? Instashare or Send Anywhere? You can choose any of them as we have chosen the top tools in the industry for you.